Chatham Kent wind turbines from Lake Erie and Rondeau Bay

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9 thoughts on “Chatham Kent wind turbines from Lake Erie and Rondeau Bay

  1. It’s like something out of a horror movie, or a bad dream.

    “What hath Dalton wrought ?”

    I went down that way this past spring and couldn’t wait to get away ….. I kept looking in my rearview mirror to make sure “They” weren’t following me.

    • But they seem not to be jammed quite as close together as at
      Clear Creek/Cultus/Frogmore (3 X 9.9-MW = 29.7-MW), in
      Norfolk County.

      How come “Phase 2” of Mike Crawley’s “Erie Shores Wind Farm” needed three separate 9.9-megawatt contracts, when all 29.7 megawatts were developed, built, and are seemingly operated as one entity?????

      When is racketeering not?

    • It took a lot more than Dalton and Premiere-Unelected Kathleen Wynne to pull off these frauds. How much is your pension plan in it for?

      Today on CBC’s big tart Anna-Maria Tremonti, “What makes a leader,” some guy named Jim Fisher, “Professor Emeritus” from Rotmans, thought Premiere Wynne is doing a great job at being a great leader. That she demonstrates leadership by “admitting mistakes were made in the gas plant cancellation decisions” and “for apologizing.”

      Then he accused the dirty Opposition of beating a dead horse because “nobody cares, we’ve moved on.” [I’m not making this up.]

      Except, we just lost A BILLION DOLLARS!!! But “Nobody cares”???

      Rick Hillier didn’t do a very good job of putting Mr. Fisher in his place.

      (But Anna-Maria Tremonti “thinks wind turbines are elegant.”)

      • Do guys like Jim Fisher think the (negligent) gas plant cancellation decisions are the only mistakes these Liberals have made?

      • I heard that program. Fisher was very mushy wishy-washy, and yes he thought Wynne is great because she said she was sorry for what somebody else did. Very surprising that he’d be at Rotman; you’d think the faculty there should be able to think, and be objective. Actually I though Rick Hillier did a good clear direct job of seeing Wynne off. He pointedly said that what you say doesn’t matter, it’s what you do that matters.

  2. This is absolutely a crime scene.
    We allowed these servants to do this?
    No we did not allow this how could we,like misbehaved children that do not listen to the parents they went ahead but there is always the penalties.
    They the public servants and fellow MOEers have no were to hide as all there immunity is unlocked for breaking the peace,fraud,torture,and health related damages with property loss.
    They cannot hide and common law justice will prevail soon!
    hide but we will find all the guilty scum parasites that allowed all this. You allowed this all to happen for profits nothing more!

  3. We could be using all that concrete destined for the turbine bases to build a nice new prison along the shores of Lake Huron and lake Erie just for politicians who have stolen knowingly from the tax payers. In a foreign country someone should be jailed. Dalton and Wynne can look out their windows and experience shadow Flicker and all the finer points of the great turbine. How do they get the boot sooner than later. They have to stop putting these things up now.

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