Mothers march the road to NextEra substation in Haldimand County to say NO!

Moms and children march to NextEra’s substation and laydown area today in Haldimand County – giving the developers the big thumbs down. You go ladies and kids!!!!

8 thoughts on “Mothers march the road to NextEra substation in Haldimand County to say NO!

  1. It feels liberating just to tell them how we really feel. I am sure they know they are not respected or welcomed in our communities, but it is nice to remind them, every chance we get!!!

  2. So proud of all of you!
    Unable to be there today – although I was with you in spirit!
    Keep up the good work everyone.

  3. Don’t forget the grandparents who marched with you as well! Grandparents, by definition, usually have grandchildren! We certainly do and Jacob & Mackenzie deserve the protection of Mom & Dad AND Grandma & Grandpa!

  4. Good for you parents and grand parents.
    As usual we see foreign workers, not good jobs for the Ontario economy… in this case from Michigan!!

    • Motor City Electric Co, Detroit, Mich.
      Subsidiaries include:
      Motor City Electric Utilities Co.
      9410 Grinnell St.
      Detroit, MI, 48213

      Mid South Construction Ltd.
      3110 Devon Drive
      Windsor, ON N8X 4L2
      President: John Salvatore

  5. Grandparents, are just parents with a few years more experience. I don’t think it matters to a child who is there to support him, as long as someone is. Grandmas, Grandpas, moms dads, aunts, uncles, we congratulate all of the people who love the children in their lives, and will do whatever they have to do, in order to protect them….Thanks to all who came to the walk, and also those who support our efforts!

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