Information Meeting in Selkirk – Oct. 3

Eric GillespieBen_Lansink_Appraisal_ExpertIt is now a reality as you are all aware. The turbines are in and here to stay. I have had many calls and emails concerning what our next course of action should be. So, on Thurs. Oct. 3, 2013 at 7.p.m. at the Selkirk Centennial Hall there is going to be an information meeting.

I have contacted Eric Gillespie (lawyer) and Ben Lansink ( property appraiser) and they are willing to come and discuss our property devaluations as well as any legal options we may have. I would appreciate you putting the word out there and letting everyone being affected by the turbines know about this meeting.

I believe it is time for anyone being affected, whether by devaluation in properties that are trying to be sold, or health issues that are starting to surface, to decide what our rights are worth to us. It is time to hold the land owners and turbine companies accountable for their choices that are now effecting residence of Haldimand County. I want to exercise what democratic rights I have left .

It is time to “put our money where are mouths are,” and take a stand. But it will take everyone… not just the dedicated few that have been fighting these from the beginning. Please send this out to all your contacts, talk to your neighbours, family, friends and lets have a packed house on Oct 3rd. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at or call me at 905-776-1965

Hope to see you all there.
Marnie Knight

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  2. It is really sad to see a community torn apart like this. Sure, some of those landowners should be held accountable, but I’m sure there are also some that made a bad decision and regret it now. Is it possible for them to get out of it at this stage (eg., citing lack of disclosure of health concerns). Even if a few people did this (after the turbines are built) it might be enough to stop wind development. Once it starts truly costing something (the cost of a fully built and running turbine), the wind companies might take note.

  3. Sue the government, the proof that wind energy is not only not cost effective, but is literally bankrupting energy suppliers in Spain and Germany. The Netherlands performed a detailed study of them and have outlawed them in that country as a drain on the populace. The government is wasting our tax dollars to provide little benefit (they actually only produce 17% on annual average of their rated capacity), with health and ecological risks, devaluation of properties. Suing just the companies and the people that provided the land (that’s a lot of land – one turbine uses about 3 acres), as they can cower behind the legal right to exist by way of the law enacted and the tax money provided by the provincial government. Suing all of them for all of us in a class action suit just might be what’s needed. Any bold law firms out there?

  4. Are you referring to my post? I recall hearing something that Eric Gillespie negotiated an exit out of the contracts for (a few?) farmers. It was based on the argument that neither Wind nor MOE had warned them of potential health problems before they signed on. This is a strange legal loophole (gives land owners more rights than neighbours), but it might be worth pursuing. How about a farmer who wants to get out now, after the turbine is built. They could fight both the non-disclosure agreement and the turbine.

    I’m not saying this would work, but it is another possible approach…

    • Maybe they could get out of the contract but the turbines would still be there unless the turbine owner is willing to remove the turbine/turbines and would have to be compensated for removing them which would include any lost income from them.

      • There is probably enough salvage value in the turbine. The cement, now that would be a problem. I guess you could build some kind of structure and use it for the floor :).

  5. Congratulations Marnie Knight – for taking the initiative.
    I would encourage everyone to attend.
    Mark your calendars – Thurs. Oct. 3, 2013 at 7.p.m. at the Selkirk Centennial Hall

    ‘[excerpt] I have contacted Eric Gillespie (lawyer) and Ben Lansink ( property appraiser) and they are willing to come and discuss our property devaluations as well as any legal options we may have. I would appreciate you putting the word out there and letting everyone being affected by the turbines know about this meeting.’

    Note: as an aside –
    …………every mayor and CAO should be put on notice.
    All politics – are local politics.

    Again – thanks!

  6. IWTs are not going to be stopped by going the one ERT at a time route as these decisions if lost by developers will be appealed anyway.
    New strategies will have to be employed.

  7. Suzlon News
    The New Indian Express, Aug.26,2013
    “Move to silence victims of Wind scam in Attappadi”
    “A committee headed by the Chief Secretary had noted that 374.48 acres of land on which Suzlon had set up windfarms were procured using fabricated documents and betraying tribals”
    “The company also obtained a stay against the police arrest of its directors and officers.”

    • The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) –
      doesn’t – ‘kiss and tell’…………….

      • East County Magazine,Aug.26,2013
        “Second Dust Storm Strikes Ocotillo: Could Dessert Projects Be The Cause?”
        Scroll down to:
        NextEra (Genesis Builders) not supposed to operate with above 30 MPH winds during construction.
        Wind and solar projects remove the desert vegetation leaving bare ground.
        Valley fever is an issue in at least parts of the U.S. desert areas. Spores are carried along with the dust.

      • There are environmental and health issues that can be caused or made worse by IWTs.
        Turn a fan on a pile of dust and see what happens!

      • Centers for Disease control and Prevention
        Valley Fever: Awareness is key
        Valley fever is caused by a fungus that is common in the southwestern U.S.and parts of Mexico.
        Now there are 20,000 cases of valley fever reported each year in the U.S.
        The spores can become air borne.

      • East County Magazine, June 6,2013
        Invenergy’s Shu’luuk Wind energy project
        “EMC has also obtained a letter sent by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency/EPA to Robert Eben, Supertendent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Riverside. The EPA letter names serious concerns over the project’s Draft Environmental Impact (DIER) …”
        “San Diego Rural Fire has also voiced grave concerns over the proposed Shu’luuk Wind energy project …”
        The project has been voted down for now.
        Two documents cited that should be copied for use here.

    • U.S. Chamber of Commerce – conveniently located across the street from the White House.

      Topic: position on corruption

      ‘[excerpt] We therefore call on you to publicly clarify at your AGM
      the true position of Siemens
      AG on corruption.
      If you wish to join the fight against corruption, you must resign from
      the board of the US Chamber, and end your financial
      contributions to that organisation.
      This will be a welcome move.
      If you are not willing to do this, in our
      opinion, your position as a member of the B20 Working Group VII will become
      untenable and must be rescinded.’

      And then what happened?

      • chambers do bidding of corporates by lobbying politicians for favours and they assist with PR work and education (indoctrination) . our local chamber president was the Enbridge Wind farm boss man. one has to wonder how other local pillars of the community can belong to the chamber knowing full well that Enbridge is lying and covering up the harm the Enbridge wind farm is causing in the community.

        corporate money greases the wheels and buys the politicians …..we end up with government by the corporates for the corporates.

      • They stack the deck – and, then elect.

        Welcome to your local Camber of Commerce – leading the way…………
        …………to prosperity.

      • Companies like:
        Avanti Wind Systems A/S, turbine safety equipment
        Helukabel GmbH, electric cables
        Synergy Cables USA, electric cables
        Did not locate in Ontario without assurances that there would be business for them.
        There were no plans to scale back on IWT installations.
        See the May 6,2013 article.

        Some new ideas need to be explored before October rolls around.

  8. “””Ontario, Canada’s most populous province with 13.2 million people, boasts 1,636 MW of current installed capacity, a further 2,125 MW based on signed contracts, and applications for an additional 6,672 MW of wind energy development, for a total of 10,433 MW”””. …per

  9. Since posting the meeting on Oct 3… I have also invited our “illustrious Mayor and council to come out to the meeting and discuss the bribrancy fund…doubt they will have the nerve to show, but you never know. I have also been in contact with a group from Goderich concerning our constitutional rights. This might be the smarter way to go instead of trying to sue multinational companies that can tie it up for years in court and cost a fortune. I have been looking into several different options. Please spread the word about the meeting… should prove to be very informative.

      • Our local MPP Toby Barrett started using the C-word to describe these thugs when Nextera axed the eagles nest. Maybe Toby’d be willing to elaborate?

  10. I posted this in another thread as a reply to a pint by Barbara. Perhaps it is relevant here…


    Am not saying that the people who worked so hard on Ostrander are lazy. Perhaps they don’t know how to obtain the in depth information that is needed.

    When I see the “Green Weenie” (e.g. Rick Smith — of Environmental Offense) claims of “Vast Funding” I almost always choke with laughter.

    Reading the court decisions serves to point out the bad research and worse orchestration of the forces opposing wind turbines….

    I remember reading of the complainant who claimed they could only sleep when the turbines were off — but could not get the days correct when the turbines operated — nobody checked — and the information is available — free — on IESO. The judge did notice and commented on the credibility of the witness — take a hint guys — you were handed a gift with that judgement!

    There is no “Vast Funding” — at least not for research and fact checking –perhaps it’s “Half-vast” — but more likely non-existent.

    From my reading of the court documents I have seen the cases were sloppily organized and inconsistent. “The other side” has considerable resources — your tax dollars acquired through subsidies — to spend on consultants who can keep their stories straight, consistent, coordinated and apparently scientifically correct — even though they are 90% BS — the consistency gives the air of credibility.

    The law is all about linear, consistent logic. This is a point that escapes the wind opposition groups far too often.

    Just sayin’….

    Have a cheery day all!

    The Point? Make sure you organize the organization of the project. Make sure that whatever you do you allocate people and resources to put together a consistent story — whatever it may be.

    Have fun!

    • IS Rick refering to himself when he mentions vast sums of money funding organizations? Maybe his donor list should be checked again?

    • If you can believe it – when you’re exhausted and desperate for sleep note-taking doesn’t make the priority list. Later when you’re asked to recall what happened when, it’s hard to remember because the whole period seems a fog. Can be hard to remember whether that time you almost feel asleep at the wheel happened 6 months, or 18 months ago. That there are people who’ve been suffering for YEARS is impossible to comprehend for some people.

      And then there are the 2nd Generation Victims like the good folks in Haldimand, where the expectations and responsibilities are much different.

      Like for example, did MP Diane Finley advise YOU to move out of your home too?

  11. Keeping a daily journal by victims is encouraged.
    The don’t have to be long and detailed but they help with recall for cases like these.
    Although it is a chore when health and environment is already impacted, it is priceless evidence for legal efforts.

  12. From Norm Gurr
    348 Eckford Ave,.
    Box 1018,
    Southampton Ontario
    519 797 2343


    Towards an honest government that listens to and respects the wishes of the people of Ontario and not its own interests…

    Rural Ontario people are infuriated as never before. We must rebel and take control of the coming election.

    I write to the people opposing [1.] wind turbines, [2.] the nuclear waste dumps, [3.] the Liberals treatment of the horse racing industry, [4.] declining provincial services, [5.] loss of manufacturing and jobs, [6.] present treatment of farmers, [7.] closing of prisons, [8.] lack of doctors and hospitals, [9.] the growing many billions of interest on their uncontrolled borrowing for wasteful spending yjay sucks from needed services, [10.] high taxes [11.] high electricity rates, and [12.] the supporting of special interest groups.
    You are not helpless. You, all together, have all the power.


    Use the internet and media. Organize and scare the hell out of political parties. It may be all that is needed to get iron clad agreements.
    If not, get all of your messages door to door in the cities. Get into the TV, radio papers daily and on billboards. Raise money and get people volunteers to go door to door. We want wind turbines removed from areas that they are not wanted. We want the fools burying nuclear waste in the worst place possible under the lake removed – fired. We want a prosperous horse raising industry. We want a total review of all spending in Ontario to create efficiency.

    While other provinces utilize clean cheap northern rivers and sell it to the USA at huge profits, the Liberals have imposed these dangerous turbines on us with no say. They do not care that massive turbines produce infrasound. This is making people sick and inflicting permanent disabling Vibro Acoustic Diseases. Yet they have never met with the massive Ontario Wind Turbine Resistance organization. Or anyone of us.

    The Liberals are operating in their own interest for power rather than that of all of us, as shown by the gas plant fiasco costing us a billion dollars. There are many other examples.

    Politicians are not smarter than us.

    Get all 3 party leaders in front of us. We do not accept “NO”. They want votes. We want action.


    • you say,
      ‘[6.] present treatment of farmers,……’

      Tell us more – pretty please.

  13. Not being able to obtain copies of the ERT transcripts should also be brought up as there are potential corruption issues involved here by denying people access to this information.

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