‘We moved away from the city to protect our son’

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At age three, the sound of two sides of Velcro ripping apart was enough to drive Joey Correia into hysterics. He told his parents the sound would send a shooting pain up the back of his head. Five years he ago he was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. Joey is audio sensitive. Repetitive sounds, such as white noise, the dripping of a tap or, what his mom Shellie fears, the constant swoosh of a turbine, drive him crazy.

If the proposal submitted to the province by Niagara Region Wind. Crop. is approved, a turbine will be built at the minimum provincial setback distance of 550 metres from their Wellandport home. Four more will be erected within four kilometres from the Correia’s country home, a home which they purchased to escape the noise and pollution of the city.

Correia lost a daughter there before Joey was born. At 16, her daughter died of cancer. To protect Joey, she escaped the city, offering him instead a quiet upbringing in rural Ontario. Never did she think she would be faced with an industrial operation just steps from her quiet sanctuary. “We moved away from the city to protect our son,” said Correia, an active member of the West Lincoln Glanbrook Wind Action Group. Joey, who has a quiet place at St. Martin Catholic Elementary School to escape the noisy classroom, will have nowhere to hide from the 40-decibel swoosh of an industrial wind turbine blade. Read article

3 thoughts on “‘We moved away from the city to protect our son’

  1. Rankin was in the audience one evening at a council meeting in Smithville, where I stood up and told the entire story, complete with the letter from Joey’s specialist. I looked right at him while I was speaking, and I know he is well aware of the situation that my son, as well as many other kids, are in because of himself, and others like him. There is only one word to describe the behaviour that Rankin has exhibited…..SICKENING!!!!

  2. Shellie, I realize there are privacy issues, but it would be great if you could post the letter from your son’s specialist.

  3. Best to stick to what the UN recommendation is with IWTs and children.
    It’s quite an involved proceedure to report suspected cases of health issues/neglect. Physicians can do this much more quickly and schools can do this but the proceedure takes much longer.

    Parents can point these health issues out to the public and should.

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