Power line work stops until young hawks can take flight

Hawk Turbine Haldimand 109_v1 CRThe Windsor Star
When a pair of ferruginous hawks decided to nest in the only tree standing in a sea of rolling southern Alberta grassland, it was tools down for Enbridge. The tree was located within one kilometre of a company work site, south of Lethbridge, Alta., so Enbridge officials waited about a month for the hawks, classified as a species at risk, to raise their three fledglings.

As a result, Enbridge’s new $300-million transmission line will begin importing Montana wind power into the province next week, missing their end of July target. “These birds are a protected species and were actually following the crews as they installed the line,” said Don Thompson, vicepresident for green energy at Enbridge. “We were basically feeding them, because the work crews stirred up the field mice,” he said. “You would think the sounds of construction would disturb the hawks, but these birds are predators and they are looking for any advantage. And we gave them lots of advantages.” Read article

6 thoughts on “Power line work stops until young hawks can take flight

  1. AAAAwwwww see we got these murderous ba*(*%t*^s all wrong. So sweet. So caring. They love birds. Can’t you feel the love. They’re practically hand feeding them. Next year when the pair returns to raise another family they will shut the turbines right off and continue to hand feed the next fledglings. And all the years that follow. I will sleep much better now. Thanks for posting this story. My faith in humanity is restored.

  2. Even more heartwarming is with all of the amendments to the MNR regulations as of July, you don’t even need to notify anyone if you want to chainsaw down a 100 year old cottonwood tree with an active nesting platform of a pair of Eagles. Just go to it. All is good now. No pesky YouTube videos need to be posted of the next error and nest terror for renewable energy projects powered by wind. Nope nothing to see here Jim Bob, moving on. Hey Latin America you are next!

  3. I hate the term ‘green energy’. Why do people still use it! Journalists and reporters have to start using the proper terminology. I have a few words for it but few of which are acceptable to put in print.

  4. How nice, these guys are starting to see the light!
    Now shut these killing machines down so I can move back into my house thank you.
    And, throw McGuinty and his gang of thieves in jail and clean up this mess.
    Yes Dalton your time is coming! Go directly to jail, do not pass go and repay the money that was stolen from the people of Ontario.
    Btw, anyone know the total acreage of land the former Premiere owns in the Kawarthas?
    Relocate the turbines to Toronto’s cottage country. Whoosh, whoosh, woozy, puke, whoops!

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