Palmer asks to be qualified as expert at Armow Wind appeal hearing

The Saugeen Times
William Palmer of RR 5, Paisley, wants to bring his qualifications to the table as an expert in acoustics and public safety, at the Environmental Review Tribunal hearing into the appeal against the proposed Armow Wind facility in Kincardine.

bill palmerPalmer spent most of Thursday afternoon (Dec. 19), the first day of the hearing in Kincardine, making his case. However, the tribunal has reserved its decision on his qualifications as an expert.

Speaking before chairperson Maureen Carter-Whitney, Palmer stated he is a professional engineer and, as such, is charged with safe-guarding the health and welfare of the public, and ensuring the application of engineering principles.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Toronto which included a course in engineering communications. He also studied a program on signals from noise, and his thesis was on how noise affects the human body.

A retired Hydro worker at the Bruce Nuclear site, he was a shift supervisor, and an instructor with the training and safety program at Bruce A generating station. He also took a course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in nuclear safety, and was involved in the Environmental Assessment and risk assessment for restarting Units 3 and 4 at Bruce A. Read article

12 thoughts on “Palmer asks to be qualified as expert at Armow Wind appeal hearing

  1. Loving our neighbours

    ‘[excerpt] …wrote in her submission to the Alberta Utility Commission. “We will not stand by and watch the disaster in Ontario be replicated in Alberta.” ‘

    ‘[excerpt] EDMONTON – A plan to build 46 wind turbines to generate electricity on farming country southeast of Edmonton would set a new precedent if approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

    The County of Provost denied development permits to BluEarth Renewables for 27 of the 46 towers that would produce 100 megawatts of windpower in its Bull Creek wind project. The neighbouring County of Wainwright has already approved permits for the remaining 19 towers in its jurisdiction.’

  2. Counsel for Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Samsung

    Danielle Meuleman and Alexandria Pike are HATERS
    and responsible for the negligent waste of taxpayer resources.

    ‘[excerpt] Palmer was asked if he hates wind turbines.’

    Supreme Court of Canada
    Saskatchewan (Human Rights Commission) v. Whatcott
    decision dated February 27, 2013

    ‘[excerpt] In light of these three directives, the term “hatred” contained in a legislative hate speech prohibition should be applied objectively to determine whether a reasonable person, aware of the context and circumstances, would view the expression as likely to expose a person or persons to detestation and vilification on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination.’

    ‘[excerpt] The societal harm flowing from hate speech must be assessed as objectively as possible and the focus must be on the likely effect of the hate speech on how individuals external to the group might reconsider the social standing of the group.’

  3. Samsung was guaranteed by the government to get the construction contracts. Samsung could lose a lot of money if they don’t get these contracts due to ERT rulings and the government will lose face.
    So this ERT has to be manupilated so that both of these parties get the right
    The government allowed a corrupt company to come into Ontario to begin with so what you are seeing is just what could be expected in a situation such as this.
    It can be expected that any information or witnesses against these two parties will be excluded from this ERT.

  4. Does he have a pass degree in Biology? Did he only get a High School diploma? Not really…????? Is he a worn out lawyer — good for nothing but the legislature?

    Well compared to the people who designed the GEA and the current energy system he is not really that well qualified — is he?

    Maybe if he re-wrote his resume in crayon they could understand it….

    Just sayin’

    • There is only one way to be considered an “expert” to the ERT. You have to be “in favour” of promoting wind energy, in spite of all of it’s failings. If you know too much, about the negative issues surrounding wind turbines, they will go out of their way, to discredit you, regardless of your qualifications. It is a scam, from top to bottom.

    • And to think Dalton McGuinty and a few advisors entered into longterm commitments for Ont, with these executives, without even Cabinet members knowing all the details.Not the ideal team to deal with hard headed Koreans. These deals will cost any successive government a fortune to undo.

  5. Don’t think the GTA MSM would dare carry an article like this on Samsung.

    The only way to get the public’s attention in the GTA was to have the lights go off and now it has happened. So just maybe those folks will start paying attention to how power systems work and why they can fail.

  6. OLA, Aug. 15,2012
    Select: Standing Committe on Government agencies
    Select: Appointments 2012-Aug-15
    Maureen Carter-Whitney
    Also worked as research director with the Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy/ CIELAP for 6 years until June 2011 at which time she was appointed as a member of the ERT.
    At this hearing no questions were asked about CIELAP.

    Canadian Institute For Environmental Law And Policy founded 1970
    Advancing the Environmental Agenda
    ‘and recognized as one of Canada’s top environmental think tanks.”

  7. The nuclear power industry and hydro unions have their own reasons for hating the “GEA”.

    • Re: Hatred for Bill 150 (Green Energy and Green Economy Act)

      ……and, what are the reasons?
      I knew you wanted me to ask.

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