Lack of info a way out of wind leases?

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An environmental lawyer says there’s hope for landowners who want out of wind turbine leases. Eric Gillespie, who currently is working for Plympton-Wyoming in its court battle with Suncor Energy over wind turbine bylaws, gets “dozens” of calls from landowners who signed leases long before anyone realized the potential problems associated with the industrial turbines.

Gillespie, slated to speak at a meeting organized by Conservation Of Rural Enniskillen, says some of those landowners are successfully getting out of what many people had believed are ironclad leases. “We’re aware of at least three situations where it appears we have been successful,” says Gillespie.

“One of the elements that factually they all have in common is the apparent lack of information provided by the wind company at the time the agreement was signed,” he says. “Quite consistently there appears to be a lack of disclosure around potential health issues. Read article

2 thoughts on “Lack of info a way out of wind leases?

  1. ” Let the Buyer Beware “.
    I don’t believe that a Landowner after signing a long term contract, can get out of that contract without compensation being paid to the Wind Turbine Generator Owner.

  2. makes no sense these companies can re write their leases 5 times over but the landowner cant change their mind.

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