Premier called on to intervene in Melancthon wind war

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Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill is urging Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to step up and address what he labels the “seriously flawed” powers of the Green Energy Act (GEA). It’s no secret Melancthon council and Dufferin Wind Power Inc., which received approval to operate a 99 MW wind farm in the township and construct a 230 kV transmission line to Amaranth, have a less than amicable relationship.

With Dufferin Wind filing for expropriation, taking the township to court over the storage of wind turbines, and recently applying to have the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) institute a road use agreement, the township has reached a breaking point, Hill said. “People are incensed by the bullying tactics employed by Dufferin Wind Power Inc.,” Hill wrote in his letter sent to Wynne on Tuesday (Aug. 13). “The reason they can act that way is because of the flawed Green Energy Act that allows them to steam roll over municipalities and individuals.”

At nearly every turn, Hill contends the Chinese-owned wind power developer has brought the GEA hammer down to get whatever it wants. The mayor is now urging the premier to “intervene” into the situation. “It does appear your government has chosen to favour foreign owned wind farm developers, over the interest and livelihood of Ontario farmers,” Hill said. “It is imperative that further charges are made.” Read article

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  1. Wynne doesn’t seem to understand that the province has no right to give any industry permission to harm us. She is evading the truth….as usual.

    • Sure they do — they were elected as a majority government — all the city folk who know nothing about agriculture, wind power, solar power.

      They have the right to trash the entire province if they wish to. Don’t forget that!

      I did not say I liked it… (Before I get the usual silly complaints.)

      • At least in theory if not in fact if all the effort that has been expended on stopping the IWTs in rural Ontario had been expended on forming a new province then this problem could have been resolved by the citizens by now.

  2. If there’s another letter, or a “conversation” with the Premier, it might be worthwhile to explain to her that:
    1) Wind Power in Ontario provides essentially no benefit to Air Quality and Environment.
    2) The more Wind Power is built and operated, the greater the increase in Ontario’s fossil-based emissions.
    She may not now know this. If she does, she is willfully and knowingly working to damage the Province of Ontario.

    • Wynne is certainly is cognizant that she is willingly and knowingly forcing harm and impaired health on Ontario citizens. No question.

  3. But don’t forget that our unelected so called Premier has been seduced by Agenda 21. And she probably sees herself as a member of the elite as hatched by Al Gore. There will be a high cost – not to her, of course – but she will be one of the heroes who will save the planet!

    Gag me.

  4. Just to prep people — in case they do get to see her Holiness — Assistant First Priestess to the Deputy Assistant Priestess to Gai — welll — I just happen to have with me a pithy quote…

    Who said:???

    “Suggesting that renewables will let us phase rapidly off fossil fuels in the United States, China, India, or the world as a whole is almost the equivalent of believing in the Easter Bunny and [the] Tooth Fairy.”

    No cheating and let’s not always see the same hands up all the time! You there! At the pink and yellow computer with the flashing fan lights….

  5. The power is you! You have the cure and you do not know it,but you do.
    Time to use it!
    Have everyone that do not want turbines to simple write on paper as a man or wo man (not no corporate citizen,cause that is a slave to the corporate elite system) that you as a man do not consent.
    Write all that seem to think they have authority over you but name them as a man or woman. You need to respond to them in the same status as you are. They are man or woman but the are operating as a employee for you.
    You are the CEO and you need to operate it as such. Do not beg or war with them just show them what needs to be done and do not give them consent for something that is going to harm another man or woman.
    This is your power if you choose to use it ,or let them rule over you as a slave.
    Your free will
    Cheers from a man{non corporate slave)

  6. Asking Wynne to intervene is like the man on the gallows asking the executioner to “go easy on him”.
    Wynne was one of the 54 MPP’s that voted in favour of the Green Energy Act in May of 2009.
    For her to intervene and admit the GEA is wrong would be like admitting she was “wrong” in her decision to support this Fraud!
    She would rather see wildlife butchered, people abandon their homes, have Townships go virtually bankrupt and see valuable farmland paved over along with subjecting people to harmful health problems who want to stay in their homes, than to admit defeat!
    That is the definition of a true “psychopath” and a “dictator”.
    Sad days in Ontario!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. “We didn’t do a good enough job putting a good process in place,” Wynne said on June 13. “I know that people would like to roll back the clock. I don’t have the power to do that.”

    Bu**s**t. Halt everything now!

  8. The argument:
    Who will save the ‘Ontario farmer’? – huh?

    ‘[excerpt] At nearly every turn, Hill contends the Chinese-owned wind power developer has brought the GEA hammer down to get whatever it wants. The mayor is now urging the premier to “intervene” into the situation. “It does appear your government has chosen to favour foreign owned wind farm developers, over the interest and livelihood of Ontario farmers,” Hill said. “It is imperative that further charges are made.”’

    I thought ‘big boys’ don’t cry?
    Where’s the OFA?

    Note: unelected premiere has mindset on ‘social justice’;
    and, the cost is freedom.
    Who wants to save the planet?
    My hand is down.

    Liberal cronyism – picks winners and losers.

  9. I’m still trying to understand why resale homes had to have disclosure of the turbines construction, upon sale. We were never told, with our new build in a new subdivision, and the builder did not have to legally disclose anything about them to us. We saw signs up the road, but believed them to be in reference to the existing turbines miles from us. You can’t imagine the shock when they started going up on the property owned by our builder outside the subdivision plan. The province should be held accountable for their fair for some, not for others rule.

    • Rebecca:

      Can you tell us why you were unaware of the Wind Turbine build out?

      Tell us things like:

      Did you move in from an outside area?
      Are you actually a local just buying a new house?
      Did you check for stories in the national media? Toronto Star, G&M Nat Post)
      Did you pick up and read an local papers?
      Did you visit the local Tourist Information center. (If there was one.)
      Did you do any internet research on the area?
      Did you check with city hall — planning department etc. ???
      Did you look at the local development plans?
      Did you stop in at local merchants and ask what was new and what was coming?
      Did you visit the local library?
      Did the bank Mortgage lender offer any information?

      There is a point to all these questions — I am not “Picking on you”. It really would be interesting to know.

      • To Rebecca’s defense:

        Shouldn’t the Ontario government be more transparent about these things in the first place? Why do they not have a map that Ontario citizens can look at to see where turbines are planned and approved? The Ontario government purposely operates on the assumption that keeping people in the dark will diffuse opposition.

      • These are “new” build so local real estate people did not do the sales but the builder did? Got around this because “new” build dosen’t have to disclose IWTs or future IWTs?

      • It’s not an attack MA — no need for defense.

        I have asked some fair questions.

        What I want to know is this: Why did she not get the needed information? How was the required information available?

        If she did no research, how is it that she did not know that research was necessary? i.e. — was this complete blindness to the issues? If so, how so?

        Once we know why people are walking into these deals we may be able to erect some defenses.

        Please look beyond the obvious folks.

      • Barbara:

        More than once I have seen sales undone because there was no relevant disclosure. It seems to me that this would fall under a broader brush of negative factors affecting a sale where disclosure of these factors is required whether there is a specific law or not.

        Perhaps it needs to be tested in court — but one would think that consumer laws might give some protection against negative factors.

      • She should try to get her money back and it would be good to test this in court but how many people have the $50K needed to do this?
        Now this builder knew full well that IWTs were going to be installed nearby so he is a knave.

      • My understanding “NOW”, is he signed up in 2010. We bought in 2012, and moved in a bit ago. I researched the new community, and am familiar with the town, from when I was a child. We can’t believe in our wildest dreams, our own developer erected 13 of these things, on an adjoining property on the other side of the subdivision, separated by “his” golf course. We can see them, as if they are in our backyard. We are apparently 1.5km from them. We bought from the builder, and from what I’ve “NOW” read, he’s likely under a “gag” order of sorts. We did most of the things you asked, but not to look for turbines, but to look for activities to participate in, in a beautiful community along the lake. We knew the coal plant was mothballed, we knew the gas plant was not being awarded to Nanticoke, but we never dreamed our own builder would park these things in our sightline. Around Stelco made sense, even amongst the power lines going into Nanticoke would have made sense, and that’s where we believed the “say no to wind power signs” referred to. I’m not saying we wouldn’t have purchased our home, but what I’m saying, is we had the right to be told, and to make our decision of purchase based on that knowledge, one way or the other. The first a lot of us knew was in the end of June when the towers started to be erected. They were not shown on any of the phase I – IV subdivision maps, because they are not in the subdivision. We are just very discouraged at this point, and its a wait and see for a lot of us, because we are here now, and he is still selling homes to people who now obviously can see them

      • Rebecca:

        Helpful info — but not really what I was after.

        Anyway — maybe you are more of a CTV/Toronto Star fan than Sun News or the Toronto Sun. Most media outlets do not carry the stories of the Wind Turbine Wars — so I gather you did not see much.

        A lot of the small town newspapers are owned by TorStar — so if you don’t know enough — you would expect them to carry the stories — but again they do not.

        Some of the small town media is owned by Canoe/Sun Media — so they are more likely to carry the stories. AM740 and AM 101o (Jerry Agar for example) were carrying and broadcasting stories — most other radio stations had nothing. CTV had only occasional coverage.

        Now, look back on what you were watching, reading and listening to. You might see a correlation. If you feel you can, let us know.

    • I bought a new build and there is a disclosures page with items on it (not IWTs). You need to understand the timeline first and the facts about where things stood at the time you signed the deal.

      If there was only a proposal and not an approved project when you signed, there might not have been any facts to disclose at that time. However, if there was a project approved, then that’s a different story. Either way, make sure you’ve got your ducks straight then talk to a lawyer.

    • Rebecca – does your home happen to be in Port Dover?? I spoke to the man who owned the development property there a couple of years ago and asked him what the people who were buying the new homes thought of the turbines so close. He told me that they were very happy about it due to the fact it would be supplying the hydro to the new homes at a very inexpensive rate! (just a bunch of B.S.)
      I also learned later that because it was new home construction that buyers did not have to be informed of the turbine plans for the area. That I do not understand because if I list my home I am compelled by law to disclose that there will be 15+ within a couple miles. Why are there two sets of rules and why should new home buyers not be made aware of turbines when those purchasing an existing home are informed before they make their decision to move to a home that could affect their health?

      • Yes we are in his new Port Dover Development, and he is full of B/S. Cheap power, yah right. We pay what everyone else pays. There are about 40 homes here, and to my knowledge, not one buyer knew before signing the purchase papers. Obviously now, they’re up so future sales will know. I wish someone had stuck a sign outside the development saying, they were going to be here. That was my point, why did new builds not have to have disclosure? How on earth is that different from resale homes?

      • Rebecca…talk to a lawyer. Just because someone says something on this website does not necessarily make it fact.

        Your issue is more about contract law than real estate. It is not uncommon for people to get out of contracts or go back and file a claim (suit) if important information was specifically not disclosed which would have resulted in a different decision. If it is of genuine concern to you, you really, really need to speak with legal counsel.

      • The disclosure on re-sale property is voluntary on the part of the real estate agents and not the law. They did this to protect themselves from any future law suits.

  10. May as well be talking to the stump from the tree that was cut down……because an eagle nest was in it……because the government wants to help the environment

    Can anyone explain to me why the dictionary shows me a boat when I search “Chinese junk”
    ??????? Maybe Websters need to update.
    Just a thought

  11. How many people here believe that the Liberals and the NDP are supported by Big Wind? (I am asking about belief — not asking for proof).

    Now think about why the NDP have not brought down the Liberals — even though they will say that at best the Liberals are unethical — and at worst — likely criminal. Is it because they would disrupt the rush to wind — and hence their own funding? Just askin’!

    I’m thinking about this because I just saw Battleground on Sun News — where a NDP MPP was commenting on what he thought of the Liberals. OK, if they are sooooooo badddd — why the parliamentary support? Hmmmmmmm???????

    Is it the money? Just askin’ about that too!

    • Canadian Business, 2013
      “Canada’s most powerful people”
      View the photo gallery for names.
      The list includes:
      #20, Frank McKenna, TD & Chair. Brookfield Asset Management Inc.
      #23, Jeffrey Orr, CEO Power Financial Corp. Desmarias family
      #17,Jim Leech, OTPP
      #10, Robert Prichard, Chair. Torrys LLP
      #3, Bruce Flatt, CEO Brookfield Asset Management
      #2, Gordon Nixon, CEO Royal Bank Of Canada
      #1 Mark Wiseman, Pres. & CEO, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Largest pot of investable money in Canada

      • Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec,Jan.8, 2013
        La Caisse invested $500M with Invenergy in 1500MW portfolio of operating wind farms in the U.S and Canada thus making LaCaisse a partner with Invenergy.
        La Cassie is a financial institution that manages funds primarily for public and private pension and insurance plans.
        More Canadian pension and insurance money going to a U.S. company for IWTs

      • Barbara:

        They are shameless — exposure will make them prouder of their efforts to rip off your $$$.

      • Rural Ontarians need to know where the political influence at QP is comming from.

      • Wikipedia, Riverstone Holdings, New York
        Pattern Energy Group, San Francisco,CA aquired by Riverstone Holdings June,2009

        New York Post, June 11,2009
        “Private Equity Fund To Pay Fine In NY Pension Scandal”
        “The private equity firm Riverstone Holdings has agreed to pay $30 million and abide by a new code of conduct to resolve its role in a corruption scandal at New York’s giant government pension fund.”

      • It is possible for money fo find its way from Canda to New York to California and back to Canada.

      • Wikipedia, Carlyle Group
        Scroll down to: Since 2007
        “In March 2009, New York State and federal authorities began an investigatio into payments made by Carlyle’s Riverston Holdings subsidiary to placement agents allegedly made in exchange for investments from the New York State Common Retirement System, the states pension fund …”
        On November 30, 2009, David Rosendall, a Synagro executive was sentenced for conspiring to commit bribery which eventually brought down the city of Detroit mayor.Caught giving money to Detroit city leadership.

      • The Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference 2012
        Speakers – Frank McKenna

        Frank McKenna
        Deputy Chair
        TD Bank Financial Group

        Frank McKenna was appointed Deputy Chair of TD Bank Financial Group on May 1, 2006. He is responsible for supporting the Bank in its customer acquisition strategy and representing TDBFG as it works to expand its North American presence as one of the ten largest banks as measured by market capitalization.

        Frank has held numerous leadership positions in both the public and private sector. For a decade (1987–1997) he was Premier of New Brunswick, having earned three consecutive majority governments, including the historic victory in 1987 of all 58 seats in the legislature. The McKenna government significantly improved the province’s standard of living and quality of life. Among its accomplishments, it balanced budgets, pioneered e-government services, attracted innovative industry clusters and improved educational outcomes. Frank also played a central role on the national stage, where among other initiatives, became a lead advocate for the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement.

        Prime Minister Martin nominated Frank as Canadian Ambassador to the United States of America in 2005, where he was charged to navigate contentious bilateral issues related to trade and security.

        In addition to his work with TD, Frank sits on the boards of Canadian Natural Resources and is a lead director at Brookfield Asset Management. He has also been Chairman of the Board of CanWest Global, and lead director at Bank of Montreal, Noranda, Shoppers Drug Mart and General Motors. In addition, he has served on a number of advisory boards including the Carlyle Group, AMEC, UPS and Duke Energy Transmission.

        Frank is also an entrepreneur and small-business owner of Glenwood Kitchens, a manufacturer of kitchen cabinets for the Canadian, U.S. and Caribbean market.

        A number of institutions and initiatives rely on Frank for leadership and support. He is the 2007 Chairman of the Laureate Selection Committee of the Canadian Business Hall of Fame, and has served as National Head of Career Edge and as member of the National Adult Literacy Database. Frank has also been involved in the Saucier Committee on Corporate Governance, C.D. Howe Institute and the Canadian Security Intelligence Review Committee, as well as raised funds for the National Ballet School and two major universities.

        Frank is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University as well as Queen’s University, where he completed his post-graduate degree in political science and the University of New Brunswick Law School. He is the recipient of eight honourary doctorates.

        Frank and his wife Julie have three grown children and seven grandchildren.

  12. WillR
    I’ve checked our local newspaper which we read is owned by Torstar corp. I read it often and thoroughly. Any of the Port Dover touristy websites don’t talk about wind power. They talked about the theatre, the lake, the fishing and other types of things we wanted to enjoy in our retirement. We listen to radio minimally. We haven’t travelled much around the province over the past few years, or we likely would have seen the turbines elsewhere, and maybe that would have caused us to ask more questions, but again, we knew our builder owned 1000’s of acres adjacent to the development and never ever dreamed he would do this. Obviously we were naïve. 30k per tower x 13 is a lot of money. He claims to be a full supporter of green energy, and the solar panels were fine, but we never thought we would be looking at these things.

    • Rebecca:

      That’s pretty much the way I thought it went. We have all been had in a similar fashion at some point — maybe just not in such a depressing way.

      Many of us have complained bitterly that the MSM outlets like CTV, CBC and Toronto Star — as well as even the Globe and Mail have either downplayed the issue or simply not carried the story.

      I have had people express outrage when I say that the MS does not always tell the truth — they accuse me of being a “conspiracy nut”. You can judge for yourself if the MSM outlets “lie by omissions”.

      Don’t be afraid to tell your friends and relatives that your favorite media left you uninformed on a critical issue. I admit that it not have been a critical issue when you lived elsewhere — but the lack of information then — allowed you to make an un-informed decision in the here and now.

      MSM == Mainstream media

      Feel free to write a letter to the Toronto Star expressing any concerns you might have — now. Maybe you should read another paper — but I am not sure what to suggest other the The Sun — they tend to have the most informed opinion and editorial writers. Perhaps that’s why they enrage so many people — they gather the facts — then opine.

      • Here’s the thing. Realistically we are between a rock and hard place. We want the other 50 lots sold and homes built. I’m sick of dirt dust, and things not done. We’re here, we are stuck, and our investment is considerable to take any kind of loss just to walk. Once the lots in our phase grouping are finished I could care less if he ever sells another house, and quite frankly have no belief he will ever sell anything closer to these things which is where the next group would be built. I can’t believe this guy shot himself in the foot like this. But to gain any normal life we need these homes sold. If we kick and scream, publically, we may jeopardize future sales, and lets face it, its too late for us anyway . Our subdivision proximity is a done deal, we can’t change what he did. I just hate to see anyone else in ANY other area of the province walk in our shoes. So you folks are the ones that can get the word out there to possible areas that are not etched in stone yet.

      • Well, that makes you part of the cover up and you fighting us.

        Good luck with that one.

  13. What do people do? Tolstoi, again over 100 years ago, identified one reaction:

    “I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.”

    With thanks to Dr. Tim ball for the quotable quote…

    and so it goes…

  14. Getting back to the gist of the article……Congratulations to the Mayor for writing the letter and for the raising the public awareness of the “behind the scenes” dealings with this company. I say “behind the scenes” because most of the dealings with this company were going on in closed meetings and the citizen taxpayer in the township could learn very little about what was happening, and what was being negotiated away/gained in the meetings.

    Also to keep the whole picture in proper perspective, The Mayor was a long time councilor before becoming mayor, and is responsible with the council at that time (one other member still sits) for inviting and paving the way for the first wind project in Melancthon back in 2004. He continues to be supportive of “renewable energy” projects (wind turbines) in general, however appears to have reached his personal wind turbine saturation point.

    He has said “we have done more than our share” when talking about new projects, while endorsing a motion in council to “cap” the number of turbines any township should have to endure. The motion, with its calculating formula, was sent to Queen’s Park, and of course, fell on willfully deaf ears.

    He has admonished inquiring taxpayers with the line that we (township taxpayers) should be grateful that our taxes have not gone up as much as they could have if it were not for the “community contributions” made by the now resident wind turbine companies (that contribution does stand at about 10% of the Township’s current revenue).

    At one point, the Mayor when confronted with the question in council as to how many complaints were received about the existing 111 turbines in the Township, at that time, emphatically declared “ONE!”. In fact there at least 6 that we are aware of in the Township filing drawers, and quite a number of other people complaining in private but not taking the matter to the council by writing letters. If he was listening to the community he would have seen a lot more upset than he was so certain was not there.

    I think that in this case, the Mayor is just a bit upset by the more aggressive (American? Chinese?) approach taken by this company (who by the way is run, in Canada, by an American taking orders from his Chinese puppet-masters). This company was more confrontational, and less co-operative than the other 4 projects the Mayor negotiated. The Mayor is more put out by the “bad-boy” wind company not following the rules than the idea of more turbines destroying the Township and the environment. This Mayor is part of the problem.

    • All this town has gone through for 10% reduction in taxes. But over the years they will lose millions due to the presence of IWTs
      By the way aren’t the feds involved in this deal as well?

  15. I just hate to see anyone else in ANY other area of the province walk in our shoes. So you folks are the ones that can get the word out there to possible areas that are not etched in stone yet.
    Sorry to say, Becky, YOU are the ONE to get the word out there because YOU have had the EXPERIENCE!
    And if you mean what you said, then join the Wind Warriors and GET THE WORD OUT THERE!

  16. I have been protesting this turbine bs for YEARS. I participated in a protest a couple of years ago in Port Dover in support of running the turbine companies out of town. Locals didn’t appreciate it at the time. Now that this plague has moved to their own back yards…..yup, suddenly turned NIMBY!!!
    I found out a week before, on a rare occassion, by chance, skimming through the Simcoe Deformer (and it wasnt front page news); that six turbines initially sited east of my property on a continental migratory route would be shoe horned into my back yard (which is also on the same route), making the total number of industrial wind turbines within a three km radius to be 18!!!
    Hell’s bells man…
    Good luck.

  17. Regarding posts from Rebecca and WillR! My husband and I currently have a conditional offer at Dover Coast and are seriously considering cancellation. My concerns are similar to Rebecca’s. If all houses in 1st phase not sold, then no clubhouse and pool. The puchase documents do not provide a guarantee. When we brought up subject of windmills in close proximity, we were told they were so far away, we would hardly notice. Since visiting there 2 weeks ago, we were floored. These things are so imposing. We did not realize they would be so close. Regarding health concerns, there are too many opposing views. Who (IF ANYBODY) is telling the truth? The lifestyle we dreamed of having there will probably never happen.

  18. To anyone who is concerned and I really hope someone is. My name is Janice Poirier. I live on the 8th line of Melancthon SW. 057401 . We built here about 7 years ago. I have 2 big problems about living here. One with the township and one with the wind turbines. Since we built here my property has flooded 3 times. One year it was over the driveway. All the water is damaging my property. This year was the worse yet. My house is for sale right now. I sent pictures to my realtor and she sent them to the township with a letter. Nothing has been done and my neighbor told me that at one point they were told that we would have to pay to get it fixed ourselves. This is just unbelievable. This road got so bad one year that the grader got stuck. My husband passed away in May of this year. That in itself was very stressful. Now with the water problem and so many people that do not like the wind turbines I am having a very hard time selling my house . I have two morgages. I have put the price down $ 20,000 dollars already. It will not even cover the two morgages when and if it does sell. All I know is that I am 60 years old and I may lose my house because of this that is if my health does not give out first. My stress level is crucial right now and no one seems to give a damn about this citizen who worked hard all her life and paid property taxes until 2 years ago when we got fed up that nothing was being done. But those taxes will still be taken of the top when my house sells even with the conditions of the road and my property. Right now I am just living day to day wishing for some kind of miracle.The water will not go down until at least the month of May or June and the wind turbines are not going away any time soon. Thanks for your time . I did not know where else to leave a message about these issues. I cannot afford a lawyer. Hell I cannot afford anything right now.

      • Hey Janice,
        I’m not too observant – found the map.
        Okay – know where you are.

        I was reading something earlier [have to find it for you],
        and, now I noticed you have a creek not too far from you.

        What I was reading came off the township website – 2010,
        and, it may sound strange – it discusses – beavers, a take over of a gravel pit [new owner] and, some other stuff the county – supposedly is responsible for.

        I’ll search – and, post it for you.

        It’s been a long day!

  19. The people at OWR care about you and all that are in the same situation as you are in. You are the reason why we are all working so hard to stop this madness.
    Join your local anti-wind group and keep in touch with us.

    • Thank you so much for answering my comment. As far as I know the beavers are just down the road here and we do not have a gravel pit . My neighbor has been battling the beavers for years. If he doesn’t do anything about it then we get flooded all the more. He really should not be responsible. When the deputy mayor said that my culvert was filled with rocks I was so angry I cried because the water was at the top of the culvert that day and you could not even see in it. I have taken pictures of all the water and my realtor sent some to the township with a letter. I have been a good hard working responsible citizen all my life but with this water damage to my property, the wind turbines that a lot of people do not like making it practically impossible to sell my house and my husband passing away this year it has taken a toll on my health. My stress level is becoming crucial. My Dr. prescribed me pills. I cannot pay my property taxes nor should I have to pay them under these circumstances. I will most likely lose my house. I was hoping to get in touch with a CEO or someone from the wind turbines but I am pretty sure they don’t care about the little people like me . I can’t afford a laywer but even if I could it probably would not make any difference. Nothing has been done and I am pretty sure nothing will be done. I am still stuck with a big mortgage that I cannot pay and taxes that will come of the top when or if I ever sell my house. This water will not be gone until about the end of may and like I said before the turbines are not going away any time soon. I hope someone can help soon. Isn’t life great. Thanks again for reading my remarks.This is the first little bit of hope that I have received.

  20. Your your water problems have to be taken care of and maybe the town will have to be shamed into addressing the problem.
    You are not alone in losing property value due to IWTs in Ontario and in other countries as well.
    Notify the IWT company too and if you wish let the people at OWR know what response you get.
    In any event, join those at OWR in working to stop all the damage that is being done in this province. Post here with your thoughts on all the different issues that are being worked on here.

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