NextEra seeks damages from Kerwood area resident

DSCN2402Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
NextEra Energy Canada is suing Middlesex County wind activist Esther Wrightman over altered company logos that appeared online and in videos posted to YouTube. The Canadian subsidiary of Florida-based NextEra Energy Resources filed a statement of claim in the Ontario Superior Court in Toronto against Wrightman who has been actively opposing wind turbine projects in Middlesex and Lambton counties.

They include NextEra’s Adelaide wind farm near Wrightman’s home, as well as the company’s nearby Bornish and Jericho projects. “Our policy is not to comment on pending legal action,” NextEra spokesperson Josie Hernandez said when contacted Monday. “We look forward to sharing our view on the matter with the court.” The statement of claim says any damages NextEra recovers from the court action will be donated to United Way Canada.

According to NextEra’s statement of claim, a company logo was altered to say “Nexterror,” and appeared on a province anti-wind website, as well as videos posted online. The allegations have not been proven in court. Read article

5 thoughts on “NextEra seeks damages from Kerwood area resident

  1. Seems this company dosen’t care about all the adverse effects on them that this will cause.

  2. We have zero tolerance in the schools for bullying because it’s not “right” Yet the GOVERNEMENT allows companies from another Country to come in and bully us – MAKES NO SENSE! It’s time for an ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Has the word “BULLY” ever been used more accurately?? I can’t think of a more descriptive definition of the word than “NextEra”!! Try picking on someone your own size for a change you bunch of sandlot bullies!!!! Will “Bully”……be the next word to trigger a law-suit? Try proving THAT one isn’t descriptive of your behaviour!!

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