Perth County Not Willing to Host Turbines


By Shelley Miller-Cameron Blackburn News

The ‘Not A Willing Host’ for industrial wind turbines stance is now unanimous in Perth County. County Council is throwing its formal support behind the four lower-tier municipalities that have already made that declaration.

Warden Vince Judge applauds the Province’s apparent desire to limit the projects to willing communities.
Judge suggests new projects do not appear to be moving through the process very fast but is concerned the Province is not looking at others very closely.

He is pleased Perth County and its member municipalities have declared themselves ‘Not A Willing Host’ for industrial wind turbines and hopeful the unified message will make a difference. He admits it may have little impact on existing plans including a proposed wind turbine development involving properties in North Perth and neighbouring Perth East.  Read article

3 thoughts on “Perth County Not Willing to Host Turbines

  1. We need legislation to fix this problem retroactively and to make the Energy Companies to remove their Wind Farms and pay for the removal costs too….

  2. How long is too long to wait and hope for a return to responsible govt? It’s only too apparent that we are all being dismissed even after so many have said NO by vote, letter, protest, sign, municipal declaration or more false consultation with govt. and wind industry.

    Those who move away from living under turbines may regain health but they NEVER, EVER forget the betrayal of those who create the harm or those who lack the courage to speak out against it.

    Every day more projects are being approved. This has to STOP, one way or another.

    To any of you who are ready to stand up, to literally put your physical presence on the road against this insufferable industrialization, please let us know who you are. Lorrie

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