The Winds Are Changing

protest-london-not-clean-not-green.jpgby Eric Nixon, Hayter-Walden Publications
Forget everything you’ve ever heard about industrial wind turbines. Forget about the fact that some people can’t sleep because of them. Or that they cause property devaluations by up to 50%. Or that they’re a blight on the rural landscape.

Forget about the fact that they make life unlivable for many autistic children. Or that many countries in the world are in the process of abandoning them. Or that they only operate less than 30% of the time and often when they’re not needed. Forget about the fact that they create virtually no jobs. Or that they seriously affect tourism. Or that they kill birds, bats and other wildlife.

Forget about the fact that they’re causing the destruction of valuable, productive farmland. Or that much of their profits go to U.S.-based corporations. Or that they cause tinnitus and other hearing disorders for many people. Forget about the fact that it will likely cost us hundreds of millions of dollars to tear them down in two decades or whenever they need to be decommissioned. Or that they’re driving a wedge between rural neighbours. Or that many people suffer headaches, dizziness, vertigo, nausea and other health disorders because of them.

Forget about the fact that they’re so unreliable they require other traditional forms of energy production just to supplement the meagre amount of power they produce. Or that when the nearly 800 litres of oil they contain starts burning most municipal fire departments are instructed to stand and watch them go up in flames because of safety and insurance concerns. Or that in the winter they throw chunks of ice as large as refrigerators hundreds of metres through the air.

Forget all of it. Just remember this. Industrial wind turbines make absolutely zero economic sense. And, finally, the reality is starting to sink in across the province.

Don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to all the propaganda and rhetoric and hyperbole that get tossed around regularly by both sides of the wind energy debate. Listen to the Auditor General of Ontario whose damning 2011 report on Renewable Energy Initiatives, including industrial wind turbines, paints a bleak picture of Ontario’s energy future.

In the report, the AG notes that when the Green Energy Act was passed in May 2009, the Ministry of Energy predicted modest annual increases of 1% in electricity bills because of the cost of adding renewable energy sources. Within a year, the same Ministry had revised its estimates to indicate increases of almost 8% annually for the next five years.

And that’s just for residential users. The increased cost to businesses will be astronomical. In the AG’s report, it’s estimated that the Renewable Energy-related Electricity Charge will increase by 1000% between 2010 and 2018. It’s going to make Ontario one of the most unattractive places to do business in all of North America.

The AG’s report also notes that, instead of sticking with a Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program that included competitive bidding, the Ontario government introduced the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program in 2009 that added about $4.4 billion in costs through extremely generous incentives to energy providers.

Because a large portion of wind energy is produced when we don’t need it (at night or in lower-use seasons), it has to be dumped or it’s lost forever. As the AG’s report notes, “Ontario deals with surplus-power situations mainly by exporting electricity to other jurisdictions at a price that is lower than the cost of generating that power.” That’s great news for the U.S. states that buy the cheap electricity from us, but not so much for the people here in Ontario who pay for it.

And for what? The Ontario Power Authority says both average and peak demand for electricity will drop between now and 2025 and that both our installed and effective capacity is already more than enough to meet that demand. However, we’ll still be paying handsomely. As the AG’s report notes, “Renewable energy generators who have contracts with the OPA will get paid even though Ontario does not need their electricity.” Those contracts last 20 years.

And that’s just the tip of the ice-encrusted, 40-ton, 180-foot turbine blade. From whatever economic perspective you look at them, industrial wind turbines are a financial disaster that we’ll be paying for long after they’ve stopped generating even a trickle of power.

At long last, the media in larger centres are starting to catch on. Rather than assuming it’s just some scattered grassroots complaints from people they like to call NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard), people in urban areas are beginning to see the big picture, that we’re all headed down an economic sinkhole from which we’ll never recover. It’s about time they realized the truth in what people from rural areas have been saying for years. This delusional, wind-powered flimflam scam must end. The Ontario government got us into this mess. Now it’s time for them to get us out, whatever the cost, before it takes down the entire province.

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  1. Thank God…..I was beginning to think that we were heading for a brick wall, and no one was even thinking about slamming on the brakes. We need to join forces with every sensible, sane person in Ontario, and make sure the windscam is halted immediately!

  2. Well the NDP could have helped and take down this government but did they? The Natives could have said NO NO but they did not. So to the people of Ontario that voted for the Liberals in the last election…you should pay and held accountable not me!

    • The NDP didn’t bring down the government because they caused the mess in the first place, it was the Bob Rae government in the 90’s that caused this when Maurice Strong was head of Ontario Hydro he bought all this rainforest in Brazil and used all the hydro money to do it, but it still was not enough money therefore you paid a debt retirement charge on your hydro bill. Bob Rae later turned to a Liberal. It is one and the same party. The NDP and the Liberals are making a lot of money off the wind farms. Just do your research, it is all about the green the money that is. Andrea is full of hot air she would never bring down the government it is just to make herself look good. The NDP are just an extension of the Liberal Government.

      • The NDP will return power to the municipalities and they will only allow co-ops to run them if their community wants them. hj

      • Well if that is true, Hugh, why did the NDP not support Lisa Thompson’s Bill 39, which proposed returning control to municipalities?
        (Bill 39 2013. An Act to provide for control by local municipalities over renewable and affordable energy undertakings)

      • Peter Tabuns, the real boss of the NDP, said that allowing local governments to control the installation / rejection of “green energy projects” would create different rules for each municipality and result in chaos, lawsuits and instability.

        If Peter said it … it must be true.

        After all, “there’s no whore like an old whore”.

    • The NDP are opposed to the Liberals taking away municipal power to regulate these dangerous, industrial wind turbines.

    • Carbon Counter, May 22, 2013
      “Can Solar Keep The UK’S Lights On?
      There are occasions in the Uk when wind power output goes to around 1% of installed capacity of 5,000MW. So wind can’t keep the lights on.
      On Dec.12, 2012 Germany got 1.66 GW out of about 30GW. The UK with its gloomy winter climate can fare no better than Germany. Solar won’t keep the lights on either.

      When is the NDP going to wake up and get real? What thousands of jobs in Ontario? Dosen’t Taubins ever read the world financial news about IWT and solar production capacity?

      • The NDP will restore municipality power and that will kill the dangerous, industrial wind turbines.
        Wind and solar are only effective on houses, businesses and factories. Read Jeremy Lifkin’s, The Third Industrial Revolution, to get the full picture. hj

  3. There are many of us who write about Junk Science and Voodoo economics. The ideas expressed by thew writer above have been pushed from many angles. Yes, it is nice to see these concepts being discussed more.

    The only thing that will kill this “Green Energy” insanity is a sound economic argument. Zealots have never been concerned with how many people they damage in pursuit of their lofty goals. However, pointing out that they are damaging their own power base and wealth base can often have the desired effect.

    It’s always about the money!

  4. Yes it is about time the urban population realized this “does so affect you”….but lets not be bashing them too much…there are not many of us who have been fighting IWTs from the beginning of the onslaught……while I am not aware of any “count” on this, I suspect there are hundreds of us who didn’t start fighting this issue until well after the first IWTs had been erected…I suspect there are many of us who initially believed that IWTs were “good things”….and even after we heard rumblings of dissatisfaction, we didn’t join the fight until IWTs attacked communities near us…. for the same reasons as many of the urbanites….we didn’t realize it would affect us. I, unfortunately, suspect this is a sad truth….and, just as unfortunately, am included in “that” group.
    Having said that, I am relieved that the word is starting to have an impact on the urbanites…they are the bulk of the voting public….when they get angry, we will all benefit.
    Deb Murphy

    • All true, however, even before the GEA was enacted in 2009 the Ontario Government had all the relevant technical, economic and health information in their hands and or available to them.

      Does that change the perspective?

      I know that when I did my initial study I was somewhat unaware of how tightly this coffin had been nailed shot and I was expecting to see that Wind Turbines had some economic value — I never expected to see that they were essential valueless — or perhaps even a negative value to the economy.

      It’s time to quit pretending that “They didn’t know…” — it’s just not true.

      Even if they did not know — it was willful ignorance on the part of government officials and their bureaucrats and advisers. The law sees both situations as being equivalent.

      so there…

    • There was a lot of evidence in Europe where they first started about these same issues,but they avoided this because green was a word that that to be pushed so hard that there was no study. You just look at the size of these things and put a spinning machine up and near people you have to have some basic logic these are something that shold be examined properly. So yes bash these fools for what they did because they are still fools to let this continue.

  5. Most governments make mistakes, some of which have long-lasting consequences. This malevolent blunder is monumental and will destroy landscape and cripple the economy for generations. Give dalton – and his dimwit green enablers of all parties – the prize for stupidity. And in darker moments i think there was more to it than simple incompetence.

  6. “At long last, the media in larger centres are starting to catch on”
    I see scant evidence of that yet. In the pages of commentary on the Horwath-Wynne makeup, courtship, I saw scarcely a mention of wind.power. Why would we, both wholeheartedly support it along with the GEA. Glancing at comments section of papers many people do not have a clue about the economic insanity of wind power development in Ont. Horwath and Wynne are content to have it that way as are most editorial pages of city dailies.

  7. Yes, there are many well-known and legitimate negatives. But what is perhaps the most important point of all doesn’t get enough exposure: wind power in Ontario does not provide any net benefit to the Environment; in fact it tends to drive increased CO2 emissions.
    It will help If urban people can be made to understand this.

  8. The irony is that the CAW relies on middle class jobs that are disappearing because of insane electrical cost increases. Yet they have their very own turbine in Port Elgin!

    • Don’t forget about the CAFE requirements in NA. that have to met inorder to make cars here. So many more cars are now made overseas where CAFE requirements don’t count.

  9. There are so many negative truths about these monster turbines that for some reason just are not being heard. From cost, weight, noise and environmental impact to people and wildlife and the list goes on and on. For 8 years I have worked with an inventor and retired engineer that developed a new kind of turbine that would eliminate most of these negatives. Wind is a great source of energy, but the designs of turbines is archaic. We are in the 21 century, not the 19th century. There are designs out there such as ours at that can be researched and developed, but over the past 8 years we have been unable to get the backing necessary for the R&D. We have requests daily for our turbines, but the cost of manufacturing and the road blocks have kept us from bringing it to market. We are looking for serious investors and manufacturers to at least develop and test our product. We have had so much interest yet we have gotten no where. We haven’t figured out what political agenda is behind this and keeping new turbine technology from being developed, but we know there has to be one since there are numerous new designs out there besides ours that could do a better job than these old inefficient dinosaurs and they too have not gotten very far. There is a better way to develop wind energy. Why are these avenues not being taken seriously? What is a couple of hundred thousand dollars towards R&D of a new design, when millions of dollars are being poured into OLD inefficient technology every year?

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