Ontario’s Green Energy Act a bad bargain for Ontarians

red lights wind turbineKenneth P. Green and Ross McKitrick, Fraser Institute
In 2009, under the Premiership of Dalton Mc Guinty, the Ontario legislature passed the Ontario Green Energy Act (GEA), an act that aimed to increase Ontario’s use of renewable energy such as wind power, solar power, biofuels, and small-scale hydropower. The centerpiece of the act is a schedule of subsidized electricity purchase contracts—called Feed-in-Tariffs—that provide long-term guarantees of above-market rates for power generated by those renewables.

The GEA may have been well-intended, but a recent analysis published by the Fraser Institute, Environmental and Economic Consequences of Ontario’s Green Energy Act, demonstrates that the GEA has had disastrous impacts on Ontario’s energy rates and is going to seriously threaten economic competitiveness for the manufacturing and mining sectors. What little environmental benefit it is expected to generate could have been had at a fraction of the cost. Further, unless the province changes course, the GEA will saddle Ontarians with needlessly high energy costs for decades to come.

As our study demonstrates, the GEA will soon put the province at or near the top of North American electricity costs, with serious consequences for the province’s economic growth and competitiveness. Already the GEA has caused major price increases for large energy consumers and we’re anticipating additional hikes of 40% to 50% over the next few years. Because of these price hikes, we estimate that the manufacturing and mining sectors will be hard hit, with returns to investment in manufacturing likely to decline by 29% and mining by 13%. Read article

21 thoughts on “Ontario’s Green Energy Act a bad bargain for Ontarians

  1. A MOE who didn’t know $hit from Shinola about producing electricity was appointed to put the Green Energy Act thru, thus making it possible for NGOs and developers to have access to the peoples’ money.
    It’s about time the people cut out all the fancy talk about this and put a stop to this scam.

  2. This outstanding fact-based article says in part:
    “….What little environmental benefit it is expected to generate….”, and then
    “Taking a nuclear plant offline and replacing it with gas would lead to higher overall emissions…” and then
    “…all for extremely modest air pollution reductions that could have been achieved at a fraction of the cost….
    From where I sit, after we’ve overbuilt the Wind Power, there will be no benefit to Air Quality and the Environment whatsoever, and fossil-based emissions will increase.
    The Public, the Electorate and back-bench Liberals need to understand this.

  3. Radio Blitz! ………..’starts’ – the truth about wind turbines!

    Tune in here:

    Wind Facts
    Answering your questions about wind energy

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    While wind energy has enjoyed growing success in many countries for several decades, it is a relatively new contributor to the power system here in Canada. As such, it is natural to have questions. The WindFacts website is an initiative of wind energy industry leaders whose goal is to ensure Canadians have access to fact-based answers to their questions in order to make informed decisions about our energy future.

    The WindFacts website contains facts and resources that address a number of areas of key interest to Canadians: how wind works, health, community, affordability and environment and wildlife. By logging in through top social media programs such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, visitors can also submit questions about wind energy on the Questions Page.


  4. Here we are 4 years into this idiotic tyranny called the gReen Energy Act and a report about it from Fraser Institute is being published.
    While it’s good to have this never ending declaration of how stupid, ridiculous, anti democratic and utterly useless this plan is…………….when the hell will it stop???
    Maybe the pitchforks and torches have to come out before there is CHANGE?

    • I am all for pitch forks and torches. Civil disobedience may work when all the grandparents have tried everything else!!

  5. Criminal negligence is defined as doing something that ” shows wanton and reckless disregard for the lives and safety of persons ” according to the University of Toronto’s law professor Hamish Stewart. Would that not describe the wind industry? In any other instance arrests would be made
    and charges laid but this is not the case with the multinationals that are taking over our province.

  6. NoTricksZone, July 6, 2013
    “What Would Happen If Germany Suffered A largescale Power Outage? Greens Place National Security In Jeopardy”
    “Krause describes the situation as: Getting closer to a power outage-The energy policy of madness.”

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