Transport Canada orders REMOVAL of eight C-K wind turbines

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In an unprecedented move in Ontario, Transport Canada has ordered the removal of eight wind turbines in close proximity to the Chatham Municipal Airport. Chatham-Kent Essex MP Dave Van Kesteren confirmed the action Friday morning. Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope deferred comment to Don Shropshire, the municipality’s CAO, but he could not be reached by phone Friday morning.

John Norton, the municipality’s chief legal office, also said he preferred not to comment on the report and deferred comment to Shropshire. Chatham-Kent Essex MPP Rick Nicholls said he complained in a recent letter to the federal transport minister of the turbines that were in close proximity to the airport. “Not only do they make it unsafe for pilots but I’m told the spinning blades affect radar,” he said.

Nicholls said he is also concerned that the turbines would limit use of the airport by larger companies that might consider locating in Chatham-Kent and make use of company planes. The MPP said the turbine company and not Chatham-Kent taxpayers should be billed for the cost of removing the turbines. Read article

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  1. Maybe all the farmers down that way that have basically had their livelihoods ruined by this Fraud should start up a company that specializes in complete demolition of Wind Turbines!
    Talk about a money-maker and a business that would hire employees with ENTHUSIASM!

  2. I’m sure the wind company will somehow try to make the taxpayer have to pay for it. Let’s hope someone is really keeping a close watch over the pocketbook!

    • I believe as a taxpayer – we are paying for multiple levels of everything the wind companies do. They would not be here if the government didn’t subsidize, the last time I checked the government has not learned of a “tree” that can literally produce money…

    • How did this get by Transport Canada to begin with? Was there no oversight? This is what Ontario MPs should be looking into.
      They should also be looking for unauthorized “adjustments” by the present Onrario government in the North American Migratory Bird Treaty. Ontario may have the job of enforcing this Treaty but this dosen’t mean they have the authority to make changes in this Treaty.
      Treaty changes are subject to negotation at the federal level between countries.

      • speaking of adjustments, can somebody help me out?

        what’s the adjusting entry that accountants should use when reporting about wind turbine companies like these?

        DR equity
        CR ?

      • Likely noted as contingency items and placed in the footnotes in the annual reports. Pending legal actions are in the footnotes.Not carried as accounting items on the books.But then there are business entertainment expenses which can be written off. Food, booze, tickets, hotels, transportation, etc.

      • I donno, things seem out of balance to me..

      • Surely there must be a loss of Goodwill here?…Or was there no Goodwill to begin with?… Good grief!

        (Will let you know if I find anything disclosed in the Financial Statements.)

      • Monies paid for illegal activities can’t be used/claimed as expense items. So would be disguised as some other kinds of expenses. It probably would take a forensic accountant to discover them.
        For sure the books of a cat house if any are kept would look a lot different than those of a utility company.

  3. How about Mayor Randy Hope(less) forking over some personal funds. He wouldn’t even comment the spineless twit. How about the Dalton as well, OH I forgot he quit didn’t he.

    • If Dalton has not received his severance may they can garnishee a contribution to the removal fund. It seems fair to me.

      • These IWTs never should have been installed at C-K to begin with anyone with any brain power would have known this!

  4. It is abut time that Transport Canada stepped up to the plate. Hopefully they will have the fortitude to do it again so that Kincardine and Collingwood airports can avoid the same situation.

  5. No , no , they won’t have to remove them until transport Canada proves serious or irreversible harm to radar equipment. After that transport Canada will be sued by the wind company under section 356-09 of the green energy ass act which states wind companies can do what they want and the people of rural Ontario can go live in hell.

  6. This could finally be a game changing moment. Now we need to get the Feds to take the pen from Wynne,s hand to prevent here from signing any more approvals,quickly. At least it is a sign they are paying attention after years of abuse by a corrupt system of getting these things built in the first place. Happy news

    • Can’t, this is a provincial matter.
      The only place they might move is on the North American Bird Treaty violations.
      But it now appears that “adjustments” to this treaty have been made in Washington and perhaps carried over into Ontario?

  7. I love theatre!

    ‘[excerpt] Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope deferred comment to Don Shropshire, the municipality’s CAO, but he could not be reached by phone Friday morning.

    John Norton, the municipality’s chief legal office, also said he preferred not to comment on the report and deferred comment to Shropshire.’

    Hello – paging Shropshire!

    • This is Shropshire – he needs more pills – for the pain

      ‘[excerpt] The CAO said, “there’s no impact on the airport and the airport is continuing to operate as normal.”

      Shropshire said the province is responsible for determining and approving where wind turbines can be erected.

      ……more pills for this bad boy!
      [excerpt] The municipality is responsible for approving the building permits to construct wind turbines. But, Shrosphire said this is based on whether the turbines are structurally sound, adding the building department does not determine where they go.’

      Shropshire’s approval rating – just dipped.

    • Oh – I almost forgot………….
      Congratulations! Transport Canada!
      ‘[excerpt] In an unprecedented move in Ontario, Transport Canada has ordered the removal of eight wind turbines in close proximity to the Chatham Municipal Airport. Chatham-Kent Essex MP Dave Van Kesteren confirmed the action Friday morning.’

      Thank you very much!

      • I’m waiting to see what they do with the 20,000 tons of concrete in the base of each of these 8 turbines – maybe they’ll just leave it there, huh?

  8. This new development may help Collingwood. They have been saying this all along but you know the “Rest of the Story” No one listens !!!

  9. Mayor Hopeless, Shropshire et al were all probably unavailable— as deleting emails and hiding hard drives is time consuming…. just ask McGuinty and company. Hope the OPP head to Chatham-Kent for more investigations.

  10. Hmmmm!. Wonder what’ll to happen to the Bribrancy monies from Samsung to extend that runway. Wonder if Samsung is going to ask Randy to return his free Samsung cap and the Samsung coffee mug. Whose eating crow now Randy?
    So many questions for Shropshire since everyone else is ducking for cover…………..

  11. Ezara Levant had Eric Gillespie on The Source tonight. I am sure Esther will post a link shortly!

    Interesting news. Catch it a 10PM tonight if you missed it!

  12. “Check mate boys”

    Bottom line- health and safety is the issue.
    Health issues caused by exposure to low frequencies are currently evident. People have died because of this; voluntary(suicide) and involuntary. This STATE OF EMERGENCY in Ontario has been going on for some time; yet the government refuses to declare and admit the harm being inflicted on the people of Ontario. CORRUPTION, NEGLIGENCE, MURDER OR MANSLAUGHTER?
    Thank you Transport Canada for stepping up to the plate.

  13. Here’s a BIG question: Who is that actual owner of this development? This story says that its GDF Suez Canada but Samsung promised a 2.5M bribe er upgrade to the airport if the turbines were allowed. What kind of shell game is happening here?

    • When Samsung could not complete their contract with Ontario in the required time-frame, they farmed out the work to various other companies in order to meet deadlines. It’s important to anger the residents of the area in a timely fashion yah know.

      • These guys:

        Under the symbol GSZ, the Group is listed on the Brussels, Luxembourg and Paris stock exchanges and is represented in the main international indices: CAC 40, BEL 20, DJ Stoxx 50, DJ Euro Stoxx 50, Euronext 100, FTSE Eurotop 100, MSCI Europe, ASPI Eurozone and ECPI Ethical Index EMU.

        And they can afford to pay. So don’t let your heart bleed. Perhaps they considered themselves above the law and common sense. Maybe they should have stuck to digging ditches in the sand. It’s hard to say who would have the sort of mindset betrayed by the actions taken.

      • See here as well. Remember that the GEA was supposed to make us rich by developing industry through community projects:

        TORONTO, May 28, 2013 /CNW/ – GDF SUEZ Canada Inc. and its joint venture partners Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Fiera Axium Infrastructure today announced that the 10 MW Brockville Solar project in the Township of Elizabethtown-Kitley, Leeds County, Ontario has entered commercial operation under a 20-year power purchase agreement with the Ontario Power Authority.

        The $50 million project, developed under Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program, consists of 42,000 panels on approximately 80 acres of land, and has the capacity to generate clean, renewable energy for approximately 1,700 homes in Ontario.

        GDF SUEZ Canada and partners Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Fiera Axium Infrastructure currently operate 362 MW of wind-powered generation facilities in the Canadian Maritimes and Ontario, and have another 300 MW of wind generation projects under construction in Ontario and British Columbia. The Brockville project is the joint venture’s first solar installation in Canada.

        GDF SUEZ Canada’s President Mike Crawley remarked, “With Brockville, we are diversifying our technology base and entering a new and exciting business area. We are proud to be providing another form of clean, renewable energy to the province and hope this will be the first of many solar projects in our portfolio.”

        The lead contractor responsible for engineering, construction, and performance of the project was a joint venture of AMEC Americas Limited and Black & McDonald Limited. The construction team consisted primarily of local laborers and electricians.

        GDF SUEZ Canada Inc. is part of GDF SUEZ Energy North America, Inc., which manages a range of energy businesses in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, including electricity generation and cogeneration, natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) distribution and sales, asset-based trading and origination, and retail energy sales and related services to commercial and industrial customers. GDF SUEZ Energy North America owns and/or operates cogeneration, steam, and chilled water facilities, including those in construction, representing a capacity of close to 13,000 MW of electricity generation, 3.5 million pounds per hour of steam, and 37,000 tons per hour of chilled water. Renewable fuels—wind, hydro, biomass, and solar—power 28 of the facilities in the portfolio. The company’s natural gas assets include an LNG receiving terminal just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and natural gas distribution networks and pipelines in Mexico that serve nearly 400,000 customers. GDF SUEZ Energy North America is a subsidiary of the international energy groups, GDF SUEZ Energy International and GDF SUEZ.

        So we get to hew the wood and draw the water — the profits go to a house built on sand.

      • Just in case you don’t “get it”:

        Mike Crawley, National President of the Liberal Party of Canada, delivers a speech to the Economic Club of Canada, entitled “A Bold New Liberal Party – Growing the Movement.”

        That’s right — it’s a steaming pile — and it’s growing!

        Guess who landed some of the first contracts while president of the Ontario Chapter of this party? Just askin’

        …and which movement is growing? The move to rake in huge profits while selling out the country? Are you waiting for the Toronto (Red) Star to expose this? hahahahahahah rotflmao!

    • Yeah, who is responsible for turbines being built too high, too close to airport? Can’t find by googling. The usual suspects? Ontario regulators, Chatham authorities, consultant, Samsung/South Kent Wind LP, their contractors? Was Transport Canada clear in conveying its position? Sounds like pilot association was clear re its concerns? I can’t imagine how Ontario can avoid being sued (again), unless Samsung/South Kent Wind LP/contractors went outside terms of permit?

      • If you own the company shares you are responsible. I see no evidence of an asset buyout — just a sellout.

  14. For further information on Mike Crawley see this article.

    Crawley’s day job as chief of International Power Canada poses a significant risk to the Liberal Party and makes his calls for grassroots inclusion ring hollow. The “start-up renewable power company” Crawley boosts of having built up and sold to a foreign multi-national has had a devastating impact on Ontario residents who are forced to live in the shadow of Crawley’s work.

    In June 2010, The OPP was accused by an Essex County resident of using police to intimidate her from protesting the official opening of the $110-million International Power wind turbine project
    and the company threatened to sue democratically elected councils who chose to put citizens’ interests over Crawley’s bottom line.

    Canada’s former Assistant Deputy Minister of Public Health, Dr. Robert McMurtry, alerted Crawley that his industrial wind development was making residents of Clear Creek sick. Crawley and his business partner were asked “what they were prepared to do to extricate (victims) from the toxic environment caused by living in the environs of industrial wind turbines?”

    Inneresting — eh?

  15. Pushing our MP’s feet to the fire should always be part of a plan. They are responsible for renewable funding to the provinces. DO NOT LET THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OFF THE HOOK FOR THEIR PART IN ALL OF THIS MESS!

    ecoENERGY for Renewable Power
    The ecoENERGY for Renewable Power program was launched in April 2007 to encourage the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind, low-impact hydro, biomass, photovoltaic and geothermal energy. Although no new contribution agreements will be signed after March 31, 2011, many projects with contribution agreements will continue to receive payments as outlined in contribution agreements and up to March 31, 2021.

    At March 31, 2011, 104 projects qualified for funding under the program representing investments of about $1.4 billion over 14 years and almost 4500 megawatts of renewable power capacity.

    See the M.P. tab on this site…do not forget the ministers incharge and the PMO’s office,too.

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