Ontario Ojibwe Rally to Battle Wind-Farm Plans on Sacred Nor’Wester Mountains

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Horizon Wind Inc.’s plans for a wind farm atop the Nor’Wester Mountain Range in Ojibwe traditional territory are under fire from opponents who fear the development will violate sacred places and endanger the environment. The Nor’Wester Mountain Escarpment Protection Committee will hold a rally on Wednesday May 29 to voice concerns over the Big Thunder Wind Park, followed by a barbecue to raise money for legal fees to combat the project.

“Many people feel the industrial development will infringe on their way of life and it could affect tax payers in many ways,” the group Save the Nor’Westers says on its website. “But most of all, the natural biodiversity in the sacred lands will be irrevocably damaged by clear cutting and blasting areas of the mountain to install wind turbines.” Read article

7 thoughts on “Ontario Ojibwe Rally to Battle Wind-Farm Plans on Sacred Nor’Wester Mountains

  1. It will indeed destroy your lands and communities. You need to fight it with everything you have in you. Your health and well-being may depend upon it!

    • Nothing is sacred when it comes to wind companies and their quest for the almighty dollar. Nothing is respected when off shore companies invade the natural beauty of our province. We must all strive together to overcome the MOE and the GEA and the huge rush to get REA approvals across the province. Now is the time to come out and speak up for what you believe in. Protect our province and save our province from the destruction initiated by McGuinty and condoned by Wynne. You have a lot of support from other Ontario communities. Your countryside looks beautiful and pure and sacred. Good luck with your quest.

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