Turbine project approval prompts closed meeting

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News that Vineland Power’s Class 4 wind turbine project has received final approval prompted a closed session meeting of West Lincoln council on June 24, disappointing about 20 anti-wind turbine activists in attendance. Council received the news that the Ministry of the Environment granted final approval to the project, known as the HAF Wind Energy Project, late last week. After seeking public input, the ministry approval stipulates only that Vineland Power monitor sound levels around the turbines, report adverse effects, track bird and bat deaths, and establish a liaison committee with the township. West Lincoln planning director Brian Treble said the document did not identify any real role for the municipality as the project unfolds.

“If you read through the decision it goes on at length with respect to the conditions they have to satisfy, but the wording of the decision is pretty consistent in making sure the township doesn’t have a lot of control over the actions that occur,” he told council. Councillors expressed similar frustrations. Coun. Sue-Ellen Merritt said the deal was just getting worse for West Lincoln. She likened the Province to a fox guarding the hen house, and was concerned Vineland Power would only have to report bird and bat deaths beyond a certain number.

“I don’t understand our government. It’s supposed to be a process, township has to follow a process, residents have to follow a process. It’s the fox watching the hen house,” she said. “If the process wasn’t unfair enough, in this document it gets worse.” Read article

9 thoughts on “Turbine project approval prompts closed meeting

  1. “…stipulates only that Vineland Power monitor sound levels around the turbines…”
    Cheap and easy to do. And there’ll be little or no infrasound there…too close.

  2. What was the excuse to make it a ‘closed meeting’? This project will directly impact every resident in West Lincoln. Every affected elected municipality should be throwing all and any debate on these projects wide open to the public, not hiding behind closed doors. What do the Council have to hide?
    Andrew Watts

    • Closed meetings are only allowed under certain circumstances as stipulated by the Municipal Act. Someone over there needs to find out under what reason the meeting was justified as closed. “cause we felt it should be” is not a legal reason to close a council meeting.

      • Under the present circumstances any closed door meetings are unwise.

  3. So they say construction in West Lincoln is a go and can start anytime? Wow, I guess it truly will come down to literally lying down in front of trucks. I’m sure many feel they’ve been backed into a corner and this is the only means left. If these elected officials stood together and stopped talking out the side of their mouths and actually stood up ready to lie down with us, we might make a difference. Shame on them, shame on Liberals, shame on these multi billion dollar corporations who’ve got all of the above bent over a barrel.
    Democracy my a@@ – this has all the tell tale signs of a dictatorship.

    When are people ever going to stand up united and say *I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore*!

    • I would just like to know when people are going to truly start caring about the planet. I am so disgusted I have run out of words, its an absolute shame what is happening anymore.

  4. A word from Mayor Joyner:
    Pick a committee (topic) – and, get down on your knees.
    Agenda 21 @ your service.

    ‘[excerpt] However, earlier this year, West Lincoln revised its council proceedings so that members of the public must apply to make a delegation to council in advance of meetings. The change was made to deal with large numbers of public speakers at meetings that involved wind turbines.

    Mayor Doug Joyner told Murphy and Mitchell that he appreciated their concern, but said he had likely heard their concerns in past meetings.

    “If you wish to speak, you have to make a delegation to one of our council meetings. Stating that, I don’t think there’s anything written on your pieces of paper that we haven’t heard before.” he said. “Secondly, we feel how you feel.”

    When interviewed in the lobby of town hall following the closure of council chambers, Murphy said she was surprised by the mayor’s decision to refuse public comment.

    “We’ve been to an awful lot of council meetings, and they’ve always let us speak. It was an awful shock,” she said.’

    That is what he said – isn’t it?

    • Smarty pants – Flip flopper – Joyner
      ….emerges from behind the door – sucking on a mint……….
      and, attacks!
      Oops – I mean – suggested, he knows what Mitchell – is up to………..huh!

      ‘[excerpt] Mayor Joyner suggested Mitchell’s comments were inspired by the presence of a reporter in the room.

      “Catherine, I know you’re saying this for (the reporter)’s benefit as well,” he said. “But you’re preaching to the choir.”

      “You’re telling us there is nothing we can do. It’s very discouraging. We’re left laying down in front of the trucks,” Mitchell sad. “We’re left like hippies chaining ourselves to trees and fences.”

      Joyner said the best means of protest was continuing to let provincial politicians know exactly they felt. The following morning, Mitchell sent an email to the News, typifying council’s refusal to hear her presentation during council as the “death” of democracy.

      “Democracy faded to black last night. West Lincoln council will no longer hear comments from the public. The 10-minute window in which citizens of West Lincoln could express their concerns has been banged shut,” she wrote. “When the voices of the citizens have all been silenced do you really have a democracy?”’

      In the meantime – Rankin banks it!
      Smile – Seal of approval.

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