Hundreds Attend Meeting

sarnia_FotorBlackburn News
Roughly 380 people attended an information session on industrial wind turbines at the Sarnia Imperial Theatre last evening.

One of the speakers pointed out where the Green Energy Act is hidden in our electricity bills. Former vice president with TD Bank Parker Gallant says the GEA is sneaking into all the portions of our bills including electricity, delivery, and regulatory costs.

He says some of the charges are shocking but we’re unaware of them. He believes the cost of electricity will go up 100 percent in the next six years. We’re Against Industrial Wind Turbines Plympton-Wyoming, Conservation of Rural Enniskillen, and the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group organized the meeting.

4 thoughts on “Hundreds Attend Meeting

  1. other costs: The Feds have been buying “carbon offsets” from wind farm operators for when bureaucrats fly on junkets.

    then there’s carbon trading by Ontario and other provinces…

    more bean counters & bureaucrats on the payroll (they get automatic wage increases so aren’t affected by rising costs like the working poor & fixed income seniors) and more costs to industry that get passed on to you.

    happiness is Ontario in a rear view mirror and blowing your life savings in Vegas before they inflate them away. Why work? Why save? You too can become a client of the state.

  2. What happens when we all “work” for the government, and do not pay into the system???? That is where we are headed. No one will be able to afford to work any more. Government assistance, with free hydro, for all.

  3. Is Blackburn News still running the wind propaganda advertising? I stopped listening to their stations after I complained twice about the ads and got replies sort of like, Well, we have to pay our bills. We’ll take anybody’s money.

  4. I’m told the meeting started with this video compilation played on the big screen:
    Mad World was put together by my son, Chris Gillis, and I’m pretty proud of his work on this. Good job to all who travelled and spoke and helped to educate more people. Maybe we need to do the same for the Leslie Spit in Toronto.

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