North Perth passes fire regulations for wind turbines

downloadBlackburn News – North Perth continues to make preparations for a proposed industrial wind turbine project. Council has passed a By-Law aimed at ensuring proponents address specific fire safety elements. CAO Kriss Snell explains a fire detection and suppression system, 24 hour monitoring services that can coordinate through the local fire dispatch centre, and the provision of a comprehensive emergency response plan will be required.

Neither the Fire Prevention and Protection Act or the Ontario Building Code regulates fire routes for wind turbines so there are still some outstanding concerns. Snell suggests the main focus at this time is the protection of surrounding properties. A 26 wind turbine development is being proposed on properties in North Perth and neighbouring Perth East.

2 thoughts on “North Perth passes fire regulations for wind turbines

  1. Good thier doing something, BUT, as I watched the news tonight of forest fires
    Due to dryness, it makes me wonder if man cant seem to fight back fire on 100′ trees at best, how do they properly fight fire on something over 400′ high??

    This isnt the movies, we dont have eqpt. In the boonies that can save fields homes and barns!

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