Must Watch: Wind Turbine Syndrome in Denmark

5 thoughts on “Must Watch: Wind Turbine Syndrome in Denmark

    • DianeDi – first, it’s Simon Chapman, not David. Next, his statements, all of them, are merely speculation, designed to distract and denigrate. What matters is not how many “diseases” can be attributed to wind turbines, but rather do wind turbines harm the neighbors. To answer this requires actually going out into the homes of the neighbors and doing some science, something that Chapman has never done.

  1. Most of you know me as a radical.
    But when you see the help we are suppose to get from our babysitters there really is nothing but denial .
    Done all of the nice talk and debate but this is all about money for the government and their handlers.
    So for me I am a radical because i do not believe in this system set up for slavery and we keep getting whipped around as slaves.
    Yes this a set up and where are our police officers that also are part of the fraud when they to operate as fictions to fraud. They to seemed to be helping the corporations to keep us a bay while they keep building destructive machinery.
    Slavery was to be abolished yet we are the ones. I have produced evidence of fraud to police and MOE officers.Have they done anything?Arrested anyone from evidence I have produced? No ,but they certainly love to scare me with arrests or notices to keep away.
    Yet these bas tarts doing harm they get nothing but protection from these officers and from our babysitters.

  2. Its quite clear that the Danish government is placing the interests of their IWT corporations over the welfare of their individual citizens. This is the same situation as here in Ontario, where government officials such as George Smitherman, Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne have placed political interests, cultish ideology and corporate affiliations before the welfare of individual citizens. Each year, this interlocked global maneuvering by politicians, ideologues, governments and corporations is racking up more and more victims .. of both health and economic negative impacts. Once the evidence of these impacts become clear to the general population, the tide will turn. How long it takes will depend on the tenacity and perseverance of those currently crusading against the injustice. May the coming new year bring growth and strength to this determined resistance!

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