Ontario cabinet ministers told to smooth out wind turbine conflict ….whatever

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Four Ontario cabinet ministers have been given the job of devising ways to give local residents more say in where renewable energy projects like wind farms can be located. It’s a politically urgent task for the Liberals, who were almost wiped out in rural Ontario in the last election.

Anger over the lack of local control over renewable energy projects, especially wind farms, hurt the Liberals in some areas. The Green Energy Act removes renewable energy projects from municipal planning and zoning control.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli, Environment Minister Jim Bradley, Municipal Affairs Minister Linda Jeffrey and Rural Affairs Minister Jeff Leal are have formed a working group on how to give local residents a voice. Read article

23 thoughts on “Ontario cabinet ministers told to smooth out wind turbine conflict ….whatever

  1. We know how well the Liberals have listened in the past.
    Dr. Phil quote: “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior”.
    I don’t think I need to say more….

  2. We heard “Wynnie the Puke” repeat, over and over, “We’re Sorry! We’re Sorry! We’re Sorry!” in reference to the gas plant fiasco in Oakville and Mississauga. Not sorry for what they DID! Simply “sorry”, as Vic Fideli said, “that they got caught”! Let’s see the Liberals “cough up” the money to pay for this boondoggle! If they don’t want to do that, we can provide them with free “room & board” in a place where they won’t NEED their comfy pensions! I’m still waiting to hear ONE SINGLE SOLITARY “We’re Sorry” for what they’re doing to rural Ontario with their Industrial Wind “Farms”! Now we’ve got a “committee” of four Liberal “big-wigs” trying to figure out new & innovative ways to continue to justify the GEA to rural Ontario. It ain’t gonna work any better than your justification for locating and subsequent moving of the gas plants! Looking for “willing hosts” eh? Keep lookin’!! I think I’m gonna BARF!!!

    • Kathleen Wynne: “I am sorry….but it was necessary.” So Kathleen, what are you sorry for?
      Liberals are fearing an election and Kathleen is now trying to crawl in bed with NDP so she can gain their support. Oh isn’t that wonderful; the girls are getting along.
      Anyone who falls for this facade is not too bright. Kathleen will be as much as a back stabber as the Dolt.

  3. Look back to where the idea comes from that local involment will solve the acceptance of IWTs problem. The European Union supported this so called research that proves that locals having a say in IWT placements solves/cures the health problems. Now this “theory” has been brought to Canada to justify installing IWTs.
    Those who want IWTs in Ontario will go from one “theory” to the next to justfy the destruction of rural Ontario.
    Not only has the “theory” been brought here but some of the people who did the so called research for this have been brought here too.

  4. Probably the best idea this ‘think tank’
    of colossal morons will come up with
    will be to change the number required
    public consultations meetings from two
    to three.

  5. Liberals ‘snooping’ around:

    ‘[excerpt] Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli, Environment Minister Jim Bradley, Municipal Affairs Minister Linda Jeffrey and Rural Affairs Minister Jeff Leal are have formed a working group on how to give local residents a voice.’

    Chiarelli – simply enjoying his retirement – with nothing to lose;
    and he said,
    ‘[excerpt] “I’m working closely with my Cabinet colleagues to strengthen local control when it comes to the siting of renewable energy projects” Chiarelli said in an e-mail.’

    Talking points:
    ‘[excerpt] He didn’t say what options are being considered.

    “We have a clear understanding that we need to make some course corrections to ensure that the process of siting renewable energy projects respects communities and respects municipalities,” he said.

    He would only say that proposals would be coming in the “near future.”’

    The buck stops here:
    ‘[excerpt] The project assigned to the four ministers is separate from another assignment given to the Ontario Power Authority and the Independent Electricity System Operator.’

    Where’s the potential scandal?
    @ the local level of government?
    or, @ the provincial level of government?

    Again – Chiarelli – simply enjoying his retirement – with nothing to lose

    Liberal credibility lost –
    and, where’s – the real story?

      • Petra….. What? Chiarelli retire?… . .with more IWTs to construct and more lives, in rural Ontario, to ruin? Maybe Dalton’s work is done but someone has to carry on his legacy! Who can expect “Wynee the Puke” to do it ALL?? She can’t depend on the “wishy-washy” NDP to support her indefinitely…. or can she?! “Dumb & Dumber” in re-runs!

  6. These Libtards can stick their committee where the sun doesn’t shine !!. What is wrong with these people !! Nothing short of a repeal of the GEA in it’s entirety will do, period…They just keep pecking away, hoping someone from rural Ontario will cave in and listen to them..WRONG !!!!

    • The new solution they are going to try…is giving the townspeople a chance to “invest” in green energy, so they get a cut of the money being sucked out of the value of the surrounding rural homes. This is another insult to rural Ontarians. The Liberals, and their windweasel partners are all so greedy and immoral, that they automatically think that everyone else is as well. Luckily, there are some people with values, and integrity….but none of them seem to be in our government.

  7. The politicians and the windpushers still don’t understand that it is alot more serious than money….our homes, our families, and our communities are being threatened. Money won’t change a thing.

    • I think politicians and the windpushers DO understand…they just don’t give a crap about anything but money in their pockets.

  8. And, maybe they should assign another 4 to determine what they need to do about the existing turbines and the people who are ill and dying because of it. This is a STATE OF EMERGENCY for these people being impacted and needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY.

  9. Hey Chev,
    Politicians don’t go to jail. They are exempt..another “act” of some kind or another- covers their butts.

  10. This is just another delaying tactic. Just give us enough time and we can get the IWT issues right!

    • ……Or finish our planned installations in the meantime in which case “consultation” becomes a moot point!

  11. MasterResource, May 16, 2013
    “Wind Performing Badly”
    “This week, The U.S. Department of Energy announced it was revisiting the conclusions of its 2008 report, 20% by 2030”
    Since 2008 public acceptance of massive wind facilities stated to drop.
    Few existing wind plants in the U.S. came close to producing at the 43.4% capacity needed to get to the 20% by 2030.
    Another article to send to MPPs

  12. I seat out of 106 and the TorStar is moved to say “almost” wiped out. What is wrong with voters in
    Glengarry—Prescott—Russell anyway? Surely next time they will not vote McGuinty-Wynne.

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