Missing the point on wind turbines

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I was so disappointed to read the statement from our minister of energy. I could cry in frustration! The people of Ontario are saying NO to wind projects.

You, minister, said you will change the FIT (for future projects). Are you saying that you have heard the concerns and are willing to help other municipalities avoid this disaster? If so, you are cheating the people who have been fighting these projects for years. We are serious about the dangers of wind turbines and you have totally overlooked our concerns in favour of making changes in future.

You said you want to avoid the problems you had with the cancelled gas plants: You may be correct in not wanting such an expensive error on the books again, but it is not fair to sacrifice the people of this province who are already enduring imposition of turbines because of a past mistake.

Premier Wynne says: “We did not always get it right.” Well, you are not getting it right this time either. She also said: “We can do better.” You again missed the opportunity to do better, to get it right.
Nellie DeHaan, Smithville

5 thoughts on “Missing the point on wind turbines

  1. Way to go Nellie….You made the Big City News! An excellent letter which accurately reflects the views of the vast majority of rural Ontario.

  2. Excellent letter! The conundrum will not be solved bc. Mc Guinty and Smitherman locked this province into a multi-billion dollar boondoggle contract with with foreign ‘sharks’. Sadly, we can moan and groan and pontificate all we like but ‘the greenback’ rules. If LFN is ever recognized in a court of law, this industry will be destroyed. Until that day, our only real option is to break the law. If it is good for the gander, then it is good for the goose! Fight on!

  3. I believe the “contracts” that the government gave the IWT industrialists were fraudulently obtained. The industrialists represented their IWTs as having no health or environmental impacts. Now that the truth is coming out .. that the IWTs do have health and environmental impacts .. and that these impacts were known the whole time .. well, those contracts are looking mighty flimsy to me! If an auto manufacturer knowingly sold cars that were unsafe and harmful, the buyers would be off the hook for their purchase contracts .. heck, they’d probably get all their past payments reimbursed!

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