McGuinty’s bigger debacle

wynne Mcguinty boondoggleParker Gallant, Financial Post
The cost of Ontario’s Green Energy Act, at $1,100 per year per household, dwarfs the cost of cancelled gas plants
Filled with umbrage that his record as steward of Ontario’s electricity market is under parliamentary review, former Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty more or less passed the buck down to his staff.  Appearing before a legislative committee on Tuesday, Mr. McGuinty became irritated and accusatory, saying the search for emails and other documents deleted by underlings is nothing more than a political witch hunt over his decision to cancel two gas-powered generating stations at a cost of  at least $585-million.

Mr. McGuinty is actually getting off too easy. The gas plant cash drain is far outweighed by the burden on Ontarians of Mr. McGuinty’s sprawling green energy fiasco.  I say we should forget about the gas plants and the $585-million in wasted money.  It’s gone. Instead, let’s order up all the emails and documents — through maybe half a dozen energy ministers under the premier’s control — as they reached the policy and economic decisions that created the 2010 Green Energy and Economy Act (GEA). That act will cost Ontarians 10 to 20 cancelled gas plants.

Let us see the emails and communications and meeting notes between bureaucrats and ministers, between Ontario Power Authority and the government, between all of them and the NGOs and industry activists who lobbied, promoted and sold the GEA policy disaster.  There’s the $7-billion deal with Samsung, the false data on carbon emissions, the job creation calculations, the colossal giveaways to wind and solar entrepreneurs who formed lobby groups. On it goes. Read article

4 thoughts on “McGuinty’s bigger debacle

  1. What’s wrong with my math? Since 2010 the McGuinty Sweetheart deal has been written in so many articles as being 7 billion. How did it become inflated to 9.7 billion? The energy minister announces on the 20th of June that the deal is being slashed 3.7 billion. WHAT IS THE TRUTH?
    Were the figures inflated to give the impression as though the FIBS were doing more by cutting 3.7 or was the true cost of the deal hidden?

  2. Are U.S. President Obama and our ex-premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty related?? Just wondering! For all you “Flat-Earthers” (I guess I’m one!) out there, go to and type in “Americans will be Judged” to see Obama’s latest weekly address….. this one dedicated to the subject of “Global Warming” then go to “Watchdog Wire” and enter “The Continuing Collapse of the Global Warming Hoax”. I’m convinced both of these guys really DID “fall off a turnip truck”….. and WE’RE just NIMBYS???

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