A letter to send to your neighbouring wind turbine lease holder

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Re: Information Regarding Industrial Wind Turbine Lease

Dear Sir/Madam

As a lease holder for Industrial Wind Turbines you will likely have signed a contract with a wind developer that may include language similar to the following:

“Lessor grants to lessee a non-exclusive license for audio, visual, view, light, flicker, noise, shadow, vibration, air turbulence, wake, electromagnetic, electrical and radio frequency interference, and any other effects attributable to the wind power facilities or activity located on the leased lands or on adjacent properties.”

Having signed said lease(s) with this or similar language included in your lease for Industrial Wind Turbines, you are fully aware that any or all the above mentioned effects may occur on your own or on ‘adjacent properties’.

In the event I or any member of my family suffers from any or all of the above mentioned effects after Industrial Wind Turbines are installed on your property, I will be exploring further legal options.

Your Name

28 thoughts on “A letter to send to your neighbouring wind turbine lease holder

    • Again the words legal means your in legal jurisfiction and your going against your neighbour that got swindled by the fictional corporations that ruining all our communities
      All these lease holders have entered fraudulent legal contracts which are truly fraudulent therefor
      these lease holders can reveal the fraud and null this contract as it is not LAWFUL Who are you going to sue then? When the fraud is revealed (not lawful)

      • Lawful jurisdiction is truly our true law,common law,universal law,not this legal bull B.A.R crap you all are stepping in and you do not smell it.
        Step into truth and forget this legal fiction fraud,scam,swindle crap they have you believe in.

  1. This to be served as – ‘on notice’ – you may be sued

    A question of honesty and trustworthiness;
    and the current mess, and how it will unfold.

    ‘[excerpt] Lessor grants to lessee a non-exclusive license for…….’

    It’s easy to understand.

  2. Dear Neighbour……You have signed a lease to host Industrial Wind Turbines….but there may be legal consequences for you……Yours truly, Your Neighbours….

  3. I’m not so sure that sending threatening letters to my neighbours would be something I would do.

    • “One thing’s for sure!”

      Industrial Wind Energy Facilities are causing DAMAGE.

      • Personal Choice. Just another option. There is no silver bullet here. It is too late for some who are already living the nightmare. If even one lease holder gives up his lease, I believe it’s worth it.

  4. If someone steals something from you and you tell them ‘if you don’t give it back to me I will take you to court’ then they can sue you for threatening – this is what my lawyer told me…although I would love to post this in all the newspapers in ontario I think this could be very close to the same outcome. Just my 2 cents worth.

  5. The letter has been approved to send by two lawyers, Eric Gilliespie and Peter Jacobson. Peter is the libel lawyer for the Globe and Mail reporters. Basically, this letter puts your neighbors on notice. The laywer indicated that although someone can try and bring a legal action against you for any reason, if they tried to do so in this case, they will not win. So two lawyers backing it for me, means it is good to go. You are not interfering with a contractual agreement.

  6. Um, Gee whiz, Let me think. My neighbour stole my lifes equity in my home and is about to subject me to , flicker, low frequency sound and constant wooshing that actually amplifies inside homes and I don’t want to ‘threaten’ him with legal action for benefitting financially while I lose the right to peaceable enjoyment of my home. What is wrong with this picture? Sue the SOB! and Sue em hard!

  7. Unfortunately, sending such a notice to your neighbour will probably prejudice any case you may have later against that person or entity. It likely will be used against you as evidence of your bad faith and possibly demonstrate a pattern of harassment and nuisance . If you threaten someone with legal action, you must be absolutely certain that you are willing to take action and do not leave yourself exposed to a lawsuit or worse.

    • Nero Tulip
      As I stated previously, this letter has been approved by a Libel lawyer and an Environmental lawyer. It does not obligate to you sue your neighbour, it informs them you will be reviewing your legal options. Which you have every right to do. Again, so long as the wording is not changed, it is good to go.

  8. Premier Wynne Our Fearless Leader…


    TORONTO — Detectives from the Ontario Provincial Police anti-rackets division were scheduled to visit the premier’s office Wednesday night as part of their criminal investigation into the destruction of emails on two cancelled gas plants.

    Premier Kathleen Wynne’s office had no comment other than to say that Wynne would not be there when the OPP tour her office at the legislature.

    “Since day 1, the premier has demonstrated her commitment to being open and transparent about the Mississauga and Oakville gas plant relocations,” Wynne’s press secretary Zita Astravas said in an email. “We will continue to co-operate fully in any effort to gather information. Unfortunately I am not able to comment further.”

    What a Gas!

  9. No point in sending this *after the fact*. Before, yes, but what is the land owner going to do after they put turbines up?

    Does anyone know what lawsuits are in progress? All we need is one of these suits to succeed.

    • I Haven”t heard of anyone trying. I doubt they could be successful after signing their rights away as quoted in the letter. There have been a few homes sold to wind developers after people have gotten sick but as I understand it, their are gag clauses in the agreements that prevent people from disclosing the problems with health.

    • Wellll — an avenue worth exploring is that “You cannot waive your statutory rights”….

      Not sure if the contract is an acceptable work around — but I have seen that it cannot work in other circumstances.

      Just a thought…

      • Exactly. This is how people got out of contracts *before* construction. How about after the turbine is built? It is the same problem, the farmer does not want a turbine and they have waived their rights…
        No doubt this would result in a big legal fight!

  10. “there are gag clauses in the agreements that prevent people from disclosing the problems with health.” That alone is evidence enough for me! One of my signs says, “Ask Why Wind Turbine Contracts Have GAG ORDERS”

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