Ontario government lawyers join the SLAPP suit game

[Editors note: below is an article that was sent in to me to post. With all the insanity involved in fighting an ERT (for me it is Nexterror’s Adelaide, the 38 turbine project around my home), I lagged in posting on OWR recently. But I’ll change that now, posting your submissions and my own confrontations – all that stuff we are told to keep quiet. All these “public documents” that get buried in the war, in our hurry to protect ourselves. These guys need to be called out on everything they do from now on.  Enough is enough. – Esther]

Stay calm

Remember the story about the big-ass American wind company that decided to haul 5-foot 100 lb. Esther Wrightman into court because they didn’t like her parody of the corporate “brand”?

The lawsuit was widely ridiculed in the media as a thinly disguised SLAPP suit (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation).

Now, it looks like the Ontario MOE and its Liberal goons are not happy that Wrightman has filed an appeal of Nextera’s Kerwood wind project. What especially pisses them off is that Wrightman is an ordinary citizen with the ovaries to take on the province and its pet, $34 billion bully.

What’s Esther doing wrong now? Um, simply following the rules and trying as best she can to get her submissions and evidence to everyone involved.

Make no mistake, this is serious; apparently it ties up a lot of scarce and costly legal staff at MOE “Command and Control.”

Below is a sampling (from a recent MOE motion) of how Esther is getting under MOE’s skin. Got it?

costs motion sept 24_Fotor

ScreamingIt’s the old bug-a-boo of costs! More than once MOE and Bully Wind have become so exasperated that they have played the “costs” intimidation game, knowing full well that most people cower and flee when “We’re gonna attack your pocketbook” is screamed at them!

costs sept 24_Fotor

grenadeProblem is, what do they do with someone who lobs the grenade back at them — then writes about it?

17 thoughts on “Ontario government lawyers join the SLAPP suit game

  1. The posting here is only the tip of the iceberg. I encourage all to click on that blue MOE link contained above: “Below is a sampling (from a recent MOE motion) of how Esther is getting under MOE’s skin.” and take the time to read everything the MOE lawyers are saying. They aren’t just bullying Esther, but every one of the witnesses and opposition that is getting in their way of continuing this Liberal atrocity.
    Seems like the MOE lawyers are taking the machine gun approach, but this grenade lobed back should yield interesting collateral damage. You Go Girl!

    • I did indeed read the document at the link.

      Very rarely do I find it useful to become angry. However there is a time to become very angry indeed!

    • See here for a whoe list of people if you want to ask about this:

      [Roszell, Rand] [ Director ] [416-212-0853]
      [Kendik, James] [ Deputy Director ] [416-314-6476]
      [Lipman, Jay] [ Deputy Director ] [416-314-6525]
      [Colabewala, Shernaz] [ Deputy Director’s Assistant ] [416-212-1460]
      [Dimitrijevic, Nada] [ Office Manager ] [416-314-6542]
      [Meuleman, Danielle] [ Crown Counsel ] [416-314-7605]
      [Turchin, John] [ Senior Counsel ] [416-314-6552]
      [Adamson, Nicholas] [ Counsel ] [416-314-0578]
      [Beattie, Karen] [ Counsel ] [416-314-9134]
      [Benson, Dawn] [ Counsel ] [416-314-0264]
      [Black, Vivian] [ Counsel ] [416-314-0556]
      [Borg, Laurence] [ Counsel ] [416-314-6385]
      [Brandon, Cynthia] [ Counsel ] [416-314-6805]
      [Burns, Peter] [ Counsel ] [519-873-5123]
      [Byrnell, Brian] [ Counsel ] [905-521-7429]
      [Cairns, Kristi] [ Counsel ] [416-314-1868]
      [Chung, Kathryn] [ Counsel ] [416-325-5574]
      [Clements, Katie] [ Counsel ] [416-327-1425]
      [Couban, Stella] [ Counsel ] [613-548-6910]


  2. Hey Esther and others. Stay strong and fight this.

    What we have to do however, is get this out of the ERT process… into the real world. Be that courts, or courts of public opinion.

    ERT is just a clever trick by the Government to limit both public INPUT and public EXPOSURE. Noone in the MSM is covering the ERT.

    Question: Is anyone out there angry enough for “direct action”. Wind is imploding. We just need to MAKE THE 6’OCLOCK NEWS with some stunts. That could be playing low frequency sound at high levels in front of Queen’s Park, or it could be blocking/slowing trucks moving turbine parts.

  3. Nextera Energy, a $35 billion company (a subsidiary of Florida Power), initiated litigation against Esther Wrightman, a young mother with two small children. The proceeds, Nextera stated, will be donated to the United Way. Nextera is suing her for erecting signs ” Nexterror ” and her video showing Nextera cutting down an active bald eagle nest in Ontario to make room for an Industrial Wind Farm.

    All this young woman did was exercise her basic democratic right of free speech and expression. She expressed her objection against the brutal environmental destruction of her Habitat and the destruction of wild life habitat by Nextera.

    Nextera is bullying a harmless civilian. How low can any $35 billion dollar company slide down into the gutter? Shame on you and your parent company – Florida Power. Does Nextera intend to starve her and her two little children?

    Nextera stated: They do not want to be compared to Al-Qaida and Hezbollah or any other terrorist organization. She never posted any reference to Al-Qaida or Hezbollah. On the other hand, Nextera has now shown to the world with its behavior, Corporate terrorism in action.

    Nextera (Florida Power) are a guest in Ontario yet they brutalize our land and peoples habitat with the massive concentration of 500 feet Industrial Wind Turbines and collect the heavily subsidized benefits similar to welfare from the very same citizens it takes to court. It is the low income population who really pay for the subsidies by putting less food on the table for their families. Nextera your actions are cowardly and pathetic.
    The audacity to preempt a court verdict by naming a beneficiary ahead of litigation of a young woman shows the moral deficiency of Nextera. Hopefully, the Ontario Superior Court will see the truth and render a just verdict in favor of a brave young citizen of Ontario, Canada.

    I am for responsible and socially beneficial applied electric power. I am against Corporations and our Government disregarding the very basic principles of democracy. Canada is still a democracy and not a fascist state contrary to some politicians effort. I believe, sooner than later, this massive destruction of Southwest Ontario to rural people’s lives by the planned 6500 Industrial Wind Turbines will be declared a crime against the rural community/humanity . Signatories to this crime must and will be held accountable by future democratic governments. Only psychopathic minds would consider 550m setback safe and non destructive to human habitat.

    Nextera – Florida Power choose to use wind power in a destructive rather than in a socially responsible/beneficial way. Nextera would not be allowed to destroy the seashores of Florida with such massive wind farms.

    The Ministry of the Environment should be safeguarding Ontario’s environment and not be a signatory to its demise. The Canadian shores of Lake Huron, Erie and Ontario are our living space, our habitat for tens of thousands of families and not Nextera’s /Florida Power’s or the MOE.


    • “”””Canada is still a democracy and not a fascist state.””””

      tks for the laugh.

      • CANADA is a corporation which in fact is a fiction. It is not a democracy at all. Look at Harper he calls Canada a Harper government. Also we attach ourselves to a false identity called the BC in short it is owned copyright name which is owned by the corporation of CANADA.
        Every-time you associate the name on the BC that your parents registered that name as a corporation you commit fraud. (of course we as parents were not aware of this otherwise who would want your child registered as a slave)
        It tells you that on the long form of the BC.
        So do you still think it is a democracy?
        I call it ,we been swindled !
        Your name is a money maker for the powers of darkness. Cheers
        Oh,I’m sure you do not believe so check it out for your selves.

  4. If anyone is going to have to put up money, it’ll be for a real trial in a real court!!!! The MOE can see us there.

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  6. Esther, tell the MOE you (and every other Ontario taxpayer) are already paying their salaries and costs!!!
    This has become too outrageous!!!

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