Protesters opposed to wind turbines dogged the premier’s byelection campaign visit Monday

IMG_0420By Brent Boles, The London Free Press
Liberals in London West rallied around their byelection candidate Monday night, as anti-wind protesters shouted only feet away. Supporters of Ken Coran gathered outside his campaign office as Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne swung by to boost his bid to keep the seat in Liberal hands.

As Liberals chanted, “yes, we Ken Coran,” anti-wind turbine activists armed with signs and a megaphone made shouted over the rally.

The protesters denounced wind turbines — which have been pushed by the Liberal government, as part of its green energy plan — for a variety of reasons, including health concerns, economics and because many people don’t like the behemoths built near where they live. Read article

13 thoughts on “Protesters opposed to wind turbines dogged the premier’s byelection campaign visit Monday

  1. In Denmark the government is protecting an industry which provides jobs. So no official health studies will be done.
    In Ontario the job of the politicians is to make sure that there are jobs even if they are in renewables. The vast majority of these jobs are in urban centres. Again any studies that would remove jobs or prospective jobs is unwelcome. Anything that threatens jobs or prospective jobs is also out.
    People in urban centres want jobs and they don’t care if rural Ontarians are hurt in the process.What happens to wildlife and the environment dosen’t matter either.
    And they have the most votes!

    • It’s ok to produce jobs by creating an artificial demand for products that are not needed.Which is what has happend in Ontario. Job are jobs.
      Now these subsidy driven industries are crashing due to world production capacity oversupply. Result will be no manufacturing jobs in these sectors in Ontario.
      Wind and solar are still useful to project developers as long as the subsidies last as they pay cheaper prices for project components and can make more money on their projects.

      • Call it the “green bubble”. It may take five years or more, but once people realize that wind turbines are neither useful nor safe, the bubble will crash. There is a use for wind and solar, particularly in isolated communities and/or standalone systems (street signs, radio repeaters, etc), but they (current implementations) are not viable as mainstream energy sources.

      • Large numbers of unemployed in urban centres spells trouble for any government. Jobs at any cost is the way to go.

      • re “Jobs are jobs.”
        The problem is that studies show a “net job loss” associated with adding wind turbines. This is because utility prices go up, manufacturers and large energy users charge more for goods and services which also is passed down to consumers. Companies lose competitiveness because of higher costs and let employees go. Nobody wins.

        In Cape Wind (first offshore proposed in US), jobs were promised initially (the “bait”) and recently made known that the jobs would be created in Germany and Denmark (the “switch”). Watch out for promises of jobs, because they do not materialize.

    • Germany,Holland, UK are also protecting an industry so no legitimate health studies will be done in these countries. Can’t be done because these governments also control the health care systems.
      But the EU will fund half-baked studies like the IWT”annoyance” studies because theses kinds of studies serve the purpose of protecting their IWT national industries.

      • None of the EU countries involved in IWTs can risk doing a legitimate health & IWT study. If negative results were discovered then these countries could no longer sell their IWTs
        This would be lot of money goimg down the drain!

      • If you check the citations used in the “annoyance” studies there may be “circular” citations used? “Circular” citations is when a group uses the same citations in publications that this particular group wants to use to try and promote some theory or idea.

  2. Some of the comments in that article are troubling. Whether they are just comment section trolls, I’m not sure….but is does appear as though there are still plenty of people out there completely sold on wind turbines and argue incessantly while devoid of logic – even when presented with facts and sources. Many of them get easily confused.

    • Many are convinced that IWTs and solar panels are going to provide them with good paying service jobs.
      The unions along with the blue green alliance have told their members that this is the way to keep and even increase manufacturing jobs.
      Seems the unions can’t even read what’s taking place in the world renewable energy markets?
      They also think that you can create an artificial demand for products and that this kind of demand will last?

  3. In time the turbine investment SCANDLE BECAUSE THATS WHAT IT TRULY IS will be proven to be another big waste of hard earned tax payers own money similar to the gas plant spending. If this was the USA or foreign country someone would be doing hard time in shackles or in the crosshairs of some pissed off citizen who has had enough. How is it these elected free for all spending machines get away with this is completely beyond me. Its no wonder Dalton stepped down and has disappeared.

    • He hasn’t totally disappeared……he’s off to Harvard for a semester to teach potential “Goldman Sachs” employees how to steal money from the public purse and get away with it!
      Sounds about his speed!

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