Full Ostrander Point Wind Project Environmental Review Tribunal Decision


6 thoughts on “Full Ostrander Point Wind Project Environmental Review Tribunal Decision

  1. A quick review of the document and I see the health concerns are totally dismissed. Any sane person would read that and see health issues are real. I fear that the government has taken the easy way out of a tight situation. They would be in hot water with Suzuki if they allowed this…

    • It took courage to go against the government here. The easy way out would have been to approve the whole thing and let the objectors try to appeal this ruling.
      There are more than health issues involved in this IWT scam.

  2. Blandings turtles can’t sue for damages. People who have been forced to live near turbines, and then are able to prove health effects, will sue the pants off of those miscreants. They will try everything they can, to prevent that from happening.

    • If the panel had ruled on health issues then the people would have to raise money for an appeal.
      When the panel ruled the way it on the turtle issue then the company will have to make the appeal to continue the project and pay for this legal process.
      And it might be impossible from the scientific evidence for the company to win. Besides this would make a union look like it is in favour of harming an endangered species just to make money.

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