Year in Review meeting – West Lincoln Wind Action Group

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By Anita Thornton
WLWAG Year in Review This year has presented many difficulties and at times disappointments for wind action groups around Ontario but Wednesday night was definitely a bright moment for the West Lincoln Wind Action Group.

Speakers, community members and WLWAG came to together at the Wellandport Community Hall to be updated on the status of the battle against the NRWC and the IPC projects. Neil Schwitzer, chairperson of the event gave an informative overview of the status. Updates were also provided by the leaders of sub-committees and wind actions (health, environment, legal actions, appeals, communications, finances, fundraising etc.) as well as an update from our allied friends at “STOP” and “Mothers Against Turbines.” A special thanks to Tricia Vaughn for who recognised a need for this information update for the community and Deb Murphy who encouraged us all to spread the information.

Ed and Ann Fairfield relayed to the audience their own battle with the IPC and what their next step would be. As always finances would be an issue and requested help with this. They reminded us that this was really a community battle.

Coming all the way from Goderich, Shawn Drennan was the special speaker for the event. He updated us on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms battle against the GEA and its legislation and urged us all to “Unite the Fight”. He stressed that we really needed to pool our resources and focus and that if he and his lawyer Julian Falconer were successful with their court case then it would have wide ranging implications for all wind projects and its victims across Ontario.

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  1. go get them every time I read something positive it gives me a great feeling that someday this night mare will end

  2. On behalf of our executive a big thank you to all the tireless local wind warriors who were in attendance and again generously donated to continue the battle.

    With so much happening in the past year we didn’t even mention half of what actually transpired or take time to thank all those who continue to write letters to the editors, attend various local and Regional meetings or respond to our numerous protest rally calls. Such support has been crucial in our achieved successes at both the West Lincoln and Niagara Regional Council levels and we especially want to thank our local council for their increased support this year.

    While not mentioned some humour transpired over the course of the year such as certainly remembered by the 600 who attended the January 14th 2km Council motion meeting when thunderous applause broke out as wind developer Rankin rolled out a map bemoaning the fact that there’d be no turbines at all in Niagara with a 2km setback!

    Another significant event that we failed to mention was our “Watt’s Hidden in Your Hydro Bill” public event last May where warrior Parker Gallant not only provided us with the harsh economic impacts of wind but which also sufficiently motivated us to raise a considerable donation to the successful Ostrander Point Appeal.

    On a low note we somehow failed to mention how twenty of us meet privately with the despicable Kathleen Wynne in January when despite our stacks of evidence and pleas of concern she clearly said she wouldn’t support a moratorium. She did acknowledge it was wrong to let the proponents have their way and that they should have watched them more closely and asked for more oversight. However there’s no doubt now that she has to be the sleaziest and even more despicable than Dalton for she upon becoming Premier had full knowledge of the growing evidence of harm from their failed GEA yet she still refuses to do the right thing.

    Finally our thanks to our wind allies from across the Province who organize and rally with us, share information, write letters, donate or even just log in to assist in the local newspaper polls. And importantly our special thanks for the continuing support and actions of the super wind warriors such as Jane, Parker and the others at WCO, Ester and Muriel at OWR and the countless other decent citizens and groups from across the province and who are working to restore truth, justice and democracy to our fair country.

    Many Thanks to all

  3. Does Rankin do other work for the province? If so are there are issues besides IWTs that might be looked into?


    Ontario people are infuriated as never before. We are rebelling.
    I write to [1.] the people opposing wind turbines, [2.] the nuclear waste dump, [3.] the treatment of the horse racing industry, [4.] declining provincial services, [5.] loss of manufacturing and jobs, [6.] present treatment of farmers, [7.] closing of prisons, [8.] lack of doctors and hospitals, [9.] the growing interest on uncontrolled wasteful spending taking billions from needed services, [10.] high taxes and [11.] high electricity rates, and [12.] the supporting of special interest groups.


    You all together, have all the power with an election coming up. We want a far better way of how political parties operate and how government is run.


    Use the internet and media. Organize and scare the hell out of political parties. It may be all that is needed to get iron clad agreements.

    If not, get all of your messages out door to door into the cities. Get daily into the TV, radio papers and billboards. Raise money and get people volunteers to go door to door. We want wind turbines removed from areas that they are not wanted. We want the fools burying nuclear waste in the worst place possible under the lake fired. We want a prosperous horse raising industry. We want a total review of all spending in Ontario to create efficiency. Get people at every political meeting and all of the Premiers press conferences and public appearances. Keep the pressure on.

    While other provinces utilize clean cheap northern rivers and sell it to the USA at huge profits, the Liberals have imposed these dangerous turbines on us with no say. They do not care that these massive turbines produce infrasound that are making people sick and are inflicting permanent disabling Vibro Acoustic Diseases. Yet they have never met with the massive Ontario Wind Turbine Resistance organization. Wind turbines are surplus to our needs and cost many times more than nuclear and river flow.

    he Liberals are operating in their own interest for power rather than that of all of us, as shown by the gas plant fiasco costing us a billion dollars and many other actions.
    All 3 parties and their leaders are out of touch with the people. They think they are smarter than us.
    Their phony, supercilious, behavior in the legislature is an abomination.
    Get all 3 party leaders on the carpet in front of people.


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