NextEra questioned on consulting with Six Nations after project almost finished

nest choppedBy Donna Duric, Turtle Island News
Wind energy company NextEra admitted it did not consult with anyone on Six Nations before deciding to remove an eagle’s nest to make way for a turbine in Haldimand County in early January. Brian Hay, aboriginal relations director with NextEra, said he left a few messages with Paul General, manager of the Six Nations EcoCentre, overthe Christmas holidays. When he didn’t hear back, he claimed the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) “ordered” them to remove the nest. Hay made the admission during NextEra’s first community engagement session at the Community Hall last Thursday on its Summerhaven wind project on Nanfan Treaty lands in south Haldimand County.

The removal of the nest outraged Six Nations people and area residents near Rainham, Ont. “You had no right to do what you did,” said Six Nations resident and activist Ruby Montour. “If we would have cut the trees down we would have gone to jail.” Hay tried to defend the decision by saying that he spoke with General on a Thursday and General told him he’d have to talk it over with band council staff. Hay hadn’t heard back from anyone on Six Nations by the weekend and the nest was removed on Sunday, Jan. 6. “We did try to reach out to this community,” Hay claimed. “We basically had an order from the ministry to take the nest down.” Read article

7 thoughts on “NextEra questioned on consulting with Six Nations after project almost finished

    • Can NextEra show a written letter or fax with signiture that authorized them to remove this eagle’s nest?
      Otherwise anyone could have sent an email or made a phone call.

  1. This may sound critical/cynical but after reading the article it is my opinion, that, it will not make any difference regarding the eagles and their habitat because First Nations will take the millions$$$$ and run… to hell with the sacred land. They claim to respect “Mother Earth” and create a big fuss until the Wind Company comes in with dollars.

    • Carol, there is clearly some of those so-called “vocal minorities” within the Six nations that do not share your view. And there is history of them demonstrating that they will not be bought out at any price so I’m not sure I would paint this picture with such a broad brush that assumes they will automatically take the money and run. There are some scruples left to be had here.

  2. What is happening is all about the money and is happening in all of our communities.
    Council after council selling out for $$$$.
    Accepting wind weasles money (which is really my money and yours) is province wide and not unique to any one community.
    What unites us is the common ground that these projects are wrong.

    Please note in the article Lester Green (who testified at two ERTs in Haldimand as a representative for the Mens Fire Council) has remained true to his word in continuing to oppose the wind projects and continues to fight for protection of the lands.

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