Chiarelli’s lame-assed response to your letters and concerns on wind turbines

BentleyRemember the visit to Chris Bentley’s office, that finally gave us a ‘meeting’ with him, where we delivered 300 letters from across Ontario, and Chris promised he would respond to all the letters?

Well I didn’t get a response. I know Clara didn’t get one (and she’s right ticked off). MPP Monte McNaughton wrote the new Energy Minister MPP Bob ChiarelliChiarelli asking why this was so.

Bentley flew the coop, and Chiarelli doesn’t deal with something he views as important as chicken shit, so he wrote this:

letter from energy minister

6 thoughts on “Chiarelli’s lame-assed response to your letters and concerns on wind turbines

  1. Ummmm….yeah. Seems we’ve been hearing this for several months now. How many meetings and how long does it take to announce what changes they are going to make??

  2. By reading this letter to McNaughton, Chiarelli confirms he HAS NOT READ ANY of the letters that were written to Bentley; that or his comprehension skills are lacking…

  3. We the honourable living spirits in these communities can hear the b shit that the dishonourable corporate fictions we call bad baby-sitters or suppose to be public servants for us but shifted to shifter and scandalize ways of screwing us and serving the big mega corporations to increase there wealth and foothold in our communities. Do you not think we are smarter than what you want us to believe? Scum bags and parasites are running this area we call Canada corporation which is traded on the New York stock exchange.

  4. These bastards are deliberately dragging their arses, buying time. The government’s agenda is to steam roll rural Ontario and get 2000+ turbines up before the next election.
    It will not be until then, after the projects are completed, that municipalities will be given authority to have greater involvement in the siting of renewable energy projects.

  5. This is the first time the Ministry of Health ever responded. No there was not an earlier correspondence. And no, it was not helpful.

    Thank you for your e-mail of May 15, 2013, to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, titled wind turbine health complaint.

    As advised in earlier correspondence from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care your concerns are more appropriately addressed by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE). If you wish to contact MOE, the address is:

    Ministry of the Environment
    Public Information Centre
    2nd Floor – Macdonald Block
    Suite M2-22 – 900 Bay Street
    Toronto ON M7A 1N3

    Tel: 416-325-4000
    Toll Free: 1-800-565-4923
    Public Information Centre:
    Email the Minister:

    Again, thank you for writing. I trust this information is helpful.

    Rosa Figliano
    Correspondence Services
    Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

  6. This guy is obviously an idiot. Was that part of the qualifications for his job? If they had any intention of doing things right, they would put the brakes on now, and use common sense to figure out where to go from here. Wind turbines are definitely a raging failure.

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