A Message from Parents of Rural Children to the Wind Companies

mum march12Haldimand Cty – 5/27/13
We have come here today, as group of parents and grandparents, with their children, We are deeply concerned for the health and welfare of our children, and families, due to the proliferation of Industrial wind turbines in our communities.

We have spoken out publicly on many occasions, to demand health studies to be done on the victims who are already suffering from Wind Turbine Syndrome, and are begging for relief. The only time they are able to feel well, is when they are away from their home, or the turbines are shut off. We should not be forced to leave our homes, in order to be safe from harm.

We have demanded protection from our government; but because of wind industry lobbyists, all avenues of protection have been taken away. So we must demand that you behave as good corporate citizens, and NOT force these Industrial machines on unwilling communities.

We also demand that you acknowledge the many peer-reviewed studies that are coming out regularly, saying that there are indeed, negative and serious side effects from living too close to IWT’s. We also know that the setbacks and noise limits, are woefully inadequate to protect the health of homes located near the turbines. The present regulations were put in place to protect the Wind Industry, not the people who are forced to live near them, so we must insist that you do the only decent and moral thing.

Do not install your machines in communities where they are not wanted!

7 thoughts on “A Message from Parents of Rural Children to the Wind Companies

  1. For Gods sake we are now begging the public servants to stop this torture,harassment,exploitation of our homes just so that these wind corporate parasites can steal our money and buy up cheap farm land when we give it up and also the control of farmland that the ill informed money hungry farmers that hosts these turbines all for there profits and control over there own property.
    Please do not call yourself corporate citizens as then you are just strawmen no rights at all.
    It is about time these idiots who participate in this fraud start coming down to do what is right and stop this nonsense once and for all. Come to terms with your large destructive ideology and these dumb a_ green washed ideals. they are going down like the titanic.

  2. To have to march against one’s own Government to protect their children from the Government’s actions is no better than a Third World Dictatorship……………The present Liberal Government should be charged for enabling an Industry to do harm to it’s citizens!
    This isn’t the Ontario my Grandparents fought for in WW11…………………………….

    • We have sent our soldiers to defend the citizens of foreign countries whose governments were no more corrupt than our own is now. It is absolutely shameful the way rural Ontario is being thrown under the bus, to benefit the big cities. If the city people would only open their eyes and realize that this scam will eventually suck the money out of their pockets as well as ours. They can see that we are bearing the brunt of the burden, so they are not worried….yet. Their time will come.

    • I wonder if the Liberal goverments Emails passed around regarding the health effects in 2006 to present will be erased also? Hmmmm . I have nightmares wondering what the desperate situation some municipalities are put in will bring upon all of us in the province including the inner-city Liberals.

  3. Mayor Hewitt – must be shocked!
    …..no one is ringing his phone of the wall
    @ 3am in the morning.

    How lucky for him –
    ….former Mayor Marie Trainer – wasn’t that lucky.
    Her phone rang @ 2am 3am etc…….
    She just wanted to save Nanticoke – and the jobs.
    But she got voted out.

    Again – Mayor Hewitt – must be shocked!!!!!!!

  4. I am hoping that when turbines keep the residents awake at night, that the residents keep the politicians awake with them. After all, when you are dead tired after months of chronic sleep deprivation, you can really use the moral support.

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