So yeah, where does our funding come from???

Scarborough Mirror
fundingHey, we might as well have some fun with this (-; Let’s post our guesses of who we think is funding this, (ahem) ‘study’.

27 thoughts on “So yeah, where does our funding come from???

  1. Who is funding ontariowindstudy?
    I know who is funding the anti-wind groups in Ontario.
    But ssshhhhhh it is a secret. Do you know? Of course you do. It is in front of your eyes. Or can’t you see the forest for the trees?

  2. ok ok – here’s my first guess of who funded this study on where we get all our loot — Kathleen????

  3. I sent them an e-mail and told them we get our funding from the same place the wind industry intends on getting theirs….our damn pockets. I commented on the unfairness of it all, and the government`s collusion with the Wind Industry. I also suggested that we certainly deserved funding, and if they knew where we could get some, we`d appreciate that…. LOL.

    • Sent an e-mail indicating that I receive a
      monthly stipend from Maurice Strong. Its
      all part of how Agenda 21 will unfold. Fund
      the anti-wind movement, which will eventually
      lead to a bloody conflict, lives will be lost and
      Maurice will have masterminded the depopulation
      of the earth.

      • Hey madasabat,
        You’re right! – ‘Fund the anti-wind movement’
        The ad is a teaser – and, it’s doing its job.

        Professional sympathizers have crossed the border –
        to help with ‘community organizing’ –
        and, funds.

        We’ve all heard of Chicago – I hope.

  4. I still don’t understand why they think we even need “funding”. This website is free, as are most WordPress blogs. Pickets are completely grassroots with word getting out through the internet. Welcome to the real world, Liberals.

    • When a news reporter at a demonstration, (where the opposing sides were wearing red and green T-shirts), asked me where we got the shirts, I told her the sad truth. The wind industry is funded by the government, which means we paid for the green shirts. The victims, who are opposing the industrial machines they are inflicting on us, are wearing the red shirts, which we also paid for, out of our own pockets. So, as is painfully obvious, the victims of this scam are expected to foot the bill for the whole damned mess.

      The truth is seeping out though, and the wind industry can’t figure out how we get all the professional help, and seriously intelligent people working with us. We are a seriously intelligent, skilled, capable group of individuals, many of us are Doctors, Lawyers, Acousticians, Financial Experts, Government workers, etc. We are a real cross-section of society, who’ve been victimized, and are fighting back.

      Wind weasels need to be afraid….very afraid, cause we know the truth, and we’ve got your number. You windpushers are forced to pay exorbitant amounts of money to get people to lie for you. We all stand up and shout out the truth….for free!

      • Environmental Defence
        116 Spadina Ave
        Suite 300
        Toronto, Ontario
        M5V 2K6

        Tel: 416.323.9521
        Fax: 416.323.9301
        Toll-free: 1.877.399.2333

        Uh huh…

      • oh well, I guess we can start drawing a few conclusions here. I think we are supposed to be surprised (-;

    • WTF indeed! Amazed and frustrated by the lack of connections to some entity directing us?
      I’m sure we can all bring out our receipts and invoices for the past 7+ years pertaining to this injustice and request relief from them. After all, it’s our taxpayer money they are using.

  5. Ahhhh…… about Santa Claus? No..Maybe it’s the Easter Bunny?
    I think I smell a conspiracy here. No that’s just the farmer down the road with the honey wagon
    Hum…Well I’m off, need to go pick a few bucks off that money tree. You know, the one that McWynnie the Pooh thinks is growing in my back yard.

    Keep your stick on your sign

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