Remove eight turbines immediately: Nicholls

airportBy Bob Boughner, Chatham Daily News
The turbine company that owns eight turbines south of Chatham-Kent Municipal Airport should do the right thing and remove them immediately, says Rick Nicholls. The MPP for Chatham-Kent Essex said Wednesday the cost for removing the turbines — which has been ordered by Transport Canada — would be far less than having to pay a lawsuit involving a possible airplane accident and the adverse publicity that would follow. Nicholls said the turbines should come down “sooner than later” to avoid a serious aviation accident or tragedy.

The MPP also said the eight turbines should be removed at the expense of GDF SUEZ, the company that owns them, and not at the expense of Chatham-Kent taxpayers. “It’s a safety issue and the safety of people who make use of the airport is the No. 1 issue,” said Nicholls, in a telephone interview. The MPP said he’s spoken with pilots who are concerned about the location of the turbines. Nicholls said if the turbine company is the good corporate citizen it claims to be, it should take immediate steps to remove the turbines. He took issue with a claim Wednesday by Dave Timm of GFD SUEZ that “it is not a safety issue but rather a zoning issue.”

“Zoning regulations are put in place for safety reasons,” countered Nicholls. “This company needs to do the right thing and remove the turbines at their expense immediately.” he said. “If they are at fault they should fess up when they mess up.’ Read article

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  1. Safety AND zoning
    Safety AND health
    The MOE and these wind turbine companies need to understand how societies work. INTEGRATED, not separated. The ministries of Ontario are a mess and aren’t working within any of their mandates nor with each other!

  2. Your word game of B S doesn’t fly Dave Timm. Neither does your game of criminal negligence.
    Your company, former AIM PowerGen, and former CEO of the same company, Mike Crawley-current president of Ontario Liberal Party also know (it was discussed in depth with you both during your visit to Clear Creek, ON in the fall of 2009, one year after the turbines set motion) that the low frequencies emitted from your industrial wind turbines surrounding my house were significantly and negatively affecting my health and that of others;”significantly” meaning neighbors have become sick, some have died, others have abandoned their homes, yet you fail to acknowledge the problem and danger to the people of my community-therefore making Y
    you responsible for this living hell you have created and continue to allow to torture the people of Clear Creek.
    So what the turbines each cost two million dollars! How many turbines did your company build? With a government subsidy of almost half a million dollars per turbine, how much money have you pocketed from your endeavor and at whose expense?
    And, what price do you put on the value of a human life?! I guess it depends whose life you’re evaluating; yourself-you are a waste of space. To put greed before the welfare of your fellow human beings is horrible.
    Flip your company, assume a new one, head to the west coast….running won’t get you anywhere; seems to be another one of your corporate games of corruption. This monster you are responsible for will catch up with you and bite you in the arse. If you have one scruple of dignity, you need to stop the harmful activity you are responsible for.
    My pursuit of righting what is wrong will haunt you for the rest of your life or until justice is served. We will have our day in court Mr. Timm.

    • “one scruple of dignity”………………….these fraudsters don’t even know what that means!

      In one word we can label every single one of these disgusting purveyors of misery:

      • Tom, the people of California elected the Eco-Nuts responsible for their power crunch so they deserve what they are getting. And they want to push this power crunch on to all the rest of the U.S.

    • Mike Crawley is currently the President of the Liberal Party of Canada. He’s known by some as the

      “Master of Conflict of Interest”

      He has “access to justice,” unlike his victims.

  3. The airport should be shut down until the eight turbines are removed!
    The central issue is how did the wind developer get a mulit-million dollar OPA contract when there were safety issues with the airport?
    Don’t be fooled or caught up in the controversy about who is going to remove them. Was there corruption involved in getting this contract to begin with?

  4. The worst thing is, while they are pretending to try to clean up the messes they have made with the turbines already installed, they are allowing more to be improperly sited and approved every day! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!! WE CAN’T AFFORD ANY MORE OF YOUR STUPID MISTAKES!!!

  5. Right on Chev! David Timm, Mike Crawley and Mr. Wilgar (your choice, father or son) aka Curly, Larry and Moe, will never voluntarily clean up any mess they’ve made and they’ve made several! Clear Creek GDF Suez turbine neighbouring folk are decimated, Grey Highlands GDF Suez turbine neighbouring folk are sick. The three stooges are simply greedy bastards. It’s business; profit at everyone else’s health and expense. It’s the people in govt. who continue to approve these disasters that I don’t get at all.

    • The people in the Michigan Tumb area can now follow the trail right to the White House. This is the big money talking and ordinary people don’t count.
      It’s unfortunate that many in Ontario don’t know or don’t care as long as they get a share of the money from the IWT scam.

  6. These guys are a corrupt little group of psychopathic friends/colleages; who have come together to create a powerful force. Their motive is money, power and control. They are like the plague, that continues to grow. Each of these people are guilty of criminal causing bodily harm and death in some cases. Slap the cuffs on tohe and throw them in the Pen.

  7. Good luck with getting them down in a hurry, wind companies are not used to being ordered what to do in Ont; they are not used to spending their own money either. They will be looking for taxpayers to pay. As noted the corruption and influence pervades the Liberal party, Mike Crawley has been promoted to Pres of the federal party. His role in debasement of Ont is conveniently ignored by the media.

  8. Great relationship!

    Mayor Hope – now works for Timm’s comapany.
    ‘[excerpt] The Daily News learned Mayor Randy Hope wrote to Transport Canada criticizing the agency for notifying the media of the order to remove the turbines before telling Timm’s company.’

    Maybe I misunderstood.
    This should come up for a vote –
    ‘Who is Mayor Randy Hope’ – working for?

    This is not without controversy – it’s glaring!

    • They don’t want to shut down the airport because this would be an admission that there are safety issues.

    • Bottom Line: it’s about the cha ching

      Who’s gonna pay for the removal of 8 Industrial Wind Turbines?
      My guess: the municipality will pay

      Let’s face it – Mayor Randy Hope –
      is an interesting character.
      It would stand to reason – the evidence is there.

      • Various gvmt dept.’s approved the siting,
        pretty safe bet that we (taxpayers) will pay
        for dismantling if and when it occurs.

      • One thing is for sure:
        GDF SUEZ – can’t be sloppy;
        they have a mandate – to make money for their shareholders.

      • How could any company or person that’s in the business of erecting tall structures not know that their are height restrictions near airports?
        It was the developer’s responsibility to check out the regulations and to obey the regulations.
        it was the responsibility of the municipality to object to the offending structures for safety reasons.
        It was the responsibility of the OPA and anyother Ontario government authority to disallow the offending turbines.
        It was the responsibility of the federal agencies to not allow the airport to operate under these circumstances.
        In the mean time the airport needs to be shut down for safety reasons and let the mayor of C-K explain to the people of C-K how all this came about as C-K is owned by the municipality. The owner has control of this situation.

      • As usual the people are getting another hose job about the C-K airport!

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