C-K council helping keep turbines away from leaseholder homes

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4 thoughts on “C-K council helping keep turbines away from leaseholder homes

  1. Do I understand this correctly- that these poor people signed up for three leases and now they don’t want to live near turbines? Oooooh – poor wittle greedy heads…. maybe your neighbours feel the same way but are stuck with the houses they have. It’s a real tear-jerker.

  2. Of course they don’t want to live near the wind turbines. One person I know of signed a lease that they specifically told the sales person for the wind company — put it in the corner of the property which happened, by the way, to be far from their home, but near their neighbors. However, when the lease came back it said it “may” be placed their; not necessarily that it would. Just can’t trust the wind sales guy can you 🙂

    • Any land owner who allows a tenant to do as they please on their land has to be stupid to begin with. These gag orders result in loss of property ownership but are legal.

  3. This is beyond hypocrisy! There are people being forced to try to sleep in basements, away from home, truck stops and ditches to escape the harmful effects of these turbines (Talbot wind, put up by RES and now owned by Enbridge), and they are ignored… meanwhile a leaseholder doesn’t want to live near their turbines and C-K council and Mayor Hopeless, the wind whores of Ontario change the laws so that the leaseholder is happy.
    I can’t wait for the anti-corruption OPP unit to look at the egregious situation in C-K.

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