Protest of Nexterror wind turbine sites Under Destruction

The day started out with the three of us (and Bob!), deciding we would take a crop tour of  “wind farms” under construction … our community under destruction. I was told by my two Partners In Justice that we would would not ‘engage’ with those who working there. That’s a tall order, that none of us entirely lived up to. We tried. But whatever blasts we gave were well deserved.

First stop: NextEra’s Bornish/Adelaide/Jericho/Cedar Point substation. This is a massive substation that will feed ~220 wind turbines in the area. It has a little problem though. It’s 187m from another bald eagle nest that they missed. They are really good at missing eagle nests. Even so, that has never stopped NexTerror! Full steam ahead on construction!

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After that first stop, we traveled a mile or so up the road to the Bornish Wind project’s massive laydown area. They’ve had this place up and running (or trampled) for a month or so. And the strange thing was, like the substation area, there was no sign identifying the site, no sign saying sweet things like “no trespassing” or “wear a hard hat and steel toed boots”, that kind of stuff. Nothing. But we didn’t say anything – hey we aren’t the Ministry of Labour! The men of course pointed out we were ‘breaking the law’ (hmmm, which one…) and we carried on in. After all, we were just taking pictures…

A police officer arrived… one who knew us from previous ….protests (it’s been a long 4-5 years). But again, we weren’t breaking any laws. Free to go, he said. It occurred to me that the wind developers just called the authorities in on themselves, as THEY were the ones who didn’t have their signs up! Off we went. Wow, two more cruisers just pulled in. Do we each get one? Or are they for NextEra?

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On our way to lunch we saw this new “country lane”, one of 45 for the Bornish Wind Project. Our photo shoots involve the danger of get sucked in by mud alive.

Then we said, ya know, there are 3 wind projects under construction here, let’s go visit the other two. We passed the previous stops on our way, and saw they had quickly found some signs to post. So on down to Nexterror’s Adelaide laydown area (actually I don’t know what this area is, I was sure there was only to be a turbine in this location, and the laydown area was further down the road, on the other side, oh well, a little change here and there, eh?!). Now, do you think THEY had construction signs posted, you know… got the memo –  it is the same company after all… nope. They told us there was actually a pretend gate at the entrance, which we amazingly managed to just — walk through!

It’s a strange feeling being on a huge gravel pad, that used to be a producing field weeks before. Anyway, we were way too threatening in appearance, or at least our silence was threatening, or something was. So the boss guys came to the brilliant conclusion that the only way to deal with 3 women at a work site taking pictures was to again, Call the Authorities. As he was on the phone complaining to them about “three protesters taking pictures’ that ‘didn’t have hard hats on’, I made sure to yell, “It’s not like you have any damn SIGNS up!”… to which he mumbled into the phone, “yeah, we don’t have those up yet….”. And away we went. It would take way to long to wait for that poor policeman to come down again, for nothing.

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Last stop was just up the road to the transmission lines of the newly approved WPD Napier project. They’ve been cutting trees to string these new trans lines up for the last couple of weeks. I watch this out my window. It’s one of those things that really hurt. What I also see out my window are the beautiful young pin oaks that I planted with my brother along the ditch, 17 years ago, when the County cut down all the trees that were in the way of a new ditch. We, the people on our road, fought to have these trees replaced. And we won; and planted, watered and trimmed the trees for many years. Now I watch “green energy” remove the remaining large trees, for 2 bloody turbines.

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19 thoughts on “Protest of Nexterror wind turbine sites Under Destruction

  1. It is a horrific state we are in, thanks to the Libs, and backed up by Horwath, and her merry band of puppets. I hope they all pay for the damage they are doing.

  2. Time to Facebook this one as “Nextera Nexterror destruction“ The land of Southwestern Ontario is now owned by these giant corps.
    Great signs, great pics. Nexterror are great cowards.
    They have bullied landowners, Hydro One, Counties and Municipalites, and are running Provincial government and their ministries. Hard to feel any true patriotic love when this is how our farmed and natural lands are treated.

  3. Brilliant! Keep up the great work. Nice touch to get contractors’ trucks, signs and faces. It is all documentation of the destruction of the countryside FOR NO VALID REASON.

    Share it on facebook. Share it with your neighbours. Share it with anyone who you see.

    By the way, has anyone considered bring their pets and/or livestock as well? I would love to see someone walk a few goats, geese, or other animals around, either through a construction site, or just slowly along the public roadways where some of this machinery is trying to move around. Slowing down/ annoying/ distracting all those workers has to be a good thing.

  4. The Liberals sold their souls to the devil of greed. Even admitting you’re a Liberal in rural Ontario right now is like admitting you are a bankrobber or you have been greenwashed after all the disaster we have seen in the last 8 years.

  5. Just did the same crop tour myself, nice to see someone covering whats going on – as not much has been shown on the local 6 o’clock news. By the way they are supposed to start pouring some windmill footings this week , so I’ve heard..

  6. Thanks folks……let’s get thousands of us to queens park from every direction slow convoys as soon as possible in this new year…..deafen toronto…….

    • Queens Park (and Toronto in general) do not care! To them it is just “another protest against the Liberals”.

      Action on the ground speaks much louder. First, you get real images/video to the public (where MSM has failed us). Second, all we need now is to *slow down* operations.

      Remember *time* and *publicity* are both the main enemies of the Wind companies.

      I would love to see some slowdown of those cement trucks. Don’t they have to idle to keep the cement from hardening? Farm machinery, stray farm animals, or just very slow walkers are all effective ways at slowing things down :).

      Keep up the great work. You girls (and guys) rock! Also, if you haven’t done so already, check in with MAWT. They have a ton of energy as well.

    • Thanks for that Gord. Article links to a comprehensive study comparing investment in nuclear to the Libs current LTEP with more wind. Result….
      Wind 3x more expensive energy than nuclear. Wind $14billion net negative cost to economy. Nuclear $56 billion to the positive. Much greater employment in On. economy via nuclear. Oh and emissions are higher with wind due to increased reliance on imported natural gas. Ontario doesn’t have a hope with the current Long Term Energy Plan.

  7. Maybe it’s time to dump this Provincial Dictatorship and form our own territory of Rural Ontario!
    This gargantuan money pit called Queen’s Park has become more of a threat to our lives and livelihood than the worst natural disaster that could possibly happen!
    When a Government becomes your “enemy” it’s time for some drastic action!!!!

  8. good work

    I truly hope they all freeze their balls off this winter doing their dirty work!

  9. yup really nice to start seeing homes with for sale signs as the neighboring fields have lay outs in the fields for turbines. No need for words there, we know what the deal is.

  10. There is no other way to describe why the Government under McGuinty, now Wynne, is hell-bent on ruining what used to be an affordable and reliable power supply to the citizens of Ontario!
    If the anti-democratic Green Energy Act wasn’t rammed through Queen’s Park, these Government leaders would probably be criminally charged for their actions!
    The misery and pain that they have inflicted on Rural Ontarians with their green energy and humongous increases in Hydro Bills is without a doubt the worst and most vindictive governance ever to take place in this once great Province.
    These people will go down in history as the darkest and most mean-spirited Government ever to hold power!

    It’s getting almost painful and quite frankly,“sickening” to have to read on a daily basis just how disgusting this “Ontario Liberal enclave of thieves” keep on getting exposed on how WE electrical consumers are having to pay out of our hard earned dollars for the retirement, pensions, and unearned bangles and bobbles for this monstrous gang of fat greasy “friends” of politicians who land in cushy jobs and live the high life while WE pay their way.

    • Well said! We are living in a dictatorship of lies. A farmer friend (rest in peace) who farmed his parent’s little 50 acres near Harrow told me about the imposing of a garbage dump there, in spite of all the courageous demonstrations and protests against it. It was proven beforehand that putting a dump there would poison the wells and eventually they would go dry. This was well known, BEFOREHAND. And it happened. My friend died an excruciating death by cancer. His brother, who farmed 50 acres next to him, wasted away from some disease of the nervous system. Before they died, the water from the wells became undrinkable, and people were forced to pay (through their taxes) to have town water pipes laid down, from one farm to the next, all of whom had wells that had been good for over a hundred years. That was the garbage dump. Now it is the industrial wind factories, which desecrate the good farmland, destroy trees and animal and bird habitats, and sicken people and their animals. People from the big cities should be coming in their millions and sitting DOWN in front of the bulldozers and cranes, to stop their dirty work. That would be from self-interest, if not from indignation that greed and politics are destroying rural Ontario. Because all of our pockets are being picked by the Ontario Liberals and Hydro One to pay to fatten the bank accounts of foreign wind robbers, but worse, our remaining sources and producers of local food are being destroyed.

      Annie Walsh

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