Will an economic policy take precedence over health?

conestogaDear Minister Aglukkaq,
Re: Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study

Attached is a noise report relating to a family in close proximity to industrial wind turbines. The Weaver/Rooney family is one of those for which a pre- and post-turbine submission was forwarded to Health Canada ” Health Canada submission_November 23 2012 FINAL” and “Pre_Post_Wind turbine submission_Updated February 4 2013” respectively.

The family is reporting serious health impairment which is associated with the start-up of the facility in December 2012. A noise study was conducted and the results indicate “that the IWT generated noise does not comply with the MOE noise guidelines ~50% of the time and that SPL’s are above the predicted “worst case” ~59% of the time.”

The family started a journal December 26, 2012 and have maintained it to date. The attached noise study file contains extracts for a period of time that the noise measuring equipment was established at the family residence. The journal records the quality of life and health problems experienced by the family [see attached Appendix B of the report]. The journal documents many negative sleep events where one or both members of the family could not sleep. In some cases, sleep medication was required or members had to sleep away from their home.

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Weaver_noise_report  May 2013
Health Canada submission_Weaver_Noise study May 6 2013

3 thoughts on “Will an economic policy take precedence over health?

  1. Apparently…our health is not the issue, so then….exactly why are they putting up these ridiculous, useless machines…..oh ya…..the money!!!

  2. We’re talking governments, politicians and big business here.
    To paraphrase Tina Turner, “What’s health go to do with it?”

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