Environment minister defends offshore ban

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A question raised by many people on either side of the wind turbine is why the turbines must be built on land. Offshore wind farms exist in other parts of the world, and in some ways they seem like an ideal solution to the problem of “not in my backyard.” Ontario boasts thousands of kilometres of shoreline along the Great Lakes and elsewhere, much of it thinly settled and not in specific demand for tourism.

More to the point, winds blowing over the Great Lakes tend to be more uniform and constant that those blowing over land. Yet, in early 2011, Ontario declared a moratorium on offshore turbines, citing a need for more research on the environmental and health impacts of offshore farms.

Since that time, various reports have been presented to the government, examining the potential effects of water-based turbines on wildlife, terrain and natural processes. The filed reports provide suggestions to reduce the impact of construction. They conclude that turbines built according to these safe practices would have minimal ongoing impact. Read article

5 thoughts on “Environment minister defends offshore ban

  1. The only proposed off-shore wind farm in Ontario was off.the Scarborough Bluffs. A moratorium was placed on the project. My guess is that the wealthy, influential people living in that area were unhappy that their view of the lake may be marred by these things. It would not even surprise me if some of these people might be Liberal Party supporters.

  2. The offshore wind energy project off Scarborough Bluffs being the cause of the McGuinty government’s decision to impose a moratorium on offshore IWTs is a page directly out of the ‘gas plant cancellation playbook’.
    Only about votes, nothing to do with anything else.
    The article above, produced by the Liberal’s tame media, attempting to make a serious story out of this whole scam is no more than we can expect.
    Please, please, do not be sucked into the idea that ‘offshore’ is good and whatever you do, do not believe that any offshore project would somehow slow down the destruction of rural Ontario.
    From a practical point of view, not only are offshore IWT projects every bit as useless as those onshore but experience from all those countries with these offshore boondoggles show quite clearly:
    They are far more expensive to erect and operate, requiring even larger tax subsidies.
    The ongoing 24/7 maintenance requires a whole new offshore industry to support these IWTs.
    Either sea and freshwater, their forecasted ‘life’ is being reduced all the time as these long term maintenance issues become more apparent..
    They produce no more than the approximately 10% to 15% maximum of usable capacity over any length of time.
    And as for the claim of a less than 1% negative impact on the freshwater marine environment? That’s something Rankin or Randi Rahamin could be expected to say at a Public Meeting, knowing they had absolutely no credible evidence to support such a claim.
    Have any of you stuck your heads under the water, either off a beach or whilst snorkeling or even scuba diving? Ever taken the time to listen to the under water ‘noise’ or feel the actual movement of the water on your skin?
    The underwater environment, sea and fresh is a world of noises, vibrations and minor shock waves.
    Can you imagine what 30, 40, 50 and more industrial machines, creating a 24/7 and totally alien ‘noise’, in an environment with no ability to comprehend, or adapt to this totally new threat, could do?
    There is no marine biologist, or offshore wind energy ‘expert’ anywhere, who has any clue just how these offshore industrial wind projects will affect the underwater world. To pretend otherwise is no more than perpetuating the lies and false claims of their ‘onshore’ crooked brethren!
    Offshore, Onshore, both are uneconomical and of no benefit. We already know they are both an economic and environmental disaster that our children and grandchildren will be left with.
    Don’t let the MNR con you into thinking they are interested in mitigating your health and property devaluation concerns!
    Wind Energy has not lived up to a single promise. It is a scam, end of story……. 🙂
    Andrew Watts.

  3. We have a natural resource that no other region in the world has—–our Great Lakes. Why ruin them with industrial wind farms where they would destroy our tourist industry, possiblly sport fishing as well, and even in undeveloped areas prevent their future use as recreational areas. Wind farms in the Great Lakes is a perversion and must not be allowed!

    • Now tell me — what is wrong with a massive wind farm on the beaches of Toronto? Hmmmm????

      Nothing I say. Build them!

  4. The implication is that IWTs are only a problem on land (due to nymbyism?), but should work fine out there in the water, far away from civilization. I challenge anyone to give me one – just one – benefit that would be derived from instaling IWTs anywhere! They are useless, dangerous, expensive, and destined to become dinosaurs when the urbanites wake up!

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