Canadians Asked To Weigh In On Juno Beach Wind Turbine Proposal

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TORONTO – For decades visitors to the D-Day beaches on the northwest coast of France have looked out at the English Channel, taking in the journey made by Allied troops that marked a turning point in the Second World War. The view from some of those sites — including Juno Beach where 359 Canadians died — could soon change if a plan succeeds to build an army of wind turbines some 10 kilometres offshore.

Canadians now have a chance to voice their opinions on that plan as a French commission holds public consultations on the project. The body has made it a point to invite people from Canada, the U.S. and Britain to weigh in and notes that even if the project goes ahead, the company building the 75 turbines will work to deal with the issues raised.

The entire turbine proposal rankles at least one Canadian who fought at Juno Beach. “I personally am very much against it,” Roy E. Eddy told The Canadian Press. “I know a number of people have said they don’t agree with me, and I’m not disputing that, but I still say it’s going to be very disrespectful.” The 88-year-old, who last visited Juno Beach three years ago, vividly recalls the bloody battle. Read article

7 thoughts on “Canadians Asked To Weigh In On Juno Beach Wind Turbine Proposal

  1. as a canadian army vet I am totally opposed to the whole idea. We have to preserve the memories of what happened at that beach forever,

  2. I cannot see how anyone, vet and non-vet, would think it appropriate to support inefficient,wasteful sources of power generation. Industrial wind turbines kill flying creatures and make a lot of noise – hardly fitting as a memorial for so many fallen. Keep this place quiet, and safe for living creatures.

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  4. Juno Beach and the waters offshore are essentially a graveyard . Wind turbines placed in this area, and other beaches where similar heroes were killed, are not nor will ever be an appropriate monument.

  5. After soldiers fought so hard for our freedom, and the government has stolen that freedom from us in the name of these useless machines, it would be an INSULT to vets and their families to erect these monuments to the loss of democracy, and the rise of greed.

  6. Wind turbines installed in this area or any other area relates to death. Death to turbines as they only rob the people kill anything that flies into it and who has to pay for this nonsense and the view would be as tasteless as putting graffiti on the gravestone of the soldiers graves. How can these wind pimps put a spin on this?

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