Norfolk seeks end to turbine development

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NORFOLK – Norfolk County is no longer “a willing host” for further wind turbine development. Norfolk council passed a resolution to this effect Tuesday. In doing so, the county becomes the 18th municipality to tell the province that it opposes the approval of additional industrial wind turbines within its boundaries.

Simcoe Coun. Charlie Luke sponsored the motion, which was based on a similar resolution recently passed by the Township of Wainfleet. Rural municipalities began teeing up their motions after Premier Kathleen Wynne suggested recently that the Ontario Liberals will be more sensitive to the situating of wind turbines now that Dalton McGuinty is no longer in charge.

“It’s worth a try,” Luke said. “Our residents are fed up with this. They’re tired of it. This is the very least we can do for our residents. If we don’t support this motion, don’t be surprised if the province comes back on us and says `You had your chance.'” Norfolk County and other municipalities have experienced a significant backlash against turbines since the first ones were approved nearly 10 years ago. Read article

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  1. In 5 seconds –
    appearing on stage – ‘Haldimand Council’
    Act 1 – communicates value – with concerns in mind.

    ‘[excerpt] Travale also shared with council that he recently had a discussion about wind turbines with Haldimand Mayor Ken Hewitt. Travale said Haldimand council intends to pass a resolution similar to the Wainfleet motion shortly.’

    Hahahahahahahaha –
    Haldimand makes a stink!………..soon.

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