An invitation to Wynne to honour her words at the 402 protest

Honourable Premier Wynne,
Rural Ontario is planning a rally on Saturday, October 19; the “Ontario is NOT a Willing Host” rally, in order to bring attention to the fact that over 71 Municipalities have declared themselves unwilling hosts to wind development.  This declaration has been made in response to your statements that you would not put wind development into communities that are unwilling hosts.  Currently, approvals and construction of wind development in these communities is ongoing.

Our rally will see us travel down the 402, from Forest Ontario; where currently hundreds of wind turbines are proposed, into Middlesex County, where hundreds of wind turbines are also proposed.  We will then be rallying in Strathroy, where we will hear from many esteemed speakers.  We are extending an invitation to you, in order to give you an opportunity to inform Rural Ontario that you will honour your statement that you will not put turbines into communities that are unwilling hosts.

As the Agricultural Minister, we believe that it is important that you take the time to hear the issues that the food growers have with regards to Industrial Wind Developments in their communities and on their farmlands, concerns that range from their families health to the health and well being of their livestock.  And, as Premier, it is time to respect and honour the needs and wants of Ontarians who are not urban dwellers.  We are perhaps saving you from having to repeat an apology similar to the one you issued earlier this week—for the gas plants, if you’d forgotten.

By attending this rally, you will have an opportunity to meet residents who are currently living under the shadow of wind development, and hear the issues that plague them.  You will hear from Municipal Leaders who have resorted to legal action to stop wind development in their communities, as well as a host of other issues that rural Ontario is facing, because of the Green Energy Act.

Ms. Wynne, your commitment to the rural residents of this province, is well overdue, and is demanded.  We are extending a formal invitation, inviting you to attend the “Ontario is not a willing host” rally, in order to hear and see how strongly the residents of farming communities are opposed to this development.

Since Rural Ontario provides food, not electricity to our province, we are holding a food drive at our rally, and ask that you bring a canned food item to be donated to the local food bank.

Thank you in advance for taking the time out of your busy schedule as Premier and Agricultural Minister to attend our rally.  We look forward to hearing you tell the Municipalities that will be in attendance next Saturday that you will honour their declaration, and stop the wind development in their communities.

The Residents of Rural Ontario

14 thoughts on “An invitation to Wynne to honour her words at the 402 protest

  1. I cringe every time I see the word “honourable, in front of her name. Why is it that her behaviour, and actions thus far, have been anything but…..honourable?

  2. Maybe she could invite Dalton — to share the podium…

    As Rex Murphy says:
    And where is McGuinty now that the whirring blades have swished through the fertilizer? At Harvard, offering wisdom to the unwary and uneducated, neatly out of the country and out of range. When politicians make cataclysmically bad decisions, they never fail to end up in some bolthole of a fat-pay think tank or on the faculty of name universities, and Dalton proved no exception. It’s like some witness-protection program for the well-connected.

    Just a few words…

  3. Different places across the world are watching to see if Premiere Wynne will take proper cognisance of the fact that so many municipalities have declared that they will not be willing hosts.
    We wish Ontario well with the rally and look forward to hearing all about the day and hopefully the news that Premiere Wynne has, in fact, put ‘honour’ into the word ‘honourable’

    • I hope the world makes note:
      Ontario’s premier – is unelected, and was chosen by the liberal party.

      She is an embarrassment – to Canada – a free nation.

      Again – please make note.

  4. In all honesty people need to forget about thinking politicians are going to be any help. They have become a hinderance and a plague on society. It is us that need to wake up and stop being sheepies

  5. An FYI to all the wind warriors planning to participate in the rally…
    DO NOT wear red boots — you might get run over, by mistake.

  6. Just pass a law and leave it to the Municipalities as to they host them or not. very simple.

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