Turbines trucking through Lambton

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Expect a lot of traffic slowdowns on Highway 21 as wind turbines wind their way through the countryside to Huron County.

NextEra Energy will begin construction on the 37 industrial wind turbines for the Bluewater Energy Centre south east of Bayfield in late November according to NextEra spokesperson Josie Hernandez. And it will have an impact on Petrolia and Central Lambton County.

The transportation route for the 80-meter towers with winds its way from Windsor, along Oil Heritage Road, turning east on Petrolia Line. Recently, a transport with one piece of a tower stopped traffic at that corner for five minutes as it attempted to make the turn without damaging the traffic light standards.

Hernandez says the components of the 500,000 pound towers are brought to the site in pieces. In all, nine trucks are needed to carry one tower, including three for the 120-meter long blades. Read article

5 thoughts on “Turbines trucking through Lambton

  1. Hey Hernandez, We soon will be looking for you when time comes regarding crimes against humanity. You are one of the head honchos delivering us torture,sleep depravation,destruction of eagles nesting and there habituates,and the right to live in peace on your own private homes,etc.
    Maybe you can imagine the noises of clanging or metal bars and cups hitting each other at night in prison.
    Hope you have pleasant dreams in your elegant rich city home for now you and our fraudulent corporate politicians that allowed this.

  2. I have been dreading this moment. We have had or family cottage along the shore of Lake Huron for many years only to have this pristine part of out country destroyed by these useless investments that are going to divide these communities. I do feel for the farmers who have signed leases as there are very wealthy individual’s who will be suing the farmers for property devaluation and health related issues. Sad news indeed for Ontario

  3. TRIB, Pittsburg, Oct.5,2013
    “Incentives to save electricity grow as plants power down”
    This is demand side management which is being used to shut down coal power plants.
    Large electric consumers are being paid to reduce consumption and to shut down in peak demand times.
    Western Pennsylvania has alrady been hard hit by the loss of the steel industry. Coal mines will be next there.
    Many rural towns in western Pennsylvania are very poor. Have driven around in rural areas there and don’t think that rural Ontarians would want to experience that kind of poverty with the mines and logging already gone there.
    The idea behind all this is to get rid of conventional power sources and replace these sources with wind and solar.
    If this happens then you can kiss the economy of North America goodbye.

  4. What ,in the name of God, has happened to our world? The biggest ponzi scam ever is allowed to
    screw us left right and centre!

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