North Gower rally opposes possible wind farm

North GowerOttawa Citizen
NORTH GOWER — Nearly 300 people came to the recreation centre in North Gower Saturday morning to oppose construction of eight to 10 wind turbines north and west of the village. “They’re too noisy. They are really way to close to people for an industrial power plant,” said organizer Jane Wilson, of Ottawa Wind Concerns. “Far too close to too many people.”

She estimates that 1,100 homes would be within 3.5 kilometres of the turbines. “A number of the homes are within two kilometres, which is … where you see most of the health effects,” she said. Her group circulated a map of where it says the turbines would be sited, “and when people start looking at the map and see how close it is, it really makes a difference to them.”

Opponents of wind farms say sound waves that are at too low a frequency for the human ear to hear can cause insomnia, dizziness, headaches and other health problems. The industry says there is no health impact. Construction could begin in the fall of 2014, she believes. The proposal by Prowind Canada is on hold for now, but residents expect the company to go ahead eventually. The Prowind website estimates the size of what it calls the Marlborough wind farm at eight turbines, producing up to 20 megawatts. Read article

3 thoughts on “North Gower rally opposes possible wind farm

  1. “Far too close to too many people”, being close to one person is far too close. Those machines are deadly. What exists should be destroyed. Those responsible for hurting the people need to be jailed. Industrial wind turbines should be banned. This is illegal. What happened to HUMAN rights? How long until Ontario is literally up in arms?
    Remembrance Day is just around the corner. Have we forgotten those who fought for our freedom? Perhaps it’s time for another rally; rush hour in Toronto. Take it all the way to Queen’s Park. Throw the bums out.
    McGuinty’s green energy movement will creep up on you like a plague. Do not sit idle Ontario, have compassion for your fellow people. To do nothing is shameful and disrespectful to everyone, especially those who lost their lives in the Great World Wars.
    Industrial wind development will come to your community. It is a matter of time.
    All in favor?

  2. Unfortunately for N Gower residents, Rideau is but 1 of about 23 wards in the city of Ottawa. The mayor, is a former Liberal minister and colleague of both Bob Chiarelli and Dalton McGunty. Any resolution has to pass in an urban dominated council, a very difficult task.
    Ottawa may be seen as a microcosm of Ont, with power controlled by the urban centre and all turbine development confined to the rural region.

  3. Predicted stable cash flows………for Prowind Canada;
    a Liberal gift – that keeps on giving.

    Welcome to Ontario!

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