Laurentian Bank to help finance Ontario wind project

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MONTREAL – Laurentian Bank of Canada (TSX:LB) says it will be part of a $130-million financial consortium that will refinance a wind farm in Ontario. The Gosfield wind farm project in Kingsville, Ont., is part of the renewable energy asset portfolio of Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners.

It’s been operating for more than two years on the banks of Lake Erie and is able to generate 50.6 megawatts of power. The Ontario government has put an emphasis on developing wind farms and other forms of green energy, but some projects have met opposition from local residents who complain about the impact they claim wind turbines can have on their health. The Gosfield farm falls under a 20-year electricity purchase agreement between Brookfield and the Ontario Power Authority.

5 thoughts on “Laurentian Bank to help finance Ontario wind project

  1. If anyone has even a nickle invested with these people, I would highly recommend moving it to a company that does not invest your hard-earned dollars in to something that is causing harm to so many people.

  2. The impact they CLAIM it will have on their health??? Just talk to some of the unfortunate people who are already suffering from these useless machines. It is more than just a claim….it is a fact. The wind industry CLAIMS wind turbines don`t cause health problems, but, they never want to speak directly with the people who are suffering. They would rather hide behind the skirts of the government, and make accusations against them. Classic case of `”Blame the Victim”.

    • I hope Laurentian goes into receivership (or whatever happens to banks.)
      Check your investments and any relationship to Laurentian means it has to go!!!
      This bank has no clue. I wonder if their are an off-shore banking facility with a French sounding name safe for Canada.?? I will check!!

  3. Laurentian Bank of Canada, Montreal
    Board includes:
    Pierre Genest > Michel Porrier, CUPE
    > Michel Ouimet, Communications Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada
    Jonathan Wener > Gordon E. Arnell, Brookfield Residential Properties Inc.
    Lise Bastarache > Michael Dean Harris
    Marie-France Poulin > Michel Plessis, Power Corp. Canada
    A. Michael Lavigne > M. Brian Mulroney
    > Francois R. Roy, Capstone Infrastructure Corp.
    Traded: Toronto & OTC US

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