ERT Guts Adelaide Appeal by Yanking All the Expert Witnesses

no legal justice. . . while accepting all the phony, wind shills being offered up by MOE & NextTerror!

Why are we upset with the Adelaide ART appeal? Well for one, look at the damage the MOE, NextEra and the ERT did to our line up of witnesses on Friday!

Dr. Sarah Laurie (Australia)– they have removed the “Dr.” from her name, even though she has a medical degree, and practiced as a doctor, but doesn’t now due to family illness – how does this make Ontarians feel that we have done this to Sarah?? Shouldn’t we be up in arms over this alone? No reasons have been given from the ERT for not qualifying her as a doctor, they just made the decision. She sits with her testimony, from other recent ERTs, in purgatory.

Mike McCann (Chicago real estate appraiser) – Struck off from being able to speak to the numbers that he sees showing human habitat destruction where wind turbines are installed. All because Nexterror argues humans aren’t animals…if we were turtles we would get a voice. I’m not exaggerating – this was the argument made, and amazingly won.

Ben Lansink (London real estate appraiser) – Struck for the same reasons as Mike.

Larry Swart – (resident affected by turbines) – Struck as a witness because he wouldn’t give the lawyers ALL of his medical records, prescriptions, doctor notes etc.

William Palmer –Professional Engineer    Testimony limited. Not allowed to speak to health and safety concerns, even though as a professional engineer, he MUST alert officials if he sees a situation where harm is happening or will happen.

Rick James  – (Michigan acoustician) – Testimony limited. Not allowed to speak to health impacts from noise, even though THAT is what acousticians do – calculate the noise that affects people!

Kathryn Minten (Organic Dairy farmer) had asked to have Party Status with 5 witnesses lined up. She was to speak to stray voltage. The ERT downgraded her to just a presenter – no witnesses allowed. This was only decided a few days ago — no explanation as to why.

Still on the chopping block and not decided yet:

Dr. Nina Pierpont(New York) – she WROTE the book Wind Turbine Syndrome – and yet, that doesn’t seem to be good enough for the other side. They want her testimony struck because she didn’t write out her testimony word for word, which isn’t required or necessary. Even so, I have no faith that the ERT will let her speak.

Harvey Wrightman, Larry Cook – to speak to wind leases – the stress caused by the wind developers on landowners, the unethical leases that bind people into contracts signing their health and their family’s health away. These will be struck too, on Tuesday, if I stick around.

That leaves us with 2 witnesses: me, and Muriel. No kidding. Do you believe this? Do. And I hope you are as spitting mad as me!

32 thoughts on “ERT Guts Adelaide Appeal by Yanking All the Expert Witnesses

  1. Ontario – It’s garbage day!

    Dear mayor and council:

    Re: Green Energy Act and U.N. Agenda 21 aka Smart Growth aka Sustainable Development aka Kyoto Protocol

    You are in a position of trust and credibility; and, therefore –
    can we trust you to use your -‘common sense’?

    Premier Wynne is counting on you – @ the local level of government;
    she has no time for ‘common sense’,
    instead she has opted for the – ‘common ground’ – ‘assumption style’ –
    and assumes, we agree with her approach.

    Premier Wynne – assumes too much.

    “We are working to bring people together to find common ground,
    because that’s what we do in Ontario.
    -Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

    Again – It’s garbage day!…… Ontario
    pass it on…………..

    • Scents of autumn – in Ontario

      Sit back – relax – and, enjoy the show!
      Alejandro! – please turn off the lights.

      ‘[excerpt] The consultation and engagement period for Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan has now closed.

      The Ministry of Energy received a tremendous response from industry stakeholders, municipal officials, Aboriginal and Métis leaders as well as the general public.

      The following is a summary of the online survey which was part of the Long-Term Energy Plan consultation process.
      What do you think of electricity in Ontario?

      Nice pic!
      Bob stands on bus ramp – with scissors.

      Welcome to Ontario!

  2. Any court that predetermines its judgment can’t possibly be considered fair or impartial. Wait to see if any ERT members end up working for a wind company, to complete the quid pro quo.

  3. Esther, you and Muriel have, at the very least, exposed the ERT process for the farce that it really is.

    Who knows, that may prove beneficial in the long run.

  4. Nothing has been “exposed” here.

    This is the way the legal process works and in particular tribunals work. Maybe they are finally getting serious about knocking off the witnesses. Welcome to the big leagues folks.

    Now, some questions:

    Where is the list of their witnesses?
    Where is your filing for objections to their witnesses?
    Where was your appeal to members of this group to research their witnesses.
    Where was your appeal for organizers of the data to research particular witnesses?

    Where is your research on your own witnesses — and their vulnerabilities.
    Where is the research on any conflicts of interests — on anybody and everybody participating — with emphasis on “fiduciary duty” — because that is what counts.

    Once you knock off some of their witnesses they will “horse-trade”.

    A small group cannot do this.

    Remember that there are Billions of Dollars of profits over the years available to these people.

    Those Billions of $$ are taken from your pockets.

    If you want better results — do a better job of appealing to and organizing your resources….

    My electricity bill has gone from $90 a month a decade ago to about $300 a month currently. Over the next few years I expect it to at least double and maybe triple if these installations play out. So over the next 20-30 years —

    So — what;s it worth to me personally to help out?

    Assuming a doubling in price I will be paying say $210 *12 * 20 == $50,400 to $75,600

    Assuming a tripling in price to about $900 a month….

    for 20 years –> $810 *12 * 20 == $194,000
    assuming this lasts 30 years ==>> $291,600

    So maybe there is a point to helping out — but maybe not — if you cannot organize the help….

    Point is that people who read these posts are already putting up serious money — already it’s an additional $2,500 a year soon it could be an additional $9,700 a year.

    Your call people! It’s your $$$ –think about it.

    Just a few thoughts.

    • I am NOT talking about sending in $10, $20 or $100 — although you should help if you can.

      I am talking about finding people in this group who can read technical and financial documents — and who are good at evaluating these documents with a view to finding vulnerabilities in their witnesses — and maybe even or own.

      It would be a serious time and organizational commitment.

      Maybe that would be a lot more useful than the moaning…

      Any thoughts? (Or is this just more wasted effort.)

      Have a cheery day everybody.

  5. This is just a means of keeping testimony from being recorded. So not unexpected.
    Conceal everything that is taking place. Get rid of the evidence!

    • It actually seems to be a very successful method of insuring that there is no contrary testimony to be recorded.

      Just sayin’

  6. Much can be gained if their witnesses are properly questioned. But the right questions have to be asked.

    • The MOE and the Wind Companies have teams of people researching the witnesses and “determining the right questions” — Who do we have?

      • Will,have you not seen enough?
        We are out of their league a league that is so corrupt
        Over and over again they own the game they invented and players are to often pulverized
        They got money and immunity BAR and own the fixed game. (actually not anymore)
        Sometimes you need to look in the mirror and face the truth.
        i am not giving up but not playing their game.
        Other avenues besides kids games

    • Gord:

      If you are referring to what I said — I have one question.

      Is this the last case or the last appeal?

      Just asking.

      • WillR, all your questions were valid and need to be answered.
        Well done and thanks for taking the time.

        However, and I have to say that I’m not known for being Mr. Tactful, I would have opted not to conduct a public flogging, but rather send an email with my questions to the affected party.

        This helpful information would have surfaced on this site eventually, for use by others in future appeals.

        Just saying …

  7. True, but the time can be used to prepare more effective questioning of their witnesses which has not been done before in the other ERTs.

  8. Time to stop fighting the ERT appeals. I realize this is Esther’s home turf, and that must really hurt. But she cannot (and should not be required to) handle this on her own.

    If there is anyone else that can take on ERT appeals (including getting transcripts/audio from such meetings), by all means take this on. But please, let’s try to conserve our energy for places where we can make a difference…

    I followed the Ostrander Point tribunal (and attended the final session, 21st June, 2013). Even with a very well organized group and a lawyer, we could not win. More than enough came out of that Tribunal to expose MOE and MNR for what they are! (* I have audio of the final session if anyone wants to transcribe it.)

    Suggestions going forward:
    – protest the ERT itself (was there a protest today?), As Esther said, give them no respect. Protest any way you like and try to get press coverage.
    – 402 protest, excellent!
    – protest construction of existing projects (repeat 402 strategy?)
    – fight the Ostrander Point tribunal in court when it comes

    Finally, if anyone wants turbine noise (to play loudly at “Wind” events), visit or contact me at my Email address on

    I truly believe this madness will stop, certainly before the Adelaide project is constructed. We just need it to stop sooner rather than later…

    Best wishes to everyone,

    • Reply to myself…
      Just read London Free Press. I like the idea, protest with cameras.
      Will this make Toronto centric media? I’m not holding my breath.

  9. Do it on the 401 as well.
    Doing it this way means people won’t have to be standing out in the cold for the next 5 months.
    Bring the IWT “sound” as well.

  10. I can tell you that I do not have much of a medical record,I barely see my doctor.
    So what with me handing over my records? They have no business to know that. What they need to know is why are these things creating calls of health issues all over the world.
    That is were I am going with as a precautionary principal. They refused to do that$
    I knew I would be struck down.So I had my speech.
    And this was my speech to the judge:
    I am standing in my dominion as man living spirit and not as your corporate citizen
    It has to come my attention and yours now that as of Sept 1st 2013 on the jurisdiction of judicial authorities in criminal matters was pronounced from your highest court
    This is in respect to human dignity,the common good and peace in our communities and with this the fraud we have here at this very moment that you will real eyes yourselves upon this information
    It is my duty to inform all of you here in this room of this criminal matter because you will not have me here as a witness to what I have experienced living next to turbines myself
    As you will read on that the public was not aware of this fraud and therefor was not able to truly be non consenting to having there homes invaded by health effects and other negative aspects that is caused by Industrial Wind turbines
    Thus the crown forged ahead with silent consent without the precautionary principal as we were considered to be dead fictional corporations without a true voice via birth certificate fraud and favouring big corporations and banks instead of the people and there communities
    So as I say so it will be written I am speaking as a man and on behave of all the people in the rural communities that say they are unwilling hosts means you do not have our consent
    With this all contracts with these fictional corporations are null and terminated
    This panel must also assist to help other victims that had to leave their homes with reasonable compensation
    Otherwise via your aiding and abetting in crimes against humanity which there is nowhere to hide even your assets will be taken, Or you can come and help us the living people to a brighter better future
    I had served the judge these documents regarding the issues with jurisdiction of judicial authorities . Majority of people here do not know that they {B,A,R }are no more protected from criminality and this is a crime what there are engaging in and are allowing to happen.
    People need to wake up and see this!

  11. We have information on good authority that we MUST act NOW. There is no further delay tolerated and we have all the required resources in place to bring this house of cards down once and for all. For those that are still caught in the anger, fear vengeance mode seeking LEGAL remedy, there is NONE. FACT. Many, because of their anger, fear or some other ego driven psychosis, failed to see the ramifications of the APOSTOLIC LETTER issued Motu Proprio (on one’s own impulse) by Pope Francis drew a clear line in the sand with regards to all things CORPORATE and removed ALL IMMUNITY from real crimes being committed by bankers, lawyers, judges, government/city officials, kings and queens, police, military etc. et al where they can no longer hide behind the veil (apocalypse) of CORPORATE FICTIONAL ILLUSION as it has been for hundreds of years.

  12. Humanity has a small window with which to act where our words, the power of the people are needed to bring force and effect to this historical letter. This is NOT about religions, beliefs, sects, politics etc. but rather the attempt by one man to make it possible for humanity to finally rise from its knees to command the one man who can mobilize those that follow orders to begin jailing these criminals for their crimes against humanity. This is the time to put aside all differences perceived such as race, religion, gender and language and rise up with one unified voice for all of humanity as one where we have been divided and conquered for millennia. NOW it’s our turn. The man, Pope Francis, has given us what we need to take down this corrupt system of the CROWN CORPORATION and all who serve the “dead mother/crone-corpse”. What he needs right NOW is our support to make this happen. When the Pope COMMANDS, those he commands follow orders.
    It is beyond urgent that we send a message directly to him to let him know our intentions. I will share a paragraph or two as follows where everyone, in THEIR own words and intent must do the same. The days of the manifesters of war, poverty, theft, enslavement, deception, murder, child raping etc. et al are over and they will be brought to real justice, not the corporate “buy your way to freedom” kind that has kept these criminals in power for so long. I am writing to him personally, as I have been urged to do on good authority a little something like this. Remember, these must be your words, your intent and sent WITHOUT SIGNATURE. It MUST be SEALED in covenant as your intention; I use my only true “mark” which is my blood and the only thing unique to me.
    It is with the humblest gratitude that I thank you for removing ALL immunity from those who have committed crimes against humanity for so long behind the veils of corporate illusions. My true concern however is with and in regards as to how we, the living of humanity, can begin to proceed against those people who are guilty of crimes that defy description? Inasmuch as the true law abiding men and women can’t enter their courts without committing fraud against ourselves let alone enforce a judgement against them because the courts work only for them and not us and have been carefully manipulated to insure this. So, we require you to call upon your military to assist us where we can point out these criminals. We want returned to us all that has been stolen from us – labour, homes, cars, children, etc. We also want all non-violent prisoners released and the jails filled with all gov’t agents, bankers, BAR members, cops, etc. –any and all who have caused us harm or loss. In my own pursuit of the truth to expose these criminals, my family was ripped apart, my home and countless possessions destroyed, they attempted to murder me and my oldest daughter, kidnapped me and my family at gunpoint, illegally and unlawfully jailed me for 28 days in solitary and hounded me incessantly. I was defamed via the media, reputation smeared and destroyed for telling the truth and each and everyone involved did so knowingly since I have a detailed history of informing them of the crimes they were committing but to no avail. I ask that you intervene, for the sake of humanity where you have all my support and the support of countless thousands that I speak with every night on my radio show. If there is anything you need from me, please do not hesitate to call. My cell is 226-971-9675, much love and appreciation for this most historical of letters, thank you from the bottom of my heart and that of humanity’s, kate.
    Contact the Pope. The Pope’s regular mailing address is:
    His Holiness, Pope Francis
    Apostolic Palace

    00120 Vatican City

  13. It’s possible to turn their witnesses into your witnesses with the right line of questioning.Or just asking the right questions.
    there is nothing new about this it’s done all the time.

    • Barbara:

      You’re right — but that requires the research I mentioned above. It’s a lot of work.

      Without the work of a research team this is going to be increasingly frustrating and pointless.

      Whatever though…

  14. Now the witnesses that have been struck can be part of the needed research team for this ERT.
    I’m sure they all have questions they would like to have answers for.

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