Devastating pictures of newly industrialized rural Ontario

All of these images, plus all Chatham-Kent images are free for public use. If anyone needs high resolution pictures email David Libby or use this form.

IPC GED Suez Wind Project in Chatham-Kent

18 thoughts on “Devastating pictures of newly industrialized rural Ontario

  1. No herbicides, pesticides or insecticides are known to control these noxious species on former Class I Land ??????????

  2. The Ontario McWynnity Liberals Green Energy Act…..A $26 Billion BOONDOGGLE……

    Turning Ontario into a post-Industrial Metal Junkyard with useless Industrial Wind Farms…..

    FUGLY or what ??>??

  3. My family had a trip to leamington
    Last weekend. We were shocked that
    For what seemed over an hour the turbines just went on and on. This
    Is what travelling through ont will look like all over but with no breaks from township to township. I no longer SEE the country, turbines distract your views for miles, you just keep looking at the ones in the distance. Eye sores!

    Coming home on the #3 homes are for
    Sale, they back onto the lake and have
    Turbines in the front yards. Anyone thinking this is needed is brain dead!

  4. Industrialized Ontario, that creates no lasting jobs, that creates startups that are quick to close down, that overuses power and over produces it, that doubles and triple power rates so that no Real industries will settle or re-locate to Ontario. Welcome to Soviet Ontario.

    • Circulate the Ocotillo photos and videos to Chatham city residents as well.
      Wonder what Drs. Colby and King would think about this situation?

      • Pattern Energy is partnered with Samsung for the Grand Renewable wind and solar projects just starting construction in Haldimand. The Solar project alone is 900 acres and only 15m from a provincially significant wetland. The nightmare continues.

      • At least they can’t say they didn’t know anything about this situation.

    • It’s what is happening in Ocotillo that needs to be widely circulated in C-K. Same company as operating in C-K.

  5. Their biggest ‘obstacle’ was – acquiring land – [emphasis added]
    and, they did it – without a peep or whimper – @ the kitchen table.
    …….there’s nothing more to say.

  6. Are you broke?
    How to make money in Ontario –
    if you are honest – you can make a killing.

    ‘[excerpt] Dear Minister Chiarelli:
    It has come to my attention that the Independent Electricity System Operator will start paying industrial wind developers for not producing any electricity, starting on September 11, 2013. I understand that they could possibly receive as much as $200,000 per megawatt of installed power for not producing that electricity.
    This leads me to believe that I could also be persuaded to not produce any electricity in order to obtain the benefits of that program. I would start small and perhaps not produce electricity for say 2 megawatts, which would mean a payment of $400,000 per year. In a few years I could expand and not produce electricity for, say, 10 megawatts.

    Get rich quick – by doing nothing.

    • The Telegraph, Sept.8, 2013
      “Brussels fears European ‘industrial massacre’ sparked by energy costs”
      “Mr. Tagani warned that Europes’ quixotic dash for renewables was pushing electricity costs to untenable levels, leaving Europe struggling to compete as America’s shale revolution cuts US natural gas prices by 80pc.”
      What’s happening in Europe never seems to register in QP.
      They are oblivious to what is happening elsewhere in the world.

      • McGuinty/Wynne Liberals are:
        …still working on – ‘stagnating economic growth’;
        and, Unifor wants to sign you up for a revolution.

        Ontario – where ‘green mayors’ – are foreign diplomats.

        Oh yeah – and, Andrea Horwath, – wants to beat you over the head
        ……..for killing a ‘bed bug’.

        Welcome to Ontario.

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