Turbines far from green

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At the Aug. 1 regional council meeting I attended Mr. Tom Rankin was heard in a loud angry voice giving the entire council gallery the label of NIMBYs. Of course he did not include himself even though they are not being built in his backyard. Rankin continued spewing out his displeasure that council had the audacity to vote in favour of Wainfleet and West Lincoln declaring themselves unwilling hosts to wind turbines in their municipalities. A grateful thank you goes to those councillors who had that courage to recognize that Canada is a democracy.

There has been a back and forth argument whether wind turbines do cause serious health issues. But, on the other hand, gravely speaking why would people be leaving their beloved homes that they worked a lifetime for? Leaving their highest investment of their lifetime? The documented cases were not happy planned moves; on the contrary they all claimed they were ones they say were forced by illness caused by wind turbines.Β Read article

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  1. So Rankin ‘threatened’ council? Uttering threats, under the Canadian Criminal Code (264.1) is a crime. Hopefully the police will be invited to the September meeting to arrest this A%%#@$%. Perhaps they will hold off until he is tarred and feathered which is the way any of these pro-wind
    dummies should be treated. In other words, turbine sufferers need to stop playing by the rules bc the other side sure as hell doesn’t.

  2. Perhaps those suffering from across Ontario should show up at the Sept meeting and tell Mr Rankin what they think of him and his bullying. Plus the Regional Council would be better informed of what is really the truth. This should also include farmers who’s lively hood has been effected because of the effects on their livestock!! What about our children’s schools that are going to be surrounded with IWT. Is it OK for the Region or Rankin to use them as guinea pigs? I do not think so.

  3. I understand that Tom Rankins Brother died under a wind turbine of a heart attach
    Maybe that is why Tom does not have one in his back yard

  4. I will not only be attending the meeting, I will be speaking, and telling everyone that all of the lies they heard from Rankin were designed to trick them into allowing him to destroy our community, with the Region’s blessing. He is an evil man, and he KNOWS the harm that will be caused. He has listened to a Doctor’s letter being read aloud, describing the harm that wind turbines can bring for children. He doesn’t care, as long as he can steal our money!!!

  5. Mr. Rankin and the REGIONAL Council are involved in a joint venture for wind development, which puts them both in a conflict of interest when the Council votes on issues pertaining to wind turbines. And it has done, many times. Now, here’s the Developer pot calling its joint venture Partner kettle, black!

    • These would be public-private partnerships so there is plenty of room for conflict of interest.
      The Green Energy Act may have granted an exception for this kind of conflict of interest since community participation it is being encouraged.

    • To Carol
      In Niagara Region it just doesn’t!!!
      The majority on Regional Council are in favour of their 7 year old, but apparently still current, deal with Rankin for his first and failed wind energy project.
      Mayors of most Niagara Region urban areas are totally in bed with Rankin and have been for years. They continue to make promises of all the ‘jobs’ they are going to bring to their communities, and really don’t care how they get the pitifulll few that green energy has so far brought.
      Conflict of Interest is a non-issue as far as they are concerned. Their political reputations and futures are the only thing they are interested in and they continue to ignore Conflict of Interest. So far no one who has submitted a complaint has had any response from the government agencies who are supposed to investigate such blatant disregard for the Municipal Act. Same applies to their many closed door meetings regarding wind energy and Rankin. Every one questionable if not illegally convened, yet they continue to get away with it.
      If the ‘Unwilling Host’ motion is reaffirmed in September it will be not because Regional Councilors suddenly want to support their communities it will be because they don’t want to be seen as breaking a political ‘promise’ so soon after making it!
      It will certainly not be by the same majority if it does pass again and if anyone believes even if reaffirmed it will prevent Niagara Region’s continued support for Rankin whatever he demands, then you are living in cloud cuckoo land……… πŸ™‚
      Andrew Watts

    • Northland dosen’t have enough earnings to cover the dividend.
      But Brookfield is recommended as renewables are not the only business they are in.
      Same as Siemens has enough other business to likely cover any shortfalls in their wind sector.

  6. Andrew, I know this all sucks but councils can be reprimanded etc.My grandchildren will be surrounded by 3mg IWT at Bismark 24/7. Have you contacted Andre Marin the Ontario Ombudsman and OMLET(Open meeting law enforcement Team} They also enforce the 1908″Sunshine Law” You can read and understand more of what they do by going on the website. Hope this helps.

  7. Hi Carol! Yes it does suck don’ it…??? πŸ™
    I just got carried away with my response as I always do when I see Niagara Region and Rankin in the same story……….. πŸ™‚
    There really is no hope in Niagara Region until this whole scam collapses. A majority of Regional Councilors and Rankin have each others hands in so many of each others pockets their are a sort of collective Siamese twin unable to separate themselves…!!!
    The Ombudsman has no mandate to investigate municipalities and I am by no means the only one to have tried that route. It’s the same for ‘closed door meetings’, the body responsible for investigating is a part of the government and although I agree in the past they have very occasionally ‘reprimanded’ a council I don’t think they have ever suggested they should reverse any bad decisions they made!
    So far I don’t think I recall reading any report of a successful conclusion for our side in any closed door meeting complaint where IWTs are involved..??
    What really sucks is that often it is client/solicitor privilege used to justify closed door meetings.
    When it’s a municipal or regional lawyer used for this purpose it actually illustrates the hypocrisy of our elected representatives! That municipal/regional lawyer is representing us the municipal/regional communities and is being paid from our tax dollars!
    Our politicians should use ‘our’ lawyers to insist all these meetings are open and public, but even some of the very few good ones still think they know better than us and accept these closed door deals!
    There you go, I’ve gone on a rant again………….. πŸ™‚
    Andrew Watts

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