Eric Gillespie & Ezra Levant: Nexterror bullies

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  1. Keep the pressure on… there’s so much more to these stories – and the dozens more across the province. Eric, Ezra, Dr. McM, Carmen, Esther – along with many other dedicated souls – line my hall of fame. Real advocates for truth and justice – quite unlike those on my wall of shame…

  2. finally a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and for once it’s NOT a fast moving train!! we have been constantly bullied by nextera and their associated cohorts and there is hope with these 2 marvellous fellas! I want to cry with joy, YOU HEAR US, YOU REALLY HEAR US! thank you…

  3. I am so thrilled….Esther deserves all of the support we can all give her. When the bank account becomes available, I hope people give like it’s their own family, and hopefully, it will never be. Fun-raisers all summer and fall!!!

  4. Ezra and Eric, next time, along with the SLAPP suits, please also discuss the gag orders that wind developers use to stifle complaints about noise, flicker, loss of property value, etc.

    • Great suggestion. The SLAPP suits are just one of several ways the wind corporations operate to silence dissenting voices. Keep those cameras rolling on this one!

      • “The SLAPP suits are just one of several ways the wind corporations operate to silence dissenting voices.”
        So true, the companies and the MOE lawyers will try anything to discredit those speaking out about the truth about IWT.

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  6. Please let me know when an account is set up for Ester. I’m living in a Footprint here in Wisconsin and wouldn’t wish it on an enemy. My Doctor has written a letter for me to take to the Board of Health explaining the effects the noise and vibrations from the 400′ turbines have had on my family. One of the turbines is Less than 1000′ from my home. Keep fighting Ester!

    • We are fighting to educate people so that hopefully, some day this will end, and the turbines will all come down. Till then, our hearts go out to you Joan….stay strong!

    • Maybe when the President talks about how great wind energy is, he is speaking about the theory of wind energy and not about the practical realities of wind energy? These are two different things.

  7. “Beware a horror known as Josie!
    She’ll smile and say, “Everything’s rosy!”
    But her days
    they are numbered.
    And so
    we must wonder:
    will she say that her cell’s “nice and cozy!” ?

    • A good summer read:
      CBC Exposed

      For example:
      Lilley told LifeSiteNews that being a “good reporter is the same as it ever was” and consists in telling people “the facts.” Lilley’s book, however, suggests that at some point in its 77-year history, CBC sacrificed fact-based reporting to the agenda of liberal elites.

      To highlight CBC’s agenda, Lilley gives the example of the network’s treatment of the late Jack Layton when he was caught by police visiting a massage parlour. The story broke just days before the end of the 2011 federal election in which Layton was running a strong campaign for prime minister.

      A police report of the 1996 incident reveals that Layton was found lying on a bed at a suspected Chinatown bawdy house completely naked.

      Layton told police at that time that he had not received any sexual services and that he was “just getting a shiatsu.” When asked why all his clothes were off, Layton was silent. Layton went on to tell police that he was unaware that sexual services were being offered at the location.

      Lilley points out that when CBC covered the story, they gave Layton a “free pass,” asking him to explain if the place looked “sketchy” to him.

      “Not at all,” Layton told the CBC reporter, “otherwise I wouldn’t have gone in.”

      Lilley concludes: “And with that CBC had passed judgement on a story some of their own people had chased for years, declaring it a non-story because it attacked the wrong man.”

      “Do you think for a minute that CBC would treat a story about Stephen Harper in a bawdy house just a little bit differently?”

      I don’t believe it – do you?

      • Any similarity to the current story about the “crack smokin’ “mayor of Toronto Rob Ford??

      • Often what is not published by the MSM is more important than what is published!

      • CBC knows how to spend taxpayer money;
        and, we should be interested.

        ‘[excerpt] OTTAWA – Despite having 22 lawyers on staff, CBC spent close to $900,000 on top-flight lawyers from an outside firm to fight a lawsuit that could have been settled with an apology.

        As has previously been reported, CBC’s legal costs to defend a lawsuit brought by filmmakers Claude Fournier and Marie-Jose Raymond topped $1 million. But new documents released by the state broadcaster show the legal firm Borden, Ladner, Gervais billed $871,769.03 for its services.

        Fournier and Raymond sued the state broadcaster in 2005 for $4.3 million after one of its executives told journalists he thought the co-produced miniseries about Quebec singer-songwriter Felix Leclerc was “the worst he’d ever seen on TV,” among other remarks.

        CBC eventually lost the lawsuit and paid the filmmakers $200,000 in damages, which drove the total cost well over $1 million.

        The three-year legal ordeal could have been wrapped up if CBC executives had uttered a simple phrase: We’re sorry.

        “If you imagine a public apology would have been enough, you realize the public purse could have saved over a million,” Fournier told QMI Agency in May when word of the total cost leaked out.

        In addition to having 22 lawyers on staff, CBC also has three paralegals. Rather than using lawyers already on the payroll, CBC dinged taxpayers more by securing the services of Guy Pratte, one of the top lawyers in Canada.

  8. The many levels of government are so ill. As a First Nation woman, I have learned and read plenty just how the governments have/are so evil right from the beginning of time. I share your frustrations and the saga continues. We have been so oppressed that no one ever believed us, and so much propaganda about how the government is soooo goood to us when in it is untrue. We do not see the money that they supposedly allot to our people.I worked for the Fed. Government at the Dept. of Indian Affairs level and was forced to sign an “OATH OF SECRECY AND ALLEGIANCE”. I saw so much corruption that I resigned.
    Now have been an activist and extremely opposed to those IWT’s. I walked with some of you at the Toronto Protest on April 3, 2012 and April 3, 2013.

  9. It took a lot of courage to resign! Too many other people just put up and shut up now-a-days.Have seen plenty of that in other places as well.

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