Any turbine investigation must include province

C-K airportPeter Epp, Chatham Daily News
The municipality is conducting an internal investigation into the siting of eight wind turbines near the Chatham-Kent airport, but an investigation independent of the municipality needs to be conducted, because Chatham-Kent’s involvement in wind energy has from the start been purposely minimalized.

It was a week ago that it was revealed that Transport Canada had ordered the removal of the turbines, erected near the airport in what the agency says is a height-restricted area. Since then we’ve learned that the company responsible for the development was from the beginning satisfied it had met all federal requirements, and further that it believed that the federal agency was aware of the turbines’ location.

But Transport Canada begs to differ. It says it’s now enforcing federal safety rules, which requires the removal of the eight turbines. This has very little to do with the municipality. The federal government was involved, the provincial government was involved… and because planning oversight under the Green Energy Act has been invested entirely with Queen’s Park, Chatham-Kent’s role was, at best, minimal. Read article

12 thoughts on “Any turbine investigation must include province

  1. The issue here is that all three levels of government knew about the airport height restrictions but all three parties kept silent and let this happen?
    The local government may not have had responsibility here but wasn’t there an obligation to object as lives could be at risk?

    • The issue for the public is not who can be sued by whom over the IWTs at the airport.
      The public issue is the endangerment of the lives of those living near the airport and those using the airport.

      Wikipedia, Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport
      The Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport is owned and operated by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The airport is managed by Z3 Aviation.
      Z3 Aviation (CYCK)
      8528 14th Line, RR2
      Merlin, ON

    • Any contracts involving the C-K Airport, including donations, would have to involve the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.
      But the Municipality, MOE, and TC knew nothing about the height regualtions around airports?
      Didn’t the developer know or inquire about airport regualtions?
      Maybe some good reasons to ask for a federal inquiry to determine how and why airport regulations were ignored?
      Lives were put at risk in this situation.

      • What a municipality can do under the Green Energy Act regarding permits and the same municipal ownership of an airport when it comes to unlawful IWTs near the airport are two different issues.
        Seems the public does not understand the diffenent issues involved in this situation.
        Who will pay for and remove the offending IWTs is another different issue.

      • Another issue is why did the OPA issue a contract to this developer with 8 turbines not in compliance with TC regulations?

  2. All that is certain here is that GDC Suez, or whatever they call themselves, will not pay for dismantling, if they can sue any level of government to do it. The largest and obvious level is the provincial regime of Kathleen Wynne. They have some experience at tearing down half completed power stations. This fiasco should be headline news along with the +600 m wasted in the gas plants scandals. A vigilant press would be pressing Wynne that taxpayers would not be on hook for righting this obvious bureaucratic mistake.
    Let the wind company pay, they never should have built them in the first place.

    • The law is the law when it comes to TC airport regulations and this is a huge safety issue.

      • The real issue for Ontarians is how did this company get the OPA contract to begin with under these circunstances?
        Airport safety is an issue for all C-K residents.

  3. The OPP anti-corruption squad should be investigating Mayor Hopeless, C-K council and C-K administration. All of them have been “bending over backwards” for the wind industry forever. Some have been enjoying all expenses paid vacations (at places like a luxury hunt camp on James Bay) compliments of wind companies.

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