Green energy job claims are a farce

green jobsBy Lorrie Goldstein , Toronto Sun
It’s always good for a laugh when politicians — from U.S. President Barack Obama, to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne — brag about green energy as a job creator. To illustrate, let’s review the number of jobs actually created by the Ontario Liberals’ green energy plan, as opposed to what they promised, while they’ve been sending our hydro bills into the stratosphere.

When ex-premier Dalton McGuinty introduced his Green Energy Act in 2009, he said it would create 50,000 jobs in Ontario by the end of 2012. But when former auditor general Jim McCarter reported on McGuinty’s green energy plan in December, 2011, he found most of those jobs — 30,000 — were in construction, lasting only one to three years.

When Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli recently announced he was dramatically scaling back Ontario’s deal with Samsung, a South Korean industrial conglomerate, to produce green energy, he downsized the Liberals’ job creation numbers, again. Now the Liberals say their Green Energy Act has produced only 31,000 jobs up to mid-2013, not the 50,000 jobs by the end of 2012 promised in 2009. Read article

5 thoughts on “Green energy job claims are a farce

      • Rural Ontarians uncovered the phony job numbers by looking at individual project job numbers and observing who the construction workers are/were.
        Then it got to the point where the local papers had to acknowlege this and from there to the MSM.

  1. Barbara….. Do you mean that the many trucks and other vehicles, driving the roads in Haldimand with Michigan and New York license plates, aren’t residents of Ontario??

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