Unhealthy setback

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Stephana Johnston retired to a small rural community on the north shore of Lake Erie after a career in teaching. Her newfound home was quiet, peaceful and friendly. She imagined she would live out her days in Clear Creek. But five years ago, trucks arrived to erect 18 industrial wind turbines around her home. Her dream retirement came to an abrupt and rude end.

When the turbines turn Stephana becomes disoriented, dizzy and has great difficulty sleeping. Relief comes only when the wind doesn’t blow or she is away from her home. Wind energy proponents and developers don’t believe the massive machines are making her sick. Her government doesn’t believe her either. Its officials have weeded through the existing medical literature and can’t find anything linking Ms. Johnston’s complaints to the busload of magnets and current spinning above her home.

This week the octogenarian will testify how industrial wind turbines have altered her life—making her home unlivable and next to impossible to sell. Stephana Johnston is one of more than a dozen witnesses testifying to the direct effects of wind turbines before an appeal of a nine-turbine wind project approved for Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County. Read article

7 thoughts on “Unhealthy setback

  1. Maybe it’s about time some serious questions were asked as to why physicians are remaing silent on IWT health issues? These issues need to be looked into in Ontario.

    • Maybe rural Ontarians should start asking which medical associations their doctor has memberships in?

      • Who dares to broach the subject of the built in conflict of interest? It is the exceptionally dedicated physician who criticizes government policy in a system where that same government finances the insurance plan pays them – and very handsomely. I don’t think we can rely on doctors to nip at the hand that feeds.

  2. Good luck Stephana, I am sorry that you and many others have had to endure such hell. You should have been able to live out your retirement in peace but instead it has been hell for you. May those that have caused this injustice be one day held accountable.

  3. Stephana, you have been an absolute stalwart in this fight for truth and justice – and the right to live in peace. You have my greatest respect and gratitude.

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