Turbine Stand Still

9 thoughts on “Turbine Stand Still

  1. I notice that the energy needed to dismantle the wind turbines was not included . Probably because the Province of Ontario has no plans for the turbines after their 20 year useful life. The deteriorating hulks will be with us for generations.

    • That is correct. If the turbines are ever dismantled the taxpayers of Ont will be stuck with the bill, the wind companies being long gone. The concrete pads will be left and forgotten, a tombstone to people’s irrational belief in wind energy and AGW at the turn of century 21.

  2. I hope the general public is paying attention. this is going to come back to haunt them, and of course, they will throw their hands up and say…..”Why didn’t anybody tell us???”

  3. Historically, both levels of government have always had forked tongues. They have not changed.
    Those monsters are staying, once up they stay up.

  4. Not included is the energy needed to mine the materials and generate the huge concrete bases and steel rebar within them. What about energy to manufacture the rotor blades? Stripping the forests and building the roads to get the turbines to their locations requires energy too. Wind turbines are a dead end solution for society’s energy needs and an abdication of our values.

  5. We have been told an industrial wind turbine lasts 20 years. I have also heard it is more like 10-12 years. As if this multi billion dollar boondoggle isn’t enough to break us, we have another financial blow coming up in the next decade when this garbage needs to be dismantled. Yikes.
    Imagine what future generations will be reading in the history books about this green energy scam; how the government functioned as a dictatorship and put us in harms way; and how the people of Ontario were sucked in, and valued their money and species such as turtles (no disrespect intended towards the turtles btw), more than their families and lives!!! Lord love a duck…
    It boils down to greed, lack of values; such a shame.
    Dalton’s legacy…what a disgrace to his children and grandchildren.

  6. This has nothing whatsoever to do with renewable energy or saving the planet………it has everything to do with the de-population of Rural Ontario…..make our Rural Landscapes so unlivable and expensive to live in that we all move into the cities and beg for help from the Government!!!!
    Nice scenario isn’t it?………………….it’s Agenda 21 and all it’s trappings in full force!
    McGuinty is a traitor and so is Wynne……..oh yeah, and Horwath!

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