Wind Turbines Can Harm Animals

Brindley calf swollen jointsHealth Canada submission_wind turbines and effects on animals
On November 21, 2012, I provided a submission to Health Canada, on request, and on behalf of the Brindley family who left their farm in Ontario and now farm in Saskatchewan. Documentation regarding that submission had been verified by the family. The file name of the submission was: “Brindley_Health Canada Submission Nov 21 2012 FINAL”.

The Brindley submission documented harm to their cattle and included photos of deformities entitled section “3.2 Swollen joints and deformities.” The purpose of this submission is to inform Health Canada that documentation regarding deformities to horses is available. I declare no conflicts and have received no financial support for the research, authorship, and/or publication of this submission.

Indications are that industrial wind energy facilities may cause harm to cattle and horses. It is possible this risk could extend to other animals. There is an opportunity for Health Canada to invoke the precautionary principle and to consider the risk to animal life. Reports of risks to humans including children have been provided in previous submissions and through submission of peer reviewed articles and other information. Health Canada should ensure that appropriate research determines guidelines that avoid risk of harm to humans and animal life. This research should be conducted before continuing to support industrial wind energy development.

Respectfully submitted,
Carmen Krogh, BScPharm
Ontario, Canada

5 thoughts on “Wind Turbines Can Harm Animals

  1. The work Carmen Krogh has done on behalf of the victims of this travesty is immeasurable. Without Carmen, and the other intelligent, moral, selfless people like Carmen on our side, we wouldn`t be making the progress that we are in this fight for justice. Other countries have also put out papers and articles on the harm to humans and animals because of the irresponsible placement of wind turbines. The disgustingly huge amounts of money the greedy wind people have invested, with promises from our government, that they will be allowed to siphon many times more than that amount back out of our pockets…is the reason for the lies they tell, and the way they attempt to blame the victims!

  2. As you can see and take note that all this happened and yet you have these so called authority over our lives playing the game the way they want it. Honestly if we have not yet seen and understood our government and how they behave in ways that are of no help to the living spirits but cater to richer corporate fictions then your blinded by the hope they will change, They will not as you see in newspapers on a daily bases. These public servants have joined to help each other and were they can get the larger votes and that is all that matters to them.
    What we do know is they need consent and we must stop giving our consent to being victims of fraud and torture. We do have dominion over these public servants no matter how high they think they are. In a letter to them you cannot call them honourable as they are not acting in honour when they put us all in harms way and not being any help at all. Help will only come from all of us with not consenting to their BS

  3. The government and wind industry know the harm these machines are to people, animals and the environment. Yet they continue, choose to let this continue. It is absolutely criminal. At this point, for them to deny and play stupid will not let them off the hook. The government can develop new legislation to save them; how about that “proroguing” stint Dalton took..then bailed! That in itself is a scandal.
    I got a kick out of hearing the weekend news, about the Conservatives and $90,000 wrongfully spent! On the other hand, we know the Liberal gas plant scandal cost much more-millions. That is just a tip of the ice berg. FIT, the multi BILLION dollar deficit Dalton racked up will be known as the biggest scandal to date in the history of Ontario.
    I think it’s time to call in the RCMP, and ethics.
    Oh wait, the government will break for summer! Whew, saved again, but not for long! Think about that fat cats while you’re sitting around the pool this summer, relaxing, enjoying a nice cold bevy. Enjoy it. Nothing is forever.

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